The Art and Science of Meditation, level 4

The Leaders Path

Personal and emotional development
Facilitating Meditation practice with others. Archarya
The Way of Mindfulness
    Significance, Methods and Aims

The Scientific Value of Mindfulness
    The potential to explore the use of Mindfulness
    Mindfulness as part of Psychotherapy

Culture of the Mind
    The Mechanism of Attachment
    The Mechanism of Perception
    Thoughts are not Realtity
    Make your Mind an Ocean
    Universal Love
The Eastern Contribution to the Mechanism of Existence
    The Motivation behind the Models
    The True Source of Happiness

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy
    The mind-body problem
    The significance of subjective experience
    Buddhist and Western Concepts of Mental Disorders
    The Way Awareness heals
    Becoming your own Therapist

Making Life Meaningful
    The Mechanisms of Ordinary Life
    Self Image
    Behaviour and the Inner Process
    It’s the Way Life is Lived that is Suffering

Therapeutic Elements
    The Structured Context
    Therapeutic Relationship
    Getting to the Root
    Denial and Acceptance
    Different Views without Conflict


The Art and Science of Meditation, level 5

Meditation Master's Course

  • Eternal values for a changing society: From confusion to awakening
  • Distinguishing consciousness from wisdom
  • One river, many wells: The profound inner reality
  • Consciousness, wisdom and buddha nature
  • Embodied Presence
  • Enlightened wisdom, the essential nature of mundane consciousness 
  • Enlightened leadership. Teachings on enlightened leadership to face the world's challenges.
  • The Heart Sutra - the wisdom at the heart of everything
  • The Diamond Sutra - indestructible purity and the path of purification
  • Mahamudra - the great seal
  • Vipassana - insight meditation


  • Mantra: Sacred Sounds of Power. Creating the vibration for optimal success and happiness.
  • Vibration: the Essence of the Universe. Entrainment with vibrations for optimal success and happiness.
  • Emotions, Prana and the Energy Body
  • Chakras - power centres of a complex energetic database
  • Raising Energy, Raising Consciousness - Kundalini Shakti
  • The path of fire, light, sound and paranormal powers
  • The Seven stages of psychospiritual growth through Yoga
  • The road to Nirvana
  • Maha Mudra and developing the witnessing consciousness - a silent mind doesn't ask anything at all.

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