Specialty Ayurvedic Treatments
Ayuredic treatments and services, derived from the wisdom healing tradition of India are designed to help loosen toxins in the body and release excesses. The goal in all the treatments is to restore balance and reestablish calm and harmony. They are deeply cleansing and purifying to the mind, body, and soul. 




(Warm oil streamed over the forehead) 

for mental clarity and relaxation

Duration: 45min

Fee: $220

Shirodhara is a deeply relaxing treatment using warm soothing, herbal oils, buttermilk or milk poured in a gentle stream over the forehead. This procedure synchronises brain waves and profoundly coordinates and calms the mind, body, and spirit. Shirodhara enhances blood circulation to the brain, improves memory, nourishes the hair and scalp, and generally aids in the release of stress and tension. 
Indian scalp massage, foot massage and shampoo/conditioning treatment included.

Due to the fast paced world we move away from ourselves and accumulate large amounts of stress, anxiety and negative energy. After Shirodhara a person directs the attention to their inner strength, calming the mind and facing the mental and emotional blocks.

This treatment provides a very relaxing effect, decreasing mental and physical tension and brings the body back into balance.

Continuous streaming of warm oil over the forehead, acting on the area where there is prana vata, pituitary, central nervous system and agja chakra (third eye). The treatment lasts 45 minutes in total, and the oil that is used depends on client medical predispositions. The process uses a special device Dhara Patra, a vessel with a valve that regulates the oil stream.

For best results we recommend a series of 6 shirodhara treatments consecutively. This treatment is the right choice for people who are constantly tense, don’t get enough sleep and have stressful jobs.


  • Calms subtle aspects of all Doshas
  • Nourishes the nervous system
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Relaxes the body and psyche
  • Improves mental clarity and reason
  • It works on all levels of human
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves heart function, brain and bladder

Treatment can be a primary therapy or be a complement to other therapies for specific disorders.


Lower back treatment, kati basti

Duration: 45 min

Fee: $175

Kati Basti is an authentic traditional treatment for relieving fatigue in the lower back, corrects imbalances in posture and reduces tension caused by inertia of the body. Pooling of warm, medicated Ayurvedic oil on the lower back relieves muscle spasm and pain, lower spine rigidity, improves circulation to the pelvis and lower limbs, and strengthens the bone tissues of the lower back.
Dhara and Basti treatments incorporate the application of heated oil to a specific area of the body in order to relieve musculoskeletal problems, sciatica, prolapsed discs, stiff necks, frozen shoulders, dislocations and back pain. They are usually a series of treatments that penetrate into the tissues and muscles, creating instant lubrication and softening of the muscles. These treatments assist cells to recall their healthy memory and are very effective in chronic cases where other programs have not produced satisfactory results.

Sedentary lifestyle is the cause of back pain syndromes, usually located in the lower part of the lumbosacral spine.

Mixture of Ayurvedic oil is maintained at a certain temperature in order to prolong the effect of the painful points on the body. Once the oil is removed, gentle massage of Marma points around the painful areas relieves tension and slowly recovers strained and sore ligaments and tendons.

This procedure helps the oil to penetrate deeper into the tissue and soften stiff and tight muscles. The treatment can be performed on the neck, abdomen, knees, and the areas of heart and eyes.


  • Beneficial for muscle spasms and rigidity
  • Strengthens bone tissue
  • Reduces acute and chronic back pain
  • Relieves pain from neck injury
  • Beneficial for sciatica
  • Reduces tension and pain in the shoulders.
Steam treatment with herb bundle, pinda sweda

Duration: 45 min

Fee: $220 

A nourishing treatment where oil is applied to the body or affected areas and driven through the pores of the skin to help it reach deeper levels via a herb filled bundle. It balances the doshas, stimulates the marma points, eliminates toxins from the joints and improves their mobility, improves muscle tone and reduces toxins without catabolic effects. Excellent in conditions such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis, paralysis, heart diseases, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and extreme degenerative diseases.
Therapeutic sweating with medicated rice bundle, navarakizhi

Duration: 45 min

Fee: $220

Navarakizhi is a perspiration-triggering body scrub. What makes this treatment different is the use of medicated herbal rice soaked in natural herbs and oils, steamed to cook, and the resulting fragrant mixture is then contained in puffy muslin tea bags.

The procedure in navarakizhi is a two-step process: specially-applied oil is first slathered all over the body, after which the muslin tea bags are used to 'pound' the body, with extra focus in areas where marma (nerve points) reside. Navarakizhi is extremely effective against rheumatism, joint and muscle pains, back pains (e.g. sciatica, slipped discs), high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and sexual problems such as and menstruation, infertility and nervous weaknesses. It may also get rid of certain skin problems.
Dry herbal powder massage (to improve the flow of lymph), Udwarthana 

Duration: 40 min

Fee: $300

A deep, dry massage using herbal powders which stimulate the hair follicles assisting to break down the body's excess subcutaneous fat. This massage aims to address obesity and mobilises toxins. Beneficial for firming and toning.

Udwarthanam is a traditional Indian massage performed by two therapists, and is based on rubbing the powder, not the oil, through the skin pores in coordinated rhythmic movement with direct impact to the lymphatic system.

This treatment incorporates gentle movements that achieve improved circulation and blood circulation in the organs and also calms the body and boosts energy.

Udwarthanam means to raise or promote. The name can be attributed to the ability of treatment to improve the well-being or actions that are directed to the upper part of the body, which are used in this massage, unlike other Ayurveda treatments. Udwarthanam is full body massage that empowers and that is why we recommend it to everyone in everyday life, that lack energy, have trouble sleeping or constant tiredness.

Depending on possible problems with the recipient massages, powder ingredients are changing. The powder is rubbed briskly into the whole body for 40 minutes and to remove dead cells from the skin’s surface, which becomes soft, smooth and elastic.


  • Detoxification
  • The elimination of excess water and harmful substances from the body
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduction or cellulite removal
  • Body Sculpting
  • Reducing the volume of the body
  • Skin Softening
  • Improves skin tone
Cocoon body envelopment dry heat steam treatment

Duration: 20 min

Fee: $95

Burning fat has never been so hot!
The ultimate in detoxification and inch loss. Cocooned in a thermal blanket the heat increases the therapeutic effects by stimulating the body 's lymphatic system to remove congestion and stagnation from within the body to expel toxins gently through the pores of the skin, which leads to increased circulation, detoxification and inchloss.
Highly effective and secure scientific method for inchloss or body-shaping. The FIR Thermal Energy Blanket is highly effective as a source of healing that may help to improve circulation, cardiovascular and immune systems. More effective than a traditional sauna, the infrared heat penetration goes twice as deep, getting at toxins and cellulite that are trapped in pockets below the skin.
Oil or herbal enema, sheha/kshaya basti

Duration: 20 min

Fee: $120

Oil or herbal decoction enemas are used to access the intestines and stimulate peristalsis which in turn moves waste products through the the large intestines and out of the body. Oil enema relieves disorders such as constipation, flatulence, lower back ache, gout, rheumatism, hemroids together with flushing out toxins. Herbal decoction additionally rebuilds the tissues of the body, strengthening their function and restoring the body's immunity. When the digestive tract is thus cleansed, the metabolism of the individual is increased, which assists in healthy weight management.



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