Our Team

Our Vision, Our Mission
"My deepest wish is to you attain inner happiness with ease.
May the path of pursuing your purpose (dharma) be smooth for you.
No matter what obstacles you may encounter,
may you prevail with an unperturbed heart."
                                                                                           Shanti Gowans
Health Institute Australasia (HIA) maintains an uplifted and supportive healing environment that fosters a community of health practitioners, teachers, students, interns and volunteers that helps you co-create and contribute to an enlightened world. 
By incorporating the distinctive teaching of Shanti Gowans, which blends the physical and meditative disciplines of mindful yoga, the medical discipline of Ayurveda, the spiritual philosophy of Vedanta, and interfaith ideas from the East with  practices from current Western thinking, HIA culture, atmosphere and environment is one of colour, unpretentiousness and friendliness. This is conducive to the management of stress, promotes mind/body health and wellbeing, slowing down the ageing process, and creating a more meaningful life. 
provides the objective advice found to be most successful for creating effective policies, choosing best practices, setting expectations with respect to time, responsibilities, outcomes, organisation, communication, information and opening hearts and doors. Shanti Yoga teachers, administrators, strategic planners, directors of education and curriculum and our CEO regularly liase with the people on our advisory board to look at implementing change in the existing Teacher Training courses.
CEO and Founder, Health Institute Australasia, Mrs Shanti Gowans
Director, EcoSafe, Nirvana Wellness Retreat Sanctuary, Mr Peter Gowans, CEO, One World Productions
Ayurvedic Studies Adviser Dr. Manish Patwardhan, BAMS, CEO Spa Consultants
Ayurvedic Studies, Short Courses Dr. Swapnil Daspute MBA. BAMS. FIIM
Ayurvedic Studies, Weekend revisions, Dr. Shilpi Boseroy BAMS
Ayurvedic Studies, Diploma. Ms Hilary Sullivan GradDipEd. B.A. Adv.Dip.Yoga, Dip. Ayur
Mental Health Adviser Ms Pam McAsey, M.A. Clinical Psychologist
Director, Training Quality of HIA Practice & Education Qld. Ms Sonja Stauder, B.A. Adv Dip Yoga. Adv. Dip Ayur
Director of Practice & Education Syd. Ms. Rebecca Sinclair, CEO, City Yoga Studio, Sydney
Director of Practice & Education Mullum. Ms. Linda Bailey, CEO Yoga Peace Centre, Mullumbimby
Director of Practice & Education Melbourne Dr. Robert Campbell 
Adviser, Melbourne Ms. Christine Villiers, CEO, Southern Yoga & Health Centre
Adviser, Melbourne Ms Linda Leah, M.A., CEO Yoga Dance, Melbourne
Director of Classical Indian Dance Ms Kamala Shakti, B.A. B.Ed, CEO Padma, A Step Ahead
Director of Languages, Communications, Performing Arts, Music and Drama, Ms Louise Hall, B.Ed Mus, L Mus A, Adv.Dip Yoga
Research Adviser Dr. Shane McIver, Faculty of Health Sciences, La Trobe University, Melbourne
Our values drive us. They include:
  • Mindful awareness.
  • Responsible participation in professional and social life.
  • Respect for others and their rights with dignity.
  • Understanding and respecting the importance of the environment and the world in which we live.
  • Commitment to being sincere and open in our dealings.
  • Commitment to strive relentlessly to constantly improve our team.
  • Serve. Love. Give. 
Our team consists of handpicked, qualified professionals who have been selected for their commitment and dedication to providing high levels of service to the world. It is comprised of a wide range of people, from varied and diverse backgrounds and practice levels, with relevant vocational and industry currency. They are skilled, friendly, professional and desire to help in various areas to provide enriched experiences and surroundings for all our students, clients, guests and staff. We know that when people consciously come together purely and simply for the benefit of humanity, we have the potential to create a power greater than the world has ever known. It is an honour to connect with you. I hope our work inspires and uplifts you in recognising your magnificence as a multidimensional being. I acknowledge you and the work that you are doing in the world.
Here at Health Institute Australasia we function as a true team, working together to create the ultimate healing experience. Each member of the team is as important as the next. From our reception staff, instructors, lecturers, practitioners and therapists to management, we all work together to ensure our students, patients and clients are given the very best product, service and care. 
Our global team provides the foundation for our work. Everyday they inspire, energise and support Shanti Yoga and our various programs. They help us realise our vision of transforming the educational paradigm to one that services the whole human being and the planet.
Propagating the vision of Shanti Yoga through respect for and knowledge in the tradition's practice forms and educational path deeply moves me and makes me feel excited. I am so grateful for many things. I have always been inspired, encouraged and feel truly grateful for the people who have influenced the path of my life. I really appreciate being in touch with all my students and cherish my relationship with you. Australia has allowed me to live fully and lovingly, sharing and contributing openly. I am grateful for the unfoldment of my life with the newer tools and technologies that seem perfectly congruent with enjoying the task of building and nurturing holistic education in health care. The vision and values of the Health Institute Australia have an integrated and holistic platform to unleash the life enhancing and health improving message of Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation. Our team's willingness to support others in their endeavour to study and practice is simply amazing. Thank you!
                                                                                                                                                 Shanti Gowans


Developing Ayurvedically based herbal products and supplements that comply with the rules, regulations and standards of the countries in which we operate has been a strong focus for us. However, I have always known that just herbs and medicines are not enough for natural wellbeing. This is why we are fully dedicated to bring about Health and Wellness Training programs for both individuals for personal health and professionals. Our training and courses are the gold standard for coures across the globe, This means that you can be assured of our commitment to the highest quality education available, and that your qualifications are recognised world wide.
As Health Institute Australasia contibues to expand, we are looking to add to our academic faculty of trainers and assessors through an internship program. There are some qualifying critea.
Skills and experience must haves:
• You must have completed HIA professional level qualification in Yoga or Ayurveda 
• You must be current in your practice
• You must be a member of a professional association
If you meet these criteia and would like to try out for a position at Health Institute Australasia, please send your CV and a covering letter to the CEO Shanti Gowans at shanti@shantiyoga.com.au. In particular we are keen on hearing from you if you have specialist skills, such as practice development, or in particular techniques or modalities that would be of interest to our students.
Successful applicants will get training at no cost in presentation skills and be given the opportunity to do paid work assessing and supporting existing trainers and, in due course, and if all goes well, will become part of Health Institute Australia's academic faculty.
In addition, we will work with you to help you develop your own Continuing Professional Development workshops that you will be able to present at the Institute.
You do not have to live on the Gold Coast to apply. You can join the team in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra or the Gold Coast.
Shanti Gowans
Founder and CEO: The Meditation Institute, Health Institute Australia, Health Institute Australasia
Director: Nirvana Wellness Retreat Sanctuary
Artistic Director: Bollywood Australia
President: AAPA (Australasian Ayurvedic Practitoners Association)
President: SYTA (Shanti Yoga Teacher's Association)
Lineage holder of Shanti Yoga
Every age has its teachers who keep the eternal truths alive for the human race, and Shanti Gowans is one of the most important teachers of our times. As a yogi, meditation master, lineage holder and visionary, she has created a curriculum and developed courses for the planet that incorporates the necessary union of spiritual practice, healing, and wholesome living so that the hidden truth can emerge from within the chaos of the present, in the nature of great transformation and awakening.
Committed to marrying the worlds of mindfulness, meditation, the deep mystical teachings and practices of yoga and Ayurveda, knowing that these paths share powerful solutions to dis-eases rooted in the mind's disharmony within one's heart and body, Shanti Gowans' major life's work has been through yoga and meditation. These together with her clinical skills in Ayurveda and the innovation and manufacture of Ayurvedic formulations are seamlessly integrated within Health Institute Australasia. Her unique style of medicine seamlessly integrates natural therapies and alternative health practices with conventional pathways to health.
Born and educated in India, Shanti Gowans emigrated to Australia in 1972 where has been teaching and mentoring Australian and international students of holistic, natural and complementary medicine in meditation, yoga and ayurveda. She is a gifted, clear-thinking, articulate, inspirational teacher with a gentle, awakened heart. You will find her heart strewn around this site. She offers classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training programs that provide an empowering, peaceful oasis in a hurried world, a place where students can find within themselves the tools and knowledge to support and maintain a happier, healthier and more spiritual lifestyle. Her work has influenced the domains of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda on a global level. 
Shanti Gowans is the founder and author of Shanti Yoga™, a comprehensive system of training for transformiational, healing, strengthening and clarifying presence in the world. When you study with her, you are empowered, uplifted and inspired into your own next level of conscious evolution.  She is the author of over 35 books and her yoga teacher-training programs are recognised Internationally and by the Australian Government.
Director of Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary, a 70 acre property in the beautiful hinterland of the Gold Coast, Shanti Gowans facilitates Mindfulness, Lifestyle  and Ayurvedic retreats in optimal  wellbeing and healing which advocate self-responsibility in health. She has a passion for teaching and a gift for explaining difficult health and spiritual concepts in easy to understand terminology. Her clinical work allows her to continue to enhance the wellbeing of her patients with individual health plans, integrating the best of both mainstream, twenty-first century thinking and complementary and alternative medicine.
Peter Gowans, Dip Ayurveda
Director of EcoSafe, Nirvana Wellness Retreat Sanctuary,
CEO, One World Productions
Director, Best English On Line
Peter Gowans' interest in Yoga, Ayurveda and everything Indian was inflamed when he met Shantiji in 1972. In 1976 he was initiated by Swami Rudranandaji of the Ramakrishna Mission, and since then has actively dedicated himself to the spiritual path and has opened up pathways for aspirants to travel to sacred placed in India and attend the beautiful Nirvana Wellness Retreat, which he co-owns with Shantiji in the hinterland of the Gold Coast. Peter Gowans holds a Diploma in Ayurveda from his studies with Prof. P.H. Kulkarni. He is the student financial director for Health Institute Australasia's online English courses, "Best English On line".
In his 'other' profession, Peter Gowans is the CEO of the highly versatile One World Productions, with wide ranging interests in the performing and visual arts. Having worked for the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) in Melbourne, where he cut his teeth in television production and film making. During his time at the ABC, Gowans has worked on a wide range of documentary films and features, drama, art and culture, religious services, sports coverage, news magazines, and lifestyle programmes. One World Productions produces bespoke documentaries.
Peter Gowans has a passion for social justice and improving the lives of people through community initiatives. Through his active membership with the Rotary Club Broadbeach, he has been involved in working to provide support services for a plethora of charity work including Polio Plus, Scooters, Marine reach for the Pacific, Cope (limbs for mine victims in Laos) and for street and working children on the Gold Coast. 
Hilary Sullivan Grad Dip Ed., B.A. Adv Dip Yoga, Dip. Ayur. Cert IV TAE
Vice Principal. Principal lecturer for Ayurveda Lifestyle and Wellness Counselling Course @ Health Institute Australasia
Desigm Consultant & Public Relations Coordinator
Hilary obtained her degree in Graphic Design from Swinburne TAFE, and after a career in graphic design obtained her Graduate Diploma in Education at The University of Melbourne. Hilary enjoyed 11 years of teaching computers and graphic design for the Melbourne School of Art and then went on to be course coordinator and teacher in the Adv Dip of Electronic Design and Interactive Media at Swinburn University, coordinating both Lilydale and Wantirna campuses. After a long love affair which included ongoing studies and practice in Yoga and Ayurveda, Hilary taught yoga for The Meditation Institute, Gold Coast, where she was also design consultant and Public Relations coordinator. From 2004-09 Hilary was CEO of City Yoga Studio, Sydney, where she was the principal teacher and practised as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. Hilary returned to the Gold Coast in 2010 when she completed her Advanced Diploma in Yoga and is currently the Vice Principal of Health Institute Australia and its public relations coordinator. Hilary visited Indian with Shantiji and is current secretary of AAPA, the Australasia Ayurvedic Practitioner's Association. 
Sonja Stauder B.A. (Japanese and Law). Adv Dip Yoga. Adv. Dip Ayur, Cert IV in Business Studies
Director of Education and Practice and Culinary Arts, Health Institute Australia. Ayurvedic Practitioner.
Sonja completed her Bachelor of Arts from Monash University, Melbourne with a double major in Japanese and Law in 1982. She took up training as a Fitness leader with the NSW Department of Sport and Recreation in 1985, and has been a student of Shanti Gowans from 1988 which started her intense interest in Yoga and Ayurveda, studying several courses in both. Sonja's hobbies are Bharat Natyam, Bollywood dancing, cooking and proof reading Shantiji's books on Yoga and Ayurveda. She has visited India six times and is the current treasurer of AAPA, the Australasia Ayurvedic Practitioner's Association. 
Dr. Manish Patwardhan, M.D. (Ayu), BAMS. F.I.I.M
Ayurvedic Studies Adviser @ Health Institute Australia. 
CEO Spa Consultants. Joint Director: Institute of Indian Medicine
Dr. Manish Patwardhan, Ayurvedic Physician and Consultant, a postgraduate doctor in Ayurveda, who has undertaken studies in the medical school for 9 years has been teaching and consulting for Health Institute Australia since 1996.
During this time Dr. Patwardhan has worked in management with the development and manufacture of natural and organic Ayurvedic products. He has been joint Director of the Institute of Medicine, a faculty member of Ayurveda Academy, Pune, India, and is currently the CEO of Spa Consultants, the largest Spa Consultancy in the Indian subcontinent with a high profile in the training of Ayurvedic spa therapies. He is the President of  Indian Spa and Wellness Association (ISWA) and the 'Association Liaison’ of the Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Coalition (APSWC). A keen observer, good analyser, precise planner and an excellent executer and teacher, Dr.       Patwardhan has brought Health Institute Australia's program in Ayurveda  to newer heights.  He is the instigator of HIA's Diploma of Leadership and Management, specialisation Spa.

Dr. Swapnil Daspute MBA. BAMS. FIIM

Dr. Daspute qualified with his Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery in Dec 2005, and was honoured as a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Medicine in February 2011. He completed an MBA course in 2012, and is registered with state council of Indian Medicine. Dr. Daspute works closely wiith Dr. Manish Patwardhan and is Director of  Pre-Opening, Training and Quality at Spa Consultants, India.


Dr. Shilpi Bose Roy BAMS

Dr. Shilpi Bose Roy BAMS is an experienced, trusted, patient focused doctor with a long history of serving patients by successfully diagnosing and treating them with Ayurvedic medicines, procedures, lifestyle and dietary changes and exercises, suggesting and conducting panchkarma (various massages, sudation and enema)                                                      therapies as required on the basis of their diagnosis, with good knowledge of Allopathic medicines as well.Her previous previous experience was in helping with general surgeries, deft in the day-to-day management of ICU (Intensive Care Unit), Gynecology and Obstetrics and is an expert in maintaining the daily report/records of patients. 



Kamala Shakti BA., Grad Dip Ed., Business Computing, Grad Dip. Library and Information Studies
Artistic Director, Padma-A step ahead. Director, Indian Dance @ Health Institute Australia

Kamala Shakti, artistic director of Padma - A step ahead, has an extensive dance history. She studied and performed with Chandrabhanu and Suasana Dance Troupe, touring most Australian capital cities and country Victoria, at Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne Arts’ Festivals when she lived in Melbourne. After relocating to Sydney, Kamala Shakti, artistic director of Kalakshetra Academy of Indian Culture, was a Bharat Natyam dancer at Kala Bharati dance school, an Odissi dancer at Kala Padma dance school, performed with Ramli Ibrahim’s Melbourne and Sydney seasons, toured as special guest artiste with the Bharatam Dance Company for its Kuala Lumpur production of Milarepa and was guest artiste for Bharatam Dance Company’s Devi production. Relocating to Brisbane in 1992, Kamala Shakti has continued as artistic director of Padma with innumerable performances, workshops and implementing full length productions with Arts organisations, BEMAC, Arts Queensland, QUT, and othe educational institutions. Kamala Shakti’s community activities include being on the Management Committee of Ausdance, Brisbane, the secretary of Multicultural Arts Victoria, on the Management Committee for Aust. Ass for Dance Education, co-ordinating multicultural dance and on the management Committee of 2CCCFM, Public Radio, coordinating program areas, multiculture and the arts. In her ‘other’ life, Kamala Shakti has been a secondary school teacher, teaching English and Dance for the Victorian and NSW Departments of Education, and designing and implementing courses for early school leavers at TAFE Victoria. Kamala Shakti has been conducting Health Institute Australia’s Indian dance curriculum since 2007.


Sue Green Adv Dip Yoga, Dip Yoga Teaching, Cert IV Yoga Ed., Cert IV TAS
Lecturer for Cert IV Yoga and Adv. Diploma of Yoga Teaching, 
Sue Green hails from high level management in the hospitality industry, where she has worked for over 20 years, and brings her successful employment history in training and assessment and passionate commitment to a healthy lifestyle to HIA. Whilst in Canberra, the Capital City of Australia, Sue has been involved in delivering training for the hospitality, fitness and administration sectors, working in the Fitness Industry from 2000-2010, including her employment as an Executive Officer for the Australian Council of Physical Health and Recreation (ACPHR). Before emigrating to the Gold Coast, Sue studied for her Arts/Science Degree from the Australian National University with subjects such as Politics, Cultural Studies, Psychology and Women’s Studies. Sue started her love affair with yoga in 2001 and has been a student of Shantiji since. Sue is now resident on the Gold Coast and has been teaching yoga for THI  since 2010. In her other life outside Yoga, Sue works at the Library in Bond University. Health Institute Australia is pleased to welcome Sue's calm, mature and well balanced approach to life and her multi-tasking skills and contribution to the lecturing team at HIA. 
Cheryl Anne Stubbs Adv Dip Yoga, Dip Yoga Teaching, Rem. Massg.
Lecturer for Diploma of Yoga Teaching, 
Cheryl Stubbs has been a horse manager, trainer, personal dressage coach and connected with just about everything equestrian since childhood. Cheryl obtained her certificate in remedial massage from the Health Schools Australia, Qld. in 1988, and certificates in Human Health Sciences from the University of New England, NSW in 1999. Her love of nature took her to Africa, where she obtained her certificate in Game Ranging from the Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre, South Africa in 2003. Cheryl commenced Shanti Yoga in 2005 and obtained her Cert IV in Yoga and Life Education in 2008, and her Diploma in Yoga Teaching in 2010 from the Health Institute Australia. Cheryl is currently finishing her Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching and has embarked upon study for facilitating Meditation part 1 this year with The Health Institute Australia. We welcome Cheryl to the team of accomplished yoga teachers.
Jo-Anne Knight LLB., BA, Dip Yoga.
CEO: Busy Bodies Yoga
Jo-Anne Knight has been a student of Shanti Gowans from 2005. Her practice and formal studies in Yoga have qualified her with • Certificate IV in Yoga and Life Education •Diploma in Yoga Teaching and Life Skills •Teaching certification in Shanti Yoga for Children and • Certificate in Hatha Yoga. Jo-Anne is currently studying for her Advanced Diploma in Yoga with The Health Institute Australia, and teaches Shanti Yoga and classical Hatha Yoga classes for adults, and a fun and creative Shanti Yoga class for children. Prior to committing to the Yoga path, Jo studied Law and Modern Asian Studies at Griffith University (Queensland), 1995-1999 and practised as a solicitor in Brisbane from 2001-2003. Jo harnesses her qualifications, interest and expertise in the area of human rights as the voluntary secretary of the Management Committee at the Domestic Violence Centre on the Gold Coast, for ending violence against women and children. Jo is also a mother of three young children.
Nicole Ugarte Adv Dip Yoga, Cert IV Ayurveda; RN
Director: Naturelink Landscapes and Design

Nicole Ugarte, is a Director of Naturelink Landscapes and Design a family owned and operated, landscape construction company and plant nursery based in Nerang on the Gold Coast. Nicole went to primary school at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in Kensington (Sydney) and then the Star of the Sea, here in Southport, where she obtained her Senior Certificate,  and then went on to be a registered nurse. After a career in nursing, spanning from 1984 to 1997, Nicole took a sabbatical to enjoy her family and three children and search for the meaning of life. She came upon Shanti Yoga and has undertaken extensive training with The Meditation Institute and later Health Institute Australia, qualifying with an Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching and Leadership in 2010. En route to her Adv Dip, Nicole has undertaken training and study in several other Yoga and health qualifications, including Children’s Yoga Instructor training, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Traditional Ayurvedic Relaxation Massage training. Nicole is a wife, mother of three gorgeous children, loves to travel (she has been to India with Shantiji on three occasions) and teaches yoga at the Shanti Yoga Studio in Southport.
Louise Hall, B.Ed, L Mus A, Melbourne University, Adv.Dip Yoga Teaching, Cert IV Tesol, Cert IV in Small Business Management, Cert IV Training and Assessment
Artistic Director, Theatre LOTE Fantastique

Louise began studying yoga with Shanti Gowans twenty five years ago, when she was teaching in secondary schools and performing. After completing a yoga teacher training course in 1992, she went on to teach yoga in schools and in community centres in Melbourne. In 1999 after living and working as an actress and theatre student in the UK, Louise moved to Sydney to co-manage and teach at City Yoga Studio, Sydney. Professionally Louise has also worked as a music teacher, playwright, composer, director, performer, and business owner of  a language-based theatre-in-education company Theatre LOTE Fantastique!

Lyn Moore. Dip Library & Info Studies, Dip. Yoga Teaching,  Cert IV Yoga Ed., Cert IV TAE         

Lyn discovered Shanti Yoga on the Gold Coast in 1998 and has been a student ever since. Lyn had the privilege of studying under Yoga master Shanti Gowans at TMI Health Institute of Australia from 2000-2006. Attaining a Diploma of Yoga Teaching, and Certificate IV in Yoga Education.

Beyond Yoga Lyn has a Diploma of Library and Information Studies, Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training and a full-time job as Manager, Customer Services at the Bond University Library.

Lyn is deeply grateful to find Shanti Yoga and The Meditation Institute, Health Institute Australia.

Lyn has taught Yoga for the Meditation Institute at centres in Southport, Merrimac, and Harbour Town.

Roxanne Williams. Dip.Yoga, Children's Yoga Instructor. 

Roxanne's Yoga journey stared many moons ago, whist in the kindergarten yoga class, she loved being able to touch her head with her toes in Cobra. After completely high school in 1994, she studied Travel certifictae at TAFE whilst working in hospitality. In 1997  travelled to England via South Africa, where she met her husband (married 16 years). Overseas she worked as a private nanny, a career that continued on her return home in 2000.

In 2004 Roxanne become a mother for the first time and in 2005 had a second child.  The next ten years was dedicated to a home-school lifestyle, which has now tranisitioned into a beautiful school environment which encompasses many of the values she has built over the years.

"It is at Shanti Yoga that I began to feel such a deep sense of nourishment and connection and Thus I decided to study Cert IV in Yoga and Life Education 2011, and continue to study Diploma of Yoga Teaching in 2012, and other specialist courses, such as Children's Yoga, Yoga for Pregnancy and Healthy Body"


Lynanne McKenzieM.Ed., BA., Pregnancy Yoga, Dip Yoga

Lynanne’s yoga journey was inspired by the authenticity, compassion and guidance of Shantiji and the teachers at Shanti Yoga. She has studied Certificate IV in Yoga, followed by the Diploma in Yoga Teaching.  The traditional living principles and teachings of yoga resonate with her; in particular the principles of compassion for all living things, non-violence, and truthfulness which have been embraced as an integral part of her life.

Beyond yoga Lynanne is a wife, the mother of three adult children and has a fulfilling job in research development, supporting members of the Griffith Institute of Educational Research at Griffith University. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Monash University with a double major in urban geography and Australian history and a Master of Education from QUT.  She is currently researching in the area of distributed leadership.

Life is a journey and regular yoga practice supports and enhances that journey. Lynanne cherishes the opportunity to share this understanding and experience with others willing to grow with her.    

Chiyoe Murata (Coco) BA. Dip Remedial Massage.

Born in Saitama, Japan, Chlyoe Murata (Coco) accomplished her Bachelor’s degree in Management from the Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan, in 2006, after which she worked as a Medical Representative in Japan till 2010. Passionate about health and wellbeing, Coco embarked upon her studies as a therapist in Japan from 2010, where she trained in Thai Traditional Massage and Chinese Reflexology. Coco next took herself off to India, where she studied Ayurveda at both the basic and advanced therapist certificate courses. Coco then came to Australia and studied Cert IV in Massage Therapy, Cert IV in Aromatherapy and the Diploma of Remedial Massage before joining HIA as a student for Cert IV in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation. Coco uses a holistic approach of body, mind and spirit in her treatments and believes that massage offers a range of benefits beyond simply relaxation healing. We welcome Coco on board.
Christine Starmer, Higher Art Certificate, Wollongong College of Fine Art. Cert IV TAE
Born in the U.K., Christine Starmer's life has revolved around creative art, theatre and dance. 1n 1983 Christine graduated with a 3 year Higher Art Certificate from Woollongong College of Fine Art, where she studied painting, life drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture and art history. Since then Christine has travelled to London and Paris in pursuit of inspiration from the world's finest artists and has had group and solo exhibitions in several art galleries, including being a yearly exhibitor in the Jupiter's Art Prize and the Gold Coast City Council and Art Gallery. Her most recent solo exhibition was in 2013 at Welch Street Art Gallery, Gold Coast. Christine has also been engaged in construction of stage sets, costume design and masks, for performances and eisteddfod, Expo 88 Brisbane, Labrador Primary School (1997-2001), Silkwood Steiner School (2001-2005), and murals at Southport High School and Benowa High School (2005), with ongoing domestic commissions for murals. Christine currently teaches mandala construction and creative arts at The Health Institute and Nirvana Wellness Retreat (2011-current). Christine is passionate and enthusiastic about what she teaches which is conveyed through the wonderful art work that her students create. Even total beginners feel a sense of achievement with Christine's encouragement.
Our friendly front desk team are here to answer your questions, provide more information or to schedule an appointment.
• Dalal
• Nick 
• Debbie
Irina Ludu, BA
Born in Romania, Irina graduated in Marketing in 2008 and worked in the Marketing and Advertising industry until 2011. She then decided on a change of career and became a qualified English teacher. Since then she has travelled and worked with her New Zealand partner in Romania, Malaysia and Azerbaijan. After a long cold windy winter in Azerbaijan, they decided to move to the sunny Gold Coast.

Irina became interested in meditation during her travels in South East Asia where, for the first time,she was able to still her mind at a Buddhist centre in Kuala Lumpur. After arriving in Australia, Irina attended her first yoga class at Shanti Yoga and felt a deep connection with the place. Irina currently works as an office administrator at Shanti Yoga and Health Institute Australia and practices Yoga, Meditation and Bollywood Dance.


Dalal Soltan



Do you love Ayurveda, Yoga and Nature and wish to work in a rewarding environment devoted to holistic health and personal growth? Matters such as a probationary period, drugs and alcohol use, confidentiality and trust, transmission of employer's businesses, being willing to learn the ropes, are all part of the agreement.


We are looking for 1-2 multi-talented "client success team members" to join our Wellness Centre in promoting health and education. Just a "customer support position" does not cut it for us. We go way beyond customer support and are committed to helping our clients and students have huge success. 

You must have excellent customer service skills, be able to manage a busy treatment centre, and have a business and marketing mind. 

If can work independently with minimal supervision, can multi-task, see the big picture as well as pay attention to detail and have passion for healthy living, we would like to hear from you. Apply ONLY if:

  • You are a friendly, cheerful, people-person and frequently hear others say that you made their day.
  • You love personal growth and find others coming to you for guidance.
  • You understand that selling is actually being of service to others and have enjoyed being persuasive for a positive result (Sales training a plus).
  • People tell you that you are able to respond to difficult situations with grace, compassion and empathy (verbally and in writing).
  • You are tech savvy and have had others come to you for help with online systems or programs.
  • You love communicating via email and telephone.
  • You love being organised and keeping track of details.
  • You are a confident, independent thinker and a practiced creative problem solver.
  • You are highly accountable and responsible and drive projects to completion.
  • You have availability for weekend work, evening shifts, plus Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm.

Here is what you'll be doing on our team...  

  • Engage with students, cleints and customers and help keep them on track with payments.
  • Manage student accounts, email lists, program information.
  • Provide an amazing, personalised experience to each student and customer. Meaningful, personalised replies with love and care injected into each message rather than just copy, cut and paste answers.
  • Answer questions about programs they are interested in and would be a good fit for them, as well as their questions about current programs or financial arrangements.
  • Effectively diagnose and solve day-to-day concerns and issues through various support channels such as emails, calls, blogs, social media, etc.
  • Inspire and motivate students who are struggling to work towards their goals and achieve success.
  • Work with CSR programs such as FreshDesk and InfusionSoft. Experience with these or other CSR programs is an asset.

Job Description

• Create an atmosphere that provides excellent customer and staff service and relations.
• Scheduling: clients, doctors, practitioners, teachers, facilitators, rooms
• Work with a team to create Wellness Centre business outreach plans and execute the plans
• Oversee execution of all front desk tasks: phones, email, mailing, orders, general admin
• Work with accountant to ensure success of all accounting
• Create a Wellness Centre marketing plan and create monthly promotions
• Manage on site work study students as assistants
• Work independently with minimal supervision



We are looking for a Rock Star Virtual Assistant to join our team. Hours for this role are varied, with occassional periods of high volume, and some availability outside of 9-5 hours during high volume, peak times.


You do not have to live on the Gold Coast to join the team. You will be working from your own home. 


Apply ONLY If…

  • You are interested in working in the coaching and personal growth field.
  • You love communicating digitally
  • You’re a confident, proactive, independent thinker, and a practiced creative problem solver.
  • You are highly accountable, responsible, and drive projects to completion.
  • Your colleagues come to you for tech help and you’ve mastered at least 3 new online or software systems in the last 6 months.
  • You are excellent at communicating with clients regarding how and when you can help out with projects.
  • You are highly skilled at many/most of the commonly used website and marketing systems out there and love studying and keeping your skills fresh.
  • You have great attention to detail.
  • You are a quick learner and pick things up after one explanation. 

Tasks you would be performing: 

  • Set up campaigns, broadcasts, products, order forms and tags in InfusionSoft, Constant contact etc.
  • Run bulk processes and de-duping in Infusionsoft
  • Run reports in IS
  • Create wordpress pages
  • Publish blog
  • Webinar support (setup, support and distribute replays)
  • Manage updates to mastermind calendars
  • Manage updates to content in member’s area
  • Setup member’s area content with imember identitites
  • Create Opt-in and Sales pages
  • Set up new team members / Exit team members (email address, forwarders and system access)
  • Sales Page & Campaign Testing
  • System troubleshooting / problem solving / liaising with 3rd party support (eg when members can’t access content)
  • Research (eg new systems, best practices)
  • Audio & Video Editing

Optimal skills on these platforms: 

  • WordPress/ iMember360 (bonus points for Ultimatum and Divi theme)
  • Infusionsoft
  • Instant Teleseminar
  • LeadPages
  • Vimeo & Wistia
  • Amazon S3 & EZS3
  • Dropbox & Google Drive
  • Audio editing (eg Audacity)
  • Video editing (eg Screenflow and/or Camtasia)
  • Other programs/systems a plus; e.g. MeisterTask, Slack, Photoshop, Teamwork 
1.   Shoot a video and tell us... 
  • Why you want to be a part of our team.
  • Why you think you'd be great for this position. 
  • Your favourite job you've ever had and what you loved about it.
  • Your least favourite job you've ever had and what you didn't like about it.
  • Any specific training or skill sets you have that you think would be extra valuable in this position.
Please keep this video to under 3 minutes, post it to YouTube and send the link
2.   Along with a 1-page informational resume/work history to:
email: shanti@shantiyoga.com.au
3.  Place the name of the position you are applying for in the subject lines as it applies, namely:
Client Success Team Member
Virtual Assistant team Member
• Please do not mark your video as "Private" as we will not be able to see it.
Newly graguated Ayurvedic Doctors and experienced Practitioners, if you are interested in gaining some experience in working overseas, we will be happy to vet suitable candidates, and will host you from one to three months. During the time you are being hosted by Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australia, you must play your part in our multi-skilled team and be willing to roll up your sleeves and contribute.
- We will accommodate you in twin-share, campus accommodation at Southport.
- We will provide one vegetarian meal a day.
- You will be paid for the consultations and treatments you do.
- must speak English, or be willing to do our English course.
- must fund your own air fare to and from Australia
- willing to teach, coach, lecture, demonstrate

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