The Shanti Yoga Centre

Whether you realise it or not, you're a part of the Shanti Yoga family here and it is one of our great honours to be able to help guide you on your journey of personal growth and wellness. The sangha's (spiritual community’s) intention is to provide you with expanded opportunities to heal your body, inspire your mind and nourish your soul. We all face a long journey, but with the wisdom, spiritual and practical tools, you wi’ll find continued inspiration and healing on your path. Whether your interests are in health, intuition, emotional support, prosperity or spirituality, you will find resources to help you grow and develop in your chosen way. Become a member and join our amazing community where you have the opportunity to interact and communicate with other like-minded, heart-centered individuals like yourself. Be immersed in an ecosystem of classes, workshops, tutorials, talks, retreats where you can take a break from your routine, shake things up and gain new perspectives.

The Centre is the gold standard for other institutions of its kind. We don't teach you on the beach or in a park. You have a lovely Centre as your spiritual home away from home. Here there is a feeling that you belong, that you are accepted and honoured just as you are, without having to mould yourself to fit in. The fear of rejection that seems to be ingrained into many human beings when we meet new people and expose ourselves disappears because you know that the team and everyone here wants the best for you and is here to help in the unique way that they can, and in so many ways is learning and growing with you, as being part of the tribe of lifelong students.  Added to the approachable, open minded, into self growth, humble. ecologically minded and deeply compassionate team are the amazing life changing healing classes, all of which brings the best out of you, so you have a chance to become the best version of yourself. 

As you experience life in a new place, our City Campus acts as the central hub for everyday student life, presenting amazing opportunities to network with a huge and diverse tribe of like-minded individuals, and to expand your social connections through interaction with both the student cohort and the Shanti Yoga local community. Here you expand your horizons, learn about different cultures, and collaboratively create a new model of education and community for the world. One that changes lives. 

Here you learn from world class teachers who walk their talk, mentoring you and leading by example to take whatever you are doing to the next level. The trans-generational learning (classes for adults and children), varied and full agenda of different workshops, tutorials, courses and talks, excursions and adventures allow for flexible learning to experience moments that light you up, and the social activities provide you incredible memories and lifelong friendships.Many of our past students have said that their experience with us has been the best days of their lives. Many come back regularly to reconnect and grow.


Thank you for allowing us to support you in so many ways. It has been our honour to be able to guide you in living your truth, and to help you make incredible things happen. Thank you for being who you are and using your natural gifts to uplift others. 

Here we offer diverse programs which include the sacred, holistic teachings of Yoga in the form of sacred movement, sacred breathing, sacred rest, Yoga Teacher Training courses, Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats, Ayurvedic Health Consultations, Medicines, Cooking, Treatments and training. More than this, The Centre is your other home, your Healing Centre. You will enjoy an atmosphere of sanity, peace, support and fun within its outstanding education, research, healthcare, support and community. The Shanti Yoga Centre fosters a unique community with a shared vision of health, wellbeing, sustainability and friendship, supported by likeminded members which allows you to invest in your future. 

You can access a timetable of regular, multilevel, healing classes that provide individual attention and modifications by experienced teachers, tutorials and workshops in yogic studies, yoga teacher training, meditation courses and retreats, personal growth, ayurvedic studies and practitioner training, clinics with herbal remedies, treatments, and wonderful therapies, including massage, vegetarian meals, cooking classes, health management, living English, public speaking through drama, group singing, Sanskrit, chanting (kirtan), contemporary Indian dance, escorted trips to India and so much more. By integrating Vedic and Buddhist education, culture, the arts, lifestyle and wellbeing with contemporary science, you are provided the ideal environment for healing and spiritual growth. In this connection, the centre conducts a number of cultural and spiritual events and retreats during the year, with an incredible healing vibe. 
For over four and a half decades, yoga students have come to the Shanti Yoga Centre with various health problems such as injuries, back pain, joint issues (foot, ankle, knee, hip, lower back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers and toes, neck and so on), systemic disorders (nervous system, muscuo-skeletan system, reproductive and urinary system), digestive and metabolic disorders, such as IBS, Colitis, diabetes, obesity, auto-immune illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, celiacs, chronic fatigue, women's health, cancer, anxiety, depression, and so on. Through an unbroken lifetime of connecting deeply with students to facilitate self empowerment, enduring and life transforming healing, Shantiji's experience has taken our focus, health services, research, training and quality medicine sourcing and manufacturing into health and educational services targeting: 
• health prevention for healthy, health conscious people 
• the prevention of all obstructive, degenerative and chronic diseases of modern life
• support in the control and cure of curable diseases, and
• support for the management and control of chronic, non curable and lifestyle diseases
Many of our members have been with us from the very beginning. Often, once people join our yoga family, they never want to leave, and unless they move, they usually do not leave. Friendship is normal, and with a culture where somebody knows somebody else, we continue to grow with the enthusiasm of our students, clients, patients and patrons giving us the energy to do so. Most of our members are professionals, hardworking folk from various walks of life. Then there are the artists, poets, amazing cooks, students in school, and students of life. With us you are among your kind of human being. We are indeed an amazing community of people who come together and truly care for each other. You will be nurtured, empowered and inspired. Everybody is welcome.
"The immense fulfilment of the friendship between those engaged on furthering the evoliution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe."
                                                     Teilhard de Chardin
You have found a place of community where you can rest your mind and make friends with being human. A warm welcome to the Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australasia, our urban centre, and Nirvana Wellness Retreat Sanctuary, our rural centre, founded and headed by Shanti Gowans. 

Available here is a core curriculum of a traditional path in Yoga, Vedanta, Meditation and Ayurvedic Training in proven ways that build valuable skills inclusive of health, happiness and peace of mind, in a supportive and peaceful environment. 
You are invited to explore our diverse programs designed to help you rediscover your inherent sanity, gentleness, humour and a renewed sense of wellbeing. We specialise on ways that carry these inspirational practices into improving the quality of your daily life and community.

Become a monthly or annual Shanti Yoga Centre member and attend 

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The Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australasia is a holistic, psycho-spiritual, international health education centre. You learn and practice the why, what, when and how
  • to breath
  • to exercise and stretch
  • to relax
  • to think positively and creatively
  • to cook and be healthy
  • to dance
  • to design, draw and paint
  • to contemplate

We aim to support you in high thinking, with an objective perspective on your stresses and tensions and to realise that relief is possible and coupled with release. 

At the end of the day, our ailments are largely self-invited and self-engendered. They have their roots in a pressured lifestyle, poor choices with food, exercise, hygiene, attitude, goals, relationships and expectations thereof, and our stories. In our dissemination of health knowledge, we encourage you to avoid substance abuse and other measures which interfere with the integrity of your body-mind-spirit complex and to trust the healing and restorative power of nature and your own essential nature. “Freedom from the known“ (J. Krishnamurthy) arises from losing all stories. There is wisdom that is beyond knowledge and ignorance. Your search for Truth ends there where you are. You will recognise your own path when you come upon it, because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need.
Magnificent blessings,
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  • The Meditation Institute
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Holistic Health Education
Lifestyle Education
The Sacred remedy: Sacred brethin. Sacred Move,emt. Sacred rest.
Therapeutic, medical yoga and clinical ayurveda 
Stress management. Deep relaxation. Sleep clinic.
Wholesome Vegetarian Cooking 
Ayurveda Consultatons.
Herbal Education and Treatments 
Herbal medicine.
Nutritional Education. 
Digestive Health. 
Panckakarma (in-patients)
Skin (out-patients)
Weightloss Program
Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Wellness Consultant Training
Ayurveda Practitioner Training. 
Yoga classes
Breathe for Health (pranayama)
Yoga relaxation (yoga nidra)
The Divine Yoga Child: Children's Yoga classes. Children's Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Teacher Training.
Yoga Books and Learning Aids
Mindfulness Retreats
Meditation facilitator training
Liberation Teachings
Group Singing
Public Speaking and Drama Workshops
Indian culture and dance
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About Shantiji

Shanti Gowans is the globally recognised author and founder of Shanti Yoga™, Meditation and Ayurveda for the self, family and community.

Shantiji has brought the concepts and practices of a healthy body and a still mind to thousands of Australians through her Yoga and Meditation programs on national television... Read more about Shantiji's biography

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