Shanti Yoga & HIA
Residential Trainee Volunteers
Ready to get away for a weekend or longer at beautiful Nirvana Wellness Retreat? Shanti Yoga needs volunteers and is seeking expressions of interest from Shanti yoga graduates who have attended a minimum of 4 retreats at Nirvana in one year, as part of their training package where they have learnt the culinary arts, including Nirvana's bread making etc. Nirvana Wellness retreat will provide accommodation, board and time off to rest and enjoy the beautiful environment here, or participate in our program.
Trainee volunteers will be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of projects. These duties could include (but are not limited to) ringing the morning wake-up gong, breadmaking, ice-cream making, assisting in the kitchen, compositing, organic gardening, landscaping, renewal energy projects, trail making, small building and maintenance projects, filling water, maintaining the chicken coop, cleaning duties, bedmaking, assisting in the treatment area, laundry, assisting in the forest walks, supervising the gym, be part of the healing and performing arts, marketing, photography, events management, serving and caring for our guests, and more. You will be expected to carry out your duties conscientiously and to the complete satisfaction of your fellow retreatants. At retreat, we live together in a community, cook and care for each other, meditate and study together, enjoy outdoor adventures and usually work as a team.
Roster times may vary or change to include earlier start times, later finish times or longer hours, depending on the requirements. Volunteers are expected to be flexible. However, a typical 8 hour day for volunteers will be broken up into daily time segments such as the following:
  • 6-7am 
  • 9.30am-1pm 
  • 4 - 6pm 
  • 7.30-8pm     
Volunteers are welcome to participate in morning meditation and the discourse &:30-8:30am), yoga nidra, the evening program (usually chanting or yoga @ 6-7pm) and the evening movie.
Nirvana Wellness Retreat will provide dormitory style accommodation to volunteers in the van or in the forest lodge (under construction). This accommodation may have to be shared with other retreatants. Each volunteer will be provided with a bed, mattress, 2 blankets and a pillow. Volunteers are required to do their own laundry. Buckets for laundry are available. 
Volunteers are provided three meals a day. The food is nutritious, well balanced, fresh, healthy and lacto-vegetarian. These meals are the same as provided for other retreatants.
Guidelines for Volunteers
For the eye of insight to open, it is essential to foster cleanliness, neatness and quietude. Volunteers are to be aware of the surrounding nature of Nirvana and respect and preserve it. 
Volunteers must carefully observe the yamas and niyamas.
Consuming alcohol or drugs, smoking or chewing gum or betel nut is not allowed. 
Volunteers must observe noble silence during the recommended times.
Volunteers may not tout or network neither prospecting for personal gain to build their businesses nor matrimony whilst at retreat.
Volunteers should practice with the following qualities:
- Sustained, continuous moment-by-moment mindfulness
- Respect and sincerity
- Diligence
- Honesty and straightforwardness
- Heroic effort
- Perseverance
- Nonfraternising
- Patience.
Acceptance to the volunteer program is conditional upon 
  • you being a HIA Course student or a Shanti Yoga graduate
  • your complete attendance (Friday to Sunday) during the nominated four retreats over one academic year
  • your participation, attitude and work ethic whilst at retreats and during your course with us
  • the compatibility of your energy for Nirvana retreats (i.e. commitment to meditation, ayurveda and Shanti yoga)
  • your commitment to the yamas and niyamas
  • loyalty to Shanti Yoga Health Institute Austtralia and everything and everyone that falls under its umbrella
  • adherence to the guidelines as outlined above.
What to bring
  • Your own fresh linen, i.e. sheets, pillowcase, towel. 
  • Comfortable and appropriate clothing
  • Toiletries 
  • Silent clock
  • Torch
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun screen
  • Warm dressing gown
  • Gumboots
  • Sleeping bag (winter)
  • Hot water bottle
  • Thermos
  • Warm shoes
  • Ear plugs
  • Umbrella
  • Rubber slippers
Do not bring
  • Beeper watches
  • Portable television
  • Incense sticks
  • Noisy clothing (i.e. made out of nylon etc) during meditation practice 
  • Personal food stash
  • Coffee, Beer, Wine, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Marijuana and other drugs
  • Pets

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