Introduction to the Gold Coast in the State of Queensland

Health Institute Australia has its main training campus, Shanti College, located
in two centres at Southport, on the Gold Coast, and its 70-acre ecological retreat campus, Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary, in the hinterland.
The Gold Coast is Australia’s major tourist holiday destination, providing both the surf and golden, sandy beaches and the rainforest's green behind the gold. Southport is the main business district for the Gold Coast, and is only minutes away from beaches, shops, cafes and entertainment. 
Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary, 35 minutes from Southport in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland, is nestled within mountains at Beechmont.
126 Scarborough St, Southport. Queensland, Australia 4215.

87 Binnaburra Rd, Beechmont, Queensland. Australia


Shanti College, the administration and main training premises of Health Institute Australia,
is close to public transport and has a bus stop a few metres from the front entrance. It includes a shop, reception and office area, the intimate, Buddha lounge, library, student kitcehenette with tea making facilities, and toilets. Air-conditioned/heated lecture rooms are equipped with audio-visual equipment and wifi facilities.  The large yoga and dance studio is also centrally heated and air-conditioned, with natural bamboo timber flooring, and provides mats, blankets, cushions and bolsters and yoga props, such as straps, blocks and so on.

Participants have available for their use:
•    Specialist Yoga and Ayuredic library
•    Quiet space for study and small group meetings
•    Texts, videos and other course related material
•    Clinical environment
•    Photocopying and printing facilities for course related material

Nearby Facilities
The Gold Coast hospital and chemist are in the neighbourhod. A church, the post office and cafes, are a minutes walk. Within 5 minutes walking distance of the Institute are restaurants, the main Council library for the Gold Coast City (free use), supermarkets and shops. Different styles of accommodation including camping parks, back packers, apartments and motels are all around. Bond and Griffith University libraries are accessible by bus. The bus stop is outside.
Vegetarian-vegan meals
Students can take advantage of the freshly prepared, vegetarian, lunchbox meals available Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. Also available are take-home frozen, vegetarian meals including breakfasts and soups. Student fee of $12 or $8 for a frozen meal applies.    
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