What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a traditional system of health and wellbeing using gentle (non forceful) healing modalities.
It is one of the most holistic systems of medicine available, as it recognises not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental and relationship aspects of being humans that effect health, and advocates a life lived to the full.
It includes a comprehensive study of anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnostic systems and treatment strategies. 
Both safe and effective, it reigns supreme in a world dominated by more and more complex and expensive medical procedures, many fraught with dangerous side effects. 

Constitutional Assessment

Two elegant and practical features of Ayurveda are the concepts of 
- an individual's basic, unique, natural constitution, known as your prakruti, and 
- the individual's current imbalance, known as your vikruti.
Your individual, baseline, stable Ayuredic constitution, your prakruti is determined at the moment of conception and relates to your genetically, inherent and permanent physical and emotional qualities, characteristics and tendencies. These stable qualities include your height, natural eye and hair colour and innate personality traits.
While you may not even realise this, every single moment of every single day your Prakriti is influencing your life in many un-thought of ways. From the way you look, to the way you talk, your body-build, your behavioural tendencies, your preferences in food and all other choices you make, the diseases you are prone to, everything is defined by your Prakriti
Additionally, your Prakriti contains an explanation of your past and present and predicts the future of your health and happiness as well. The concept of constitutional variety, which is the notion that we are all different and what may be medicine for one person may even harm another, is fundamental in Ayurveda. This is why finding out about what your Prakruti is and understanding how to work with it is so vital for you.
Modern medicine’s best thinking pales in comparison to the wisdom of our bodies. The best science only has a very rudimentary understanding of the dynamic and complex organism we inhabit, and yet we are always looking for the magic pill and the prescriptive cure. The flawed current medical system is more about maintenance and survival than it is about health. A 'sick' response is often just the body's healthy response to self-care. Dead people don't teach us everything we need to know about living people. Through Ayurveda, the science of life, we educate you about this ancestral wisdom for the modern person and how to find the sacred balance and work with your body for health and healing.

Main biological forces

There are as many different constitutions as there are human beings. These stem from the three main biological, constitutional forces categorised in Ayurveda as the tridoshas. Most emotional, physical and mental health issues are rooted in your unique doshic composition. Your mind and body wellbeing is dependent upon the balanced or imbalanced state of your unique body composition. 
The three doshas are called vata, pitta and kapha, which can roughly be translated as air, fire and water and earth respectively. While all three doshas are present in every constitution, they are present in different ratios. For instance, a person may have a high concentration of kapha (earth) in constitution, with Pitta (fire) secondary and a small amount of vata (air), however, someone else may have more Vata and Pitta and less Kapha
There are seven dosha-predominant constitutions which prevail. These are vata-predominant, pitta-predominant, kapha-predominant, three dual constitutions, where two doshas are equally or nearly equally predominant, namely, vata-pitta predominant, pitta-kapha predominant and kapha-vata predominant, and one constitutional that has all three doshas equally prominent, namely vata-pitta-kapha predominant.
Does this sound like you:
  • My hands and feet tend to be cold. 
  • My skin tends to be dry. 
  • My hair tends to be dry. 
  • I like to be active, "on the go," I find it hard to sit still. 
  • I tend to eat quickly; I have a delicate digestion. 
  • I get worn out easily. 
  • When conflicts arise I can be anxious and restless. 
  • My moods change quick
Or does this seem more like you:
  • I feel uncomfortable skipping meals. 
  • I have a strong digestion; I can eat almost anything. 
  • I am fairly strong and can handle various physical activities. 
  • I am fairly muscular. 
  • When conflicts arrive, I can become intense and irritable. 
  • My moods change slowly, but I can snap when agitated. 
Or is this more like you:
  • My hands are usually cool. 
  • My skin is oily and moist. 
  • My hair is thick and wavy. 
  • I like leisurely activities best. 
  • I like to eat but can skip meals easily. 
  • I eat and digest slowly.
It important to find out your doshic type because every activity and function of your mind and body is dependent upon the balanced or unbalanced state of your doshas. Many everyday disorders, such as anxiety and other nervous disorders, depression, digestive problems, constipation, cramps, lethargy, cold, allergies, skin conditions or even asthma are more often than not, dosha imbalances. And you can eliminate all of these and more easily and naturally, without any harmful or artificial substances, simply by learning more about your dosha and learning how you can balance it to permanently remove health issues and life-long physical as well as mental discomfort now. Schedule an Ayurvedic consultation now. This is a Medibank accredited service.

Constitution at birth, and its current imbalance

Knowing your constitution, your prakruti, is useful because it increases your awareness of your natural strengths and challenges. This can be a positive step towards your understanding of health that is unique to you. To learn more about your personal Ayurvedic constitution, answer your questionaire here based upon your overall, lifelong tendencies and not according to temporary or recent conditions. 
Get well. Stay well
Discover the cause of your health imbalances
and get simple advice to correct them.
To make wellness easier for your busy lifestyle
we also offer online consultations
with our skilled Ayurvedic practitioners
in a secure, online environment.
Adhering to genuine Ayurvedic practices,
we assess clients with a detailed health and family history
to provide customised recommendations
in lifestyle, diet, exercise and supplements
based on their unique constitution, condition and environment. 

You can learn from our Ayurvedic practitioners
how to understand your individual constitution
and your current condition of health.
This can help you manage


an appropriate diet and lifestyle
for your unique system,
and which herbs and remedies may help you
gain and maintain optimum health in your body and mind. 
With minimum effort and study,
you can learn simple, valuable practices
that enable you to manage your health
and change your life for the better.
Have you ever felt that life just wasn't going the way you'd planned?  Have you felt that things could be a lot better?  I found myself thinking the same thing. I was fatigued, overweight, recently separated and had three children under the age of four and basically making horrible choices for myself when I met Shantiji. I decided to take up yoga, which made such a difference to my life that I wanted to share it with others. I studied to be a yoga teacher, and subsequently the Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner Training Courses to help myself and others. With Shantiji's support, I made small, consistent changes to my life and diet. Those changes have led to huge changes in my mental, emotional and physical health. I humbly offer the skills that I have learned that have turned my life and that of my family's around. Thanks to yoga and Ayurveda I am now able to live a happy, productive and abundant life. I genuinely wish the same for all of my clients and would like to help support you through your personal journey.
I received my training from the Health Institute Australia for Ayurvedic Studies, where I have trained face-to-face with some of the world's top health and wellness experts and Ayurvedic starts, including Professor P.H. Kulkarni, Dr. Manish Patwardhan, and Shantiji herself and have travelled to India five times. My education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, preventative health and Ayurvedic medicine. Drawing on these skills and knowledge, I, together with Shantiji, will help you create a completely personalised 'roadmap to health' that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. I have devoted my practice to wellbeing and currently support people experiencing stress, digestive and general health issues, depression and anxiety. I work with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting goals.
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The above test and results are intended as a convenient tool to provide practical information on your Ayurvedic constitutional type. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. In addition, while this information should be considered highly useful, it is not meant to replace the skilled constitutional analysis of a professionally trained Ayurvedic practitioner.
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