Do you like to travel? Would you like the opportunity to travel and earn some monmey doing what you love? India is becoming increasingly popular as a travel destination. Tour India provides Yoga Teachers (and others) with a means of furthering their understanding of Yoga by travelling to India, the homeland where yoga originated, an opportunity for a closer comaradere with their students, families and friends. together with an attractive incentive. 
Whilst we are on the home run to fully iron out the glitches on the Shanti Yoga website and launch it officially, all the ducks are in place, and if you go to the Shanti Yoga website, under the main  “Tour India” button, in the pull down menu, you will find 9 tours. However, our server’s email has just been hacked, so we are employing a temporary solution for sending emails (from my end), till this is fixed.
On offer, is an ad hoc opportunity to:

1.    Promote tours to India to individuals.

- Individuals can travel as a couple, friends, or even in small groups.
- The travellers will decide on a date which suits them.
- They will be met upon arrival into India, and fully escorted to their hotel.
- They will have English speaking guides.
- For every person you enlist who travels, you will get paid 10%.

2.    Promote and take group tours to India as a tour leader

If you are able to get 10 people to travel on the same tour,
- For every person you enlist who travels, you will get paid 10%.
- You will receive the tour free of charge.
It should not be difficult to get 10 people
Most people like to travel with a friend they know.
So you might just need 5 contacts, and they will bring their friend or partner.
You can make up a contact list and email them an invitation to travel with you.

You can decide the departure date from your city, and travel together with your group. In which case, you can look for a budget carrier,  and flights that suit your schedule and life. However, be mindful of the best time to visit.
Or you can decide the arrival date in India, and your group may join you from wherever they live, which could be mixed departures from various cities, and could consist of your family, friends and students, teachers and whoever to join you in India.

In a nutshell, these tours are:inclusive of
• Accommodation
• All breakfasts and dinners
• Meet and drop off at airports
• Land costs
• Sightseeing, entrance fees and guides
• Valid visa is required for travel to India. This can be done on line.
• Deposit of $1000 per pax is needed for confirmation, together with passport details
• Full payment required 30 days prior to departure.
• Tour India” is open to the worldwide traveller, hence all quotes are in US dollars. 

NAME OF TOUR                                                               DURATION     TWIN SHARE/SINGLE
Himalayas and the Ganges at Varanasi                             7 days             $1960         $2744
Golden Triangle                                                                  9 days             $2520         $3528
Kerala, God’s own country, 9 days                                     9 days             $2520        $3920
Wellness in colourful Rajasthan’s Forts, Palaces, Castles 9 days             $2520         $3528
Heritage Tour of India                                                        10 days             $2800        $3920
Yoga and Hiking in incredible Bhutan                                11 days             $3300        $4620
Grand Heritage India with Tiger Safari                              15 days             $4200        $5880
India Forever                                                                      15 days             $4200        $5880
Kerala, God’s own country, 15 days                                    16 days            $4480        $6272

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