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The Health Institute Australia was founded with an ambitious goal to create the highest level of personal development, self-healing, health and professional training programs in the world through its Yoga Teacher Training and Ayurvedic Practitioner programs. The focus has been on turning passionate students into effective teachers and practitioners. Each qualification, Cert IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma is 600 hours face-to-face learning, which means that HIA Advanced Diploma students would have graduated with a robust 1800 hours of training. In this pursuit, our purpose built Nirvana Wellness Retreat Sanctuary supports live-in, residential, week-end training. 



Q: Can any yoga school or teacher deliver a Certificate or Diploma for Yoga teachers?

A: No. Here is what is required:

1. The Qualifications for Teacher Training
Qualifications such as Certificate 1,2,3,4, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, Doctor are Australian government protected words to indicate a certain standard of educational qualification, equal for all training. It is illegal to offer such qualifications unless registered with the government. Providers of such qualifications have had to provide initial and then ongoing rigorous evidence of educational, ethical, academic and business standards. When accepted they are granted registration numbers and listed on the Government website for all to see. A standardisation process, such as one that has had this scrutiny allows you and your qualification national recognition, across any field or industry.  
Within the yoga fraternity there are a few teachers and organisations claiming to offer such qualifications, without being government accredited. They are in breach of the law, and in breach of yamas and niyamas, the universal ethical principles upon which yoga is based. At the end of the day, these qualifications are not bone fide. One would generally not expect yoga people to be dishonest. This jeapodises the credibility of all yoga providers and places the profession in disrepute. This also provides fuel and ammunition for those who are vocal, anit-yoga detractors.
This can happen because there are currently no regulations or licensing requirements to teach yoga anywhere. Popular yoga associations provide membership to yoga teachers and schools, for an appropriate fee, to those who comply with their rules. However, these associations have often been initiated, run and supported by those teachers who who seek validation for their classes and courses without appropriate training and qualifications themselves. Additionally, break-away associations that have spring up glean many members from bona fide associations who have strict requirements for full teaching memberships. Various schools and institutes provide "certification" to students who have completed their yoga training programs.
However, the requirements for certification rest solely with each individual yoga school and individual yoga teachers, and may or may not meet the same standards required by another school or yoga association, and are not necessarily in par with an equivalent educational qualification in other disciplines outside yoga. Yoga, on the other hand, is a different 
Health Institute Australia (HIA) offers nationally recognised courses that match industry standards and are suitable for articulation in higher education. 
2. Registered Training Organisation, R.T.O.
RTO stands for a Registered Training Organisation, which is by definition, an Australian Government recognised college. It protects the fair rights of students, such as student fees, disputes, refunds etc. Additionally students are eligible for government funding and support, such as austudy, rent assistance etc. 
The Health Institute is a government registered training organisation no. 30834
3. The Trainers
The trainer must be qualified by having at least done the course itself or equivalent, also from a government recognised training organisation. This must be documented and certified. 
All our trainers for yoga and ayurveda have done our courses. 
Additionally HIA has visiting Ayurvedic doctors, who have completed their training in India to deliver our courses. 
4. The Course itself
To be registered, the course must be submitted for scrutiny and approval, or it can be purchased from another RTO in the Yoga industry who has met the critea for approval of their course/s. 
The courses in Ayurveda are set out by the Australian Government in the Health Training Package. Ours, like any other College has to follow this criteria.
Yoga, on the other hand, is a completely different ball game. Shanti Gowans has written the Yoga courses that have been accredited by the government.  If you love your yoga, you will appreciate what a dis-service it is to our industry and profession when vocational "Yoga" qualifications are offered opportunistically, and dishonestly slip under the radar as fitness, martial arts, dance, massage or even Ayurveda, whilst fully acknowledging that some of these activities could be of interest and complimentary to yoga.
HIA accredited course codes for Yoga are:
Certificate IV in Yoga for Life (Accredited Code: 10553NAT)
Diploma of Yoga Teaching and Life Skills (Accredited Code: 10554NAT)
Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching and Leadership (Accredited Code: 10555NAT)
HIA courses and resources are value packed. They have been written by yoga professionals and contextualised for ultimate relevance. They have been tried, tested and refined and are currently, successfully implemented at all Shanti Yoga centres. They can be stand alone, or nestled; build progressively and are updated and augmented on-goingly. Small groups are more cohesive and supportive for study. At your training, the student-teacher ratio is high, so students receive quality, personalised attention. You also get to know your fellow trainees well. 

5. The Facilities

The facilities of an RTO are also scrutinised. The big advantage of having our dedicated training facilities is that everything is designed to complement living ayurveda and yoga, both in town and at our retreat sanctuary. Everything is conducive to the study and practice of yoga and ayurveda. 
6. The Assessor
The assessor must have current qualifications in Cert IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Yoga or Ayurveda and qualifications in workplace and assessment and training to be capable of assessing and qualifying the students at that particular level.
All our assessors have these qualifications.
7. Industry Recognition
Industry recognition in Yoga is usually provided from a yoga association, and Ayurveda from Ayurvedic and other health associations. Membership in these associations remain voluntary. In the interest of self regulating the industry, some yoga associations register teacher training courses and providers for a higher fee than regular membership fees. This does not mean that their students get the same protection and benefits as they do from government registered training college, such as ours. 
Our association is Shanti Yoga Teacher's Association (SYTA)
Shanti Yoga teachers instruct yoga along the methods set forth by Shanti Gowans. They demonstrate a commitment to maintaining the purity, excellence and high standards, without mixing in other styles or disciplines. They maintain a regular, personal practice, continue their training with senior teachers or by travelling to the Shanti Yoga Health Institute on the Gold Coast in Australia. Students can be confident of the quality, authenticity and safety of the yoga being taught.


8. Overseas Students
Further registration and strict rules apply to supply overseas students because such registration enables the organisation to issue Australian government student visas for the intending student. Educational Institutions which provide courses for international students are legally required to register on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) and to comply with the Educational services for Overseas Students Act (ESOS), which is principally designed as consumer protection for overseas students. The Health Institute offers overseas students study for upto three years for both qualifications, Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda and Advanced Diploma in Yoga Courses 
The Health Institute Cricos Provider code is: 03098E

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