Herbal Sources of Natural Medicine
Nature's answer: Secrets your doctor has not revealed
Health Institute Australia is passionate about promoting health, and providing natural, alternative medicines and functional foods to Practitioners, Healthcare Providers and their patients. With a range of Therapeutics and Personal Care products, that are both Practitioner Only and General, Environmentally-friendly cleaning products, Food ranges and Ayurvedically prepared botanicals that are traditionally extracted into concentrated oils or liquids (such as sesame oil, ghee, coconut oil, milk or even buttermilk) to balance a patient, in accord with the ancient Ayurvedic evaluation of the biological entities, known as the tridoshas, which are vata, pitta and kapha.
Pure Shanti™ products are made with only the best, most health enhancing ingredients. We keep it pure, effective and simple. We source our range of Ayurvedic medicines that are made from pure herbal extracts. Their health benefits range from: weightloss, detoxification, beautiful skin (acne, anti-aging, dry skin and wrinkles), stress relief, cellulite reduction, joint pain relief, relief from allergies, asthma, constipation and respiratory conditions, easing sore muscles, improving circulation, reducing inflammation and edema,digestive disorders, boosting immunity, increased wellbeing. They are:
  • Formulations which have stood the test of time, drawn from ancient traditions of India.
  • Formulations are derived from plant, animal and mineral substances. Extracts are prepared from standardised extracts, yielding results faster than preparations from crude herbs, arising from better assimilation, and making them safe for the whole family.
  • Completely safe. No side effects like for allopathic formulations.
  • Tested and certified free from heavy metal toxicity. 
  • Non habit forming. Helps to heal the problem from its basic root cause (gradual healing, not quick/fast suppression)
  • More cost effective due to comparatively better potency (five to ten times more potent than crude herbs preparations.) Therefore less medicines to be purchased, stocked and consumed. 

Your mind-body is the world's most perfect healing machine. You just need to know how to run it. With a deeper sense of wholeness in your mind, body and spirit, you can experience dramatic healing. There are natural ways you can help your body combat all disease. In addition to diet, lifestyle, which includes cleansing practices, traditional Ayurvedic medicine is natural. It consists of single and combination herbs and minerals that are used for their healing and detoxing properties. 

At Shanti Yoga and the Health Institute Australia, a comprehensive selection of ayurvedic natural medicinal products, sold individually or as a prescription order, as well as an excellent range of oils for body treatments are offered through the Practitioner Range and the Retail Range. Here you can discover resources dedicated to restoring your health while healing your life, regaining happiness and restoring your relationships. 

Some of our single herbs and remedies you can purchase include: (for a detailed list see our categories
Aloe Vera  
For effective protection of liver and proper digestion.
Detoxifies the digestive system and stimulates the liver.
Beneficial for many skin imbalances.
Amla is the shortened version of Amalaki fruit. It is highly regarded in Ayurveda as a rejuvenating herb. In sanskrit, amalaki means 'the sustainer'. It is used to nourish the blood, skin, liver and bones, is the richest source of Vitamin C. It has diuretic, carminative and laxative properties.
Beneficial for digestion, metabolism and weight loss.
Energise your heart. It has cardiotonic activity.
Tones the heart muscles and improves the blood circulation
Well known for rejuvenating properties. Relieves mental tension naturally.
Improve your memory. Natural brainfood to boost memory, clarity and concentration and relieve stress. Memory enhancer, nervine tonic, very useful for disturbed mind conditions.
Help for hormones. Helps to restore vigour, vitality, sexual strength. Boosts libido and helpful in curing stress related sexual dysfunctioning. Is a nervine tonic and an aphrodisiac.
Regulates blood sugar. 
Helps to control the sugar level in the blood.
Metabolic regulator. 
Improves metabolism and useful in control of blood sugar levels.
Helps to correct kidney dysfunctioning and remove stones.
Helps to promote good appetite and growth.
helps to protect the liver against hepato-toxins, corrects liver dysfunctioning
The elixir of eternal youth. Increase your longevity.
Herbal antioxidant. Helps combat old age complications and checks the wear and tear of the human body. 
Helps with joint pain, mobility, reduces swelling and stiffness in joints. is useful in arthritic conditions.
Very effective blood purifier. Promotes healthy skin. 
Traditionally used to help purify the body and support oral hygiene, neem is also renowned for its support of healthy, radiant skin, hair and nails, helpful for skin diseases and to clear pimples from the face and skin.
For all kinds of male urinary problems. 
Helps with burning micturition, normal flow of urine and strengthening of the urino-genital system.
Regulates kidney functions,
Diuretic, tones the kidneys and urinary system.
Tonic and Nutritive
Tones the urino-genital system. Aphrodisiac.
Useful in weight management without any side effects. prevents conversion of extra calories into fat.
Promote healthy blood sugar and insulin levels naturally.
Helps to regulate blood sugar level and control related complications
Helps in inducing sleep naturally. Non-habit forming. Safe to use in insomnia.
For a healthy digestive tract. Relieves constipations. Improves eyesight.
Transforms the digestive system! This gentle, non-habit forming laxative works to tone and strengthen the muscle tissue of the colon, while increasing the absorption of subtle nutrients into the body.
Tulsi (Holy Basil)
Expectorant. Dietary supplement for the management of Cough and Cold.  Supports healthy immune system function. Reduces stress. Energises, builds stamina. Abundant in anti-oxidants.
Support healthy bowel function. Lubricates the intestines. The natural, colon-cleansing supplement for healthy, regular elimination and safe way to relieve constipation. 
Helps in elevating mood. Has high nutritive value. Is a restorative and revitaliser. 
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