Vision and Mission

Our Vision, Our Mission
To see in the dark… and make the darkness light.
Overarching vision:
Living Peace
Global vision:
Peace on earth through peace of mind and hearts
Meditation vision:
Peace in every breath
Yoga vision:
Still mind in a healthy body
Yoga Teacher Training vision:
Light a Path - Yoga is Life
Yoga from heart to heart; door to door, shore to shore
Health Institute Australasia vision:
Wellness Naturally.
Shape your future, reshape the world
Ayurvedic vision:
Health through balance
Spa/Clinic vision
Healthy Healing
To empower individuals and communities
to realise their full potential
through the transformative, mind-body, integrative and wisdom practices
of yoga, meditation and ayurveda
which inspire excellence and wellbeing.
Health Institute Australasia (HIA) is an educational, healing and training institution for dissemination of the profound teachings from Shanti Gowans. It exists to extend, apply and transmit knowledge and understanding about human potential for the benefit of society at a standard that is recognised for its excellence both nationally and internationally and to accelerate the shift from a treatment-based perspective to a new, broader and more profound health and wellness culture and education that reduces expenses, empowers individuals, enhancing their quality of life.
Our mission thus lies in to advancing knowledge, understanding and practices aimed at fostering the highest human potential through traditional and applied yoga, meditation, ayurveda and vedic philosophy and disciplines that educate our graduates to become professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of their field of study; who are independent, creative and critical thinkers; who can communicate effectively; and who can act with ethical and social understanding and promote health, wellbeing and optimal physical and mental performance of individuals and populations of all ages.
With your help we can bring more people to healing and peace - to experience what it's like to live fully, to heal and restore, and to train in Yoga, Medition and Ayurveda so that they can impact the lives of countless others.

We DEMONSTRATE this commitment and accomplish our mission by working collaboratively with all those in agreement with our message which is to:

share - we share a vision of wholeness, more profound states of consciousness and embrace the enlightened path
love - we accept people for who they are and provide them with the inspiration, tools and support they require as we share our knowledge, programs and services with them
transform - we honour creative transformations and help others experience the balance and integration of the mind, body and spirit providing them support and guidance while they incorporate these principles into their daily lives
teach - we offer holistic education that inspires, informs, enlightens, heals, serves and transforms
heal - we show others how to open their awareness to infinite possibilities of understanding and renewal offering guidance, treatments and support towards this goal.
We inform and educate, are relevant, independant, and emphasise quality above quantity.
Health Institute Australasia is international in scope and designed wholly for educational, healing and spiritual wellbeing. and is widely recognised as the leading institute of its kind in Australia. HIA conducts multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary teaching, research, community and professional, behavioural and socio-cultural aspects and service programs on yoga, meditation, spirituality and holistic health that are of the highest international standard. Programs, products and services reflect the inspiration, committment and creativity of its President, founder and spiritual leader, Shanti Gowans. Shanti Yoga™ underpins its health education, and the science of mind teaching programs.
More and more people from all faiths, back-grounds and different parts of the world are drawn here.
They come for many different reasons:
  • to study and practice the empowering and healing teachings of Shanti yoga™
  • to hear Shantiji's inspirational dissertations
  • to attend a private or group retreat: wellness tourism and transformative travel
  • to just have a little rest and relaxation
  • to elevate body, mind and spirit
  • to participate in the Shanti College community

Health Institute Australasia provides experiential learning, creative renewal, and rejuvenation opportunities to inspire both visitors and residents, and offers emphirical and theoretical education coupled with a daily program of sadhana for spiritual experiences.

Health Institute Australasia is the place  

  • to discover yourself and pilgrimage
  • to escape for short visits in an inspired, holistic environment
  • to heal, create holistic wellbeing, discover inner peace and truth  
  • to participate in ongoing activities, such as the farm experiment, gardening, revegitating and restoration programs, bush walking, food preparation and vegetarian cooking, enjoy a quiet session of yoga or meditation, 
  • Ayurvedic treatments or simply relax on the verandah with a good book and enjoy the tranquil silence.
  • to exist within a community
  • to retreat 
  • to enrich, learn, share and be inspired in your practices of Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda
  • to enjoy the wholesome, health-enhancing, and life-enriching cultural and nature based community activities together with like-minded people
  • to develop the skills and insights to live and act in the world with creativity, wisdom and compassion
DANCE as though no one is watching.
LOVE as though you've never been hurt.
SING as though no one can hear you.
LIVE as though heaven is on earth.



About Shantiji

Shanti Gowans is the globally recognised author and founder of Shanti Yoga™, Meditation and Ayurveda for the self, family and community.

Shantiji has brought the concepts and practices of a healthy body and a still mind to thousands of Australians through her Yoga and Meditation programs on national television... Read more about Shantiji's biography

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