Just learn the Truth. Approach a guru with humility. Inquire from them submissively and render service. The self-realised can impart transcendental knowledge for they have seen reality.
                                                                                                                       Bhagavad Gita 4:34
Purity, patience and perseverance are the three essentials to success, and above all, love.
                                                                                                                       Swami Vivekananda
Identity of Health Institute Australia
Health Institute Australia is an Australian Government approved, higher vocational education provider. Our mission is to inspire people around the globe to practice and heal as individuals and communities. Join us in sharing integrated, comprehensive and quality programs, education and training for wellbeing, innovation and opportunity, in the backdrops of an unrivalled destination, within a global environment.
Programs are dedicated to leadership and fostering a robust quality of vocational and higher education, health care, and research. We honour the richness of our specialised and unique fields of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, and English. On offer is instructor training and certification, general and specialist training, and clinics.
Health Institute Australia focuses on integrating body, breath and mind, offering an authentic and personal approach to addressing all aspects of health and wellbeing, with an amazing reputation. The college is a unique place of learning, with real-time and small, personal classes, easy access to the teachers, where all teachers know every students name. Our online learning allows us to be part of the era we live in, but we still see our educational footprint arising from personal contact with learners and mentoring, which takes time, and without which learners may acquire information, but do not grow as human beings. As a result of stunted growth, what educational outcome can there be? We just have to look around us at the state of the world as portrayed in the news. HIA's courses and programs provide quality certification that offer great information and training, with enhanced life experience during the student's study and forever. It is a place where you can come and construct a new future for the world. We look forward to supporting your excellence, happiness and success.
Birthing the dream of Health Institute Australia has taken me to my growing edge, almoat every single day. It has forced me to grow as a leader, manager, speaker, entrepreneur, teacher and even healer. I've had to breathe into a much bigger version of myself, even when I've been uncomfortable or terrified. The journey has encompassed a lot of mentorship, coaching and training with many of the wisest people in the world.
Life mastery is about the awakening journey that calls us away from the artifically constructed world, and into something real and meaningful. In addition to waking up to a new reality, we must navigate within the matrix, and before you can embody this reality, you need to navigate your own ‘inner matrix’ which requires a shift in your perceptions of yourself and your abilities, so that you can spark deep spiritual realisations, and cultivate real-world excellence. This work is really at the heart of a modern spiritual path, which rarely takes place in monasteries any more, and which focuses mainly on the awakening side of the equation. It is the blend of both the ‘outer’ and the ‘inner’ worlds, fusing deep spiritual realisation and worldly success. It is practiced in the world of careers and families, entrepreneurship and community, in which you are called to manifest a deeper kind of mastery that fuses a spiritual awakening with the manifestation of your gifts. In this fusion a truly fulfilling, even amazing life is born.
We've invested a lot - in training, coaching, advising, teaching, healing and skill building since we started HIA, and still balk a bit each time we realise we need to invest more… all to help you achieve your biggest, boldest dream, one that you need to complete in this life, the thing that, if you don't really pursue, you'd feel unresolved on your deathbed.
We want you to know that you can ignite your inner flame and leverage it to attain all that you desire in life. We want you to create a seismic shift in your thinking to gain a new worldview of unlimited possibilities, suceed in a truly wonderful way, and reach the greatest number of people who need your gift. To supercharge and express your soul mission and be prosperous you must commit to doing both the inner and outer work, and be a radiant example of a conscious, spiritually connected leader, because frankly, the world needs a lot more of them.
Our programs are for you if you want to be bold and shine brightly in service to the transformation of our world.  We always have your growth and happiness in mind and have made a cohesive system of growth, support and masterminding to help you blossom personally and professionally, live a fullly charged life, and share your voice with the world. I welcome your application and participation in the years ahead.
                                                                                                                           Shanti Gowans
Mission: Shape your Future. Reshape the World. Your destiny awaits you.
Health Institute Australia (HIA) provides opportunities to gain knowledge and cultural understanding via a hierarchy of qualifications, with accredited, quality assured curriculum and specialist support to enable affiliates to achieve efficient, cost effective delivery of wisdom philosophies that originate from India. These embrace education, practical training and clinics in Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Massage, Cooking, Diet and Nutrition, Public Speaking, Drama, Arts, Dance, Music and English, and modalities that helps people to be healthy, happy and and learn how to get well, if they are already unwell. 
Ayurvedic students are trained to become the doctors of the future, practitioners dedicated to understanding the whole person physically, emotionally and spiritually. From this understanding, practitioners will be able to identify areas of disharmony between client's actions, their constitution and the environment. Practitioners will then understand how this disharmony relates to the clients illnesses or imbalances and will develop a program of care to re-establish harmony and support their clients on their journey towards optimal health.
Wellness is distinguished by its focus on down-to-earth practice of everyday Shanti Yoga which encourages self directed learning and understandings of the working of one's own mind as a means to live with Yogic awareness in all aspects of daily life - on campus, at home, at work and in the community. Staff and members seek ways that promote peaceful co-existence in today's cultural community. 
If these timeless teaching resonate with you, we invite you to explore the teachers and healer's path. perhaps you will come upon the ultimate answer to one of life's greatest challenges: Who am I and what am I meant to do while on the planet? After completing an in-depth certification course with the Health Institute Australia you will be well prepared to both teach and guide students in wellness anywhere in the world. 
Health Institute Australia is a private college which programs in the study of ayurvedic medicine,  developed by Prof. P.H. Kulkarni and partnered by the Ayurvedic Academy, Pune, india.
Health Institute Australia has government approval for the teaching of Yoga in three qualifications, namely: Cert IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. Health Institute Australia's Yoga teacher training programs, (Cert IV @ 600 hours. Diploma @ 1200 hours and Advanced Diploma @1800 hours) vastly exceed the minimum requirements of national and international yoga associations, which are 200 and 500 hours.
  • Living English courses (089842M): Listen. Speak. Read. Write.One week to one year.
  • Yoga. General classes
  • Yoga Teacher Professional Training and Certification. Government (austudy) approved
    • Cert IV in Yoga, 10553NAT. Cricos code 077504F
    • Diploma of Yoga Teaching, 10554NAT. Cricos code 077505E
    • Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching, 10555NAT. Cricos code 077506D
  • MeditationGeneral classes
  • Meditation Instructor Training and Certification.
    • Meditation for Health, Wellbeing and Self Care. Finding Peace in the Fast Lane. 
    • Meditation that facilitates personal developmentArcharya
    • Meditation and the Art of Healing. Expanding Consciousness in Health Care, Vaidya 
    • Meditation Master's Training, Maharishi              
  • Ayurveda. Lifestyle and dietary consultations, Herbal remedies, Treatments, Ayurvedic medicines
  • Study Ayurveda. Ayurveda courses, intensives, Counselor Training, Practitioner Certification.
    • ​Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultation HLT52615. Cricos code 089840B
    • Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda. HLT62616. Cricos code 089841A
  • Massage. Ayurvedic Relaxation massage and treatments. Remedial massage. 
  • Study Massage
    • Diploma of Remedial Massage HLT52015
  • Indian Dance and Culture. Classes. Performances. Schools education.
    • Classical: Bharat Natyam, Odissi
    • Bollywood, contemporary Indian dance. 
  • Nutrition. Cooking. Weightloss program.
  • Children's Yoga and Early Childhood Care and Education.
  • Chair Yoga and Aged mobility + Facilitator Training and certification
  • Healthy Back care classes + Instructor training and certification
  • Postgraduate Studies. 
  • Workplace Training and Assessment. Instructor Certification. TAE 40110
  • Public Speaking Courses
  • Fun Community Activities such mindful art with Christine, nature walks, walk and talks, visit the glowworms, dairy cattle, hug a chicken, waterfalls, crystal castle, whale watching, yoga outdoors…
Quality courses, workshops, trainings and treatments with knowledge, skills, resources, health and wellness products are provided at the Health Institute Australia. Our college delivers access to higher education opportunities that assist in the cultivation of values, holistic awareness and transformations. These enable students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for personal, psychological and spiritual development and growth. These assist students achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their lives and organisations, provide leadership and service to their communities, and live with meaning and purpose.

Education, Vocational Training and Support 

Developing Yoga and Meditation Teachers and Ayurvedic Practitioners of the future is central to our strategic vision. 
Health Institute Australia provides a clear career pathway to produce Yoga Teachers, Meditation Instructors and Ayurvedic Practitioners whose talents and abilities are in demand throughout Australia and internationally.
Vocationally, HIA offers international and Australian students fully accredited courses for careers in health, in the growing fields of Yoga Teacher Training and Meditation, and in the ancient medical science of Ayurveda. These create futures, transform lives and empower individuals. Heal yourself, heal the world with organically grown and ethically wild crafted herbal supplements.
We offer industry-focused training programs, as well as masterclasses, workshops, and a regular Yoga school. All programs are supervised by Shanti Gowans and supported by our highly-acclaimed coaching team. Entry into the Academy is by Application for Enrolment, ensuring a learning environment committed to academic excellence.
HIA is a world leader in mind-body wisdom. It provides tools that will provide you the opportunity to advance your career and pursue fulfilling work that makes the world a better place. HIA offers diverse, innovative, multi-disciplinary education starting with a relevant, leading-edge curriculum, within a comprehensive grouping that includes Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Vedanta, Sanskrit, Culture, Dance, Drama, Music, Art, Comparative Philosophy, Personal Development, Culinary Arts, Massage and Body Work and much more in their application to health and human performance. It also offers clinical healing practices, publications, recordings, and other items to support students, with practices that inspire an integrated approach to wellness, enlightened, personal growth and social change, corporate and organisational wellness, and a global community. 
Government recognised, leading-edge Certification, Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs within the fields of Healing and Spirituality.
National accredited qualifications can be gained through part-time and full-time training. Full-time courses are Austudy and Youth Allowance eligible. Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses are currently available. Course curriculum is changed periodically to reflect the changing needs of the profession, to retain leadership in academic standards and to fulfill the changing needs of the end user in the world. 
Let us tell you what you won't experience in our courses:
- Your money wasted on one-size fits all training. We allow for uniqueness.
- A demanding class schedule that you can't work around. We understand flexibility.
- Outdated textbooks giving you information that hasn't changed. We are contemporary.
- A promise that you will make 'millions while doing nothing'. We live with pure integrity.
- No support from existing teachers when you don't understand everything the first time. We nurture and help heal weak links.
Dedicated to preserving the world's traditional medical systems, The Health Institute Australia promotes health and spiritual inquiry through education, training and practice. This transformative education is rooted in traditional knowledge from the world's oldest medical systems, as well as current and conventional approaches that foster a new vision of healthcare. The Health Institute Australia brings the teachings and wisdom of local and international teachers to the Gold Coast community and provides a forum for the exploration of themes related to health, spiritual inquiry and human development. 
HIA's events, programs, short courses, government accredited training courses, ceremonies, conferences, seminars and workshops are conducted regularly and on-goingly in the beautiful and sunny Gold Coast at the Health Institute Australia and Shanti Yoga Centre in Southport, and also at Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary in Beechmont. 
Shanti Gowans and associates, including graduates, senior students and specialist consultants also deliver programs, training and workshops in Melbourne, Sydney, Mullumbimby, Canberra and Brisbane. Courses for international students are only offered on the Gold Coast. 

New Vision for Health, Harmony, Wellbeing and Living

Health is a state of optimal physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing, not merely the absence of pain and disease. Regeneration is the process of bringing us to a state where an underlying sense of order seems to prevail and we feel a sense of calm abiding and love for everything around us. In short, we feel free. It is a process called Yoga
Enlist with Health Institute Australia for a career in which you can be healthy, teach others to do the same, pursue your spiritual yearnings and earn a living. We welcome you to an outstanding way of natural health, vitality and peace of mind. As modern day health professionals, we know that there's a difference between 'not being sick' and being 'well'. The vision of Health Institute Australia is to transform today's healthcare, from being rooted in disease management, to one that is based on wellness. Come and reconstruct a new future for the world and yourself.
Education and practices at Health Institute Australia empower individuals to recognise their own abilities and responsibility in healing themselves, personal transformation which leads to empowering others, and eventually, global transformation.
Health Institute Australia's emphasis on practicum provides the foundations upon which to build your experience. Lectures and tutorials are your main point of academic guidance. Lectures provide a guide to the subject matter and set out the foundations upon which you can build your knowledge. Tutorials give you the opportunity to develop themes or discuss problems, usually on the basis of written work, or in the case of yoga, on the mat, with the tutor providing a key link between you and the course work. Your own private study is also acknowledged as a major element to your learning. Most final assessments involve a combination of work submitted during the year (tutorial and project work, essays and practical work) and end-of-term and end-of-year assessments.
Health Institute Australia is a community of people. Health Institute Australia maintains a supportive work environment that fosters a community of teachers, students and the general public. We have established a thriving learning centre where students can study, have a healthy meal, attend a yoga, meditation and Indian dance class, practice their skills and receive dietary, lifestyle, personal and spiritual growth advice, natural medicines and treatments - all within campus. You'll be inspired by a community of individuals, who are ignited by an equal passion for the possible. And you may find that forging friendships with like-minded people from around the world can be one of the most transformative aspects of the course. 
Our students are supported during and after studies with opportunities to 'live the wholesome life' at Nirvana Wellness Retreat. Our focus is to continually improve our education and healing focus and status within the industry. 
Located in the beautiful and sunny Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, at Health Institute, Australia’s leading Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga education centre, you will work and study alongside a passionate and wholly committed team who demonstrate a willingness to provide significant leadership in educational, healing and spiritual well-being that helps people enhance lives. Whilst we have luminaries, swamis, teachers and Ayurvedic doctors from India who deliver courses and workshops, the grounding and training we offer is so excellent that we proudly employ graduates from our own courses to deliver our tutorials, lectures and training. 
Why study with us:  Heal yourself, heal the world
  • Government recognised college
  • Government accredited courses
  • Students are able to receive Austudy payments to do our courses
  • Overseas student can obtain visas to study with us on the Gold Coast
  • Practicum and clinic hours are included in our course fees
  • Text books and Manuals for our courses are included in our course fees
  • Residential retreats so that you can live the wholesome life and learn 
  • Correspondance courses: Free to study at your own pace, in your own time. 
  • Either pay up front, or pay as you go, easy monthly payments
  • We have core values and honour the divine in everything
  • Our mission is to help people
  • We practice what we preach
  • We over deliver
  • You will enjoy yourself. We make it enjoyable.
  • We simplify so that you benefit from a happier, healthier life.
Just learn the Truth. Approach a guru with humility. Inquire from them submissively and render service. The self-realised can impart transcendental knowledge for they have seen reality.
                                                                                                               Bhagavad Gita 4:34
Health Institute Australia gives you all the tools, guidance and support you'll need to fully integrate your supreme destiny into every aspect of your life. And you'll discover how to gain greater confidence in your creative powers and intuitive abilities, so no obstacles can prevent you from realising your highest purpose.
Time is fleeting. You don’t get time back. You can’t create any more of it. What we’re doing now, and how we’re doing it, is constant evolving. Don’t take what’s currently available for granted. You might never get a second chance. Seize the moment. One minute you have all the time in the world and the next you realise you’re not quite where you thought you’d be by now, a little disappointed and bewildered by the lighting-quick passage of time especially when its years or decades that have flown by.
Gone are the days of doing what everyone else does, and taking a share of the pie. Without engaging in deliberate and meaningful practice and discipline, you end up putting in longer and longer hours for diminishing results. This can become a never-ending, vicious, downward cycle which consumes and destroys. Chances are you end up living week-to-week, month-to-month. You need a mentor who’s been there to show you the way to the podium. Today’s environments are too competitive and cut throat to just ‘wing it’. Proven, tried and tested strategies are a must.
When you are master of your own destiny, you live a life by design rather than by default, and with peace and tranquility that make the journey so much more enjoyable and rewarding. Because life is to be lived to the fullest, it is up to you to define what you want to live ‘for’ that will give you the drive and determination to make things happen so you can leave a legacy behind that caters for your family and your other altruistic interests.
We know that you will find something within our range of offerings that will spark your interest, whether it be to enhance your personal growth, health and life or something that can change your career. We are delighted to celebrate 40+ years of educating people far and wide with our quality courses. 
Every person has a different journey to follow in life - so do you. Interests and ways of development vary. We have welcomed students through out doors since 1972, and today hold the status as the number one place to study Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. Many of our students study with us on and off throughout their entire lives. 
We continually improve our Certification programs in our commitment to bring the highest calibre of academic excellence in Vedic education , as well as add to the number of short programs and local events offered to our alumni.

Built on-goingly over four decades, the Institute is an acknowledged leading global hub of excellence and experiential learning and immersion retreats. Practice of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda with us does not require scholarly study. It is built on a strong devotion to the experiential traditions of wisdom, love and realisation together with the confidence to look at your own mind and experience its nakedness. Yet, you will find that your study with us extremely transformative because it is both fluid and yet based on an organised and systematic program of practice and study. The Institute also has an outstanding publication record, strong academic and research credentials, and an international reputation for the inspiration, quality and breadth of its teaching.

If you are passionate about sharing your love of studying Yoga, and or Ayurveda, email shanti@shantiyoga.com.au to lern about our Ambassador program, a unique opportunity for our alumni to receive special discounts on progrfams for referrals.


Number One Recommendation

The consistent, high calibre of education and quality of experience from your study will surpass your expectations. Our programs are known for their comprehensive curriculum that far surpasses the standards set by Yoga Teachers Associations and International Associations. Our long standing reputation as one of the country's most reputable yoga, ayurveda and meditation centre is consistently reaffirmed by Australia's practitioner population, which considers us the number one recommendation.

Offering education, sanctuary, healing, community and opportunities

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