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Become a Certified Meditation Teacher

Opportunity. Breakthrough. Awakening. Transformation. A Life with Meaning

This training is for you, if you are seeking:
• Enlightenment
• Peace of mind and wellbeing
• A life infused with more space, awakening and creativity
• To optimally serve your growth and
make your work in the world more meaningful
• Share it with others
Meditation is the practice of direct awakening.

The stress of modern living is ever increasing. There seems to be so much pressure on us, even when we're doing things that are supposed to be fun, such as leisure activities and sports. Additionally, the cost of living is skyrocketing. This is piling on debt, insecurity and stress on so many of us. This kind of stress can have many negative health consequences, including an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, because when we experience stress, the body thinks it's coming from something that poses a threat to our survival, thus it releases the stress horomones adrenaline and cortisol. The problem is that our bodies are designed for stresses that pass quickly. Then we release DHEA which helps us recover. But with financial stress, anxiety, isolation, worry and stress that is constant and chronic, stress goes on and on, and unless you do something about it, it doesn't go away. This means that you need something to help with the stress first, so that you can cope with the financial stress and other issues with a clear mind. Your mind plays an important part. You mental attitude will protect you. Studies show that what you choose to do about stress can also help you live longer and stay disease-free. It is no wonder then, that we seek a life infused with more creativity and inner peace.

Meditation is a path to freedom from suffering that originates in the addictive quality of the mind and our habitual tendency to grasp at pleasure and push away pain. All addictions stem from these roots. The Pure Shanti meditation path offers a spiritual and psychological process of transformation that has proven to be an effective treatment for our human addiction to thinking and the suffering created with the mind. It is one of the most potent tools available for recovering our original wholeness, or God space, the Atman/Brahman project, our Buddha nature. It's all the play of Consciousness. Life itself is the play of consciousness. Consciousness, not matter, is the raw material of the universe. To embrace consciousness fully, is to enable yourself to find fulfilment. The degree of fulfilment you have in your life is an exact match to the amount of consciousness you can access. When you raise and expand your consciousness, then you increase your fulfilment.

Raising consciousness awakens the most marvellous higher faculties of your mind, and your life will respond accordingly. Human life presents an opportunity to have something to do, a mission to fulfil. The measure in which we avoid doing something with our lives is matched in the same degree by a feeling of emptiness. Satisfaction arises from dedicating ourselves to something and doing the best we can to succeed at that choice. If you have this attitude and dedicate yourself to something, then you will increase your consciousness.

So often, with shorter class series, there comes a point where the training offered can exceed the meditation skills of the student, and the instruction becomes a seed for later exploration. This is it. With these ten-month intensives, the meditator will be able to develop the skills needed to directly experience the insight offered as we move through the curriculum. Discover how you can awaken, deepen, raise your consciousness, heal and teach meditation and mindfulness in schools, corporate settings and health centres. Whether you already have an extablished practice or are just beginning, you can benefit. This professional certification program offers a high degree of specialised training in the skills, knowledge and practice necessary to teach a powerful meditation program that anyone can learn.  You can become the inspirational teacher, effective educator and trusted mentor, who teaches scientifically proven, time-tested meditation. With this training you can help your students, family, clients and patients discover newfound strength, creativity, inner peace, and greater well-being in their everyday lives.

Take this opportunity to learn and practice meditation, oriented toward breaking free of habitual reactive patterns. Come find a secure inner refuge from addiction and the suffering it causes. Enjoy the benefits of diving deep into your own personal practice, while learning to teach meditation.

Each certification program is a yearlong journey and includes 200 hours of deep practice and study. Spend a weekend (five in total), every other month and 10 days over Easter, with a small group of intrepid explorers, stepping out together, beyond the edge of the known and into the dance of consciousness. From thjis vantage point, we will look back at the world as it is, re-envision it as it could be, and explore ways of being that can bring this vision to life. You will be joining a living sangha (spiritual collective) that is nurtured through our bi-monthly gatherings at Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary and at The Shanti Centre on the Gold Coast. These, which form the bedrock of your intensive practice, together with you daily practice of simple, easy, every day meditation, will equip you to sow the seeds of peace throughout your community. Practice teaching is mentored by Shanti Gowans.


Peace on Earth through Peace of Mind and Hearts.


  • To support both the general public and healthcare professionals in their quest for meaning, purpose and fulfilment by enabling partitioners create a gap in their narrative about self and the world, allowing for a clearer and more compassionate perspective, leading to a gentler life.
  • To empower participants by awakening them to their individual potentials, freedom of choice and a vision of wisdom and compassion and their own true cosmic nature.
  • To help participants build confidence in their discriminative capacity through daily exercise of conscious attention to the thought process and contemplation of their personal experiences.
  • To help participants embrace those values that have the power to protect, uphold and transform the individual and society.
  • To help participants understand and implement these values through regular, systematic practice of meditation and the sciences of yoga and ayurveda in their daily lives.
  • To help participants understand and appreciate that these same values are also found within their own spiritual traditions.
  • To build recognition of, and respect for this teaching in the minds of the general public.
  • To encourage The Health Institute Australia's administrators, teachers and staff to grow and mature personally in order to serve as an example of this vision.
  • To encourage world peace through personal change.


Overview of the Program


Integrating Spirituality and Science

Comprehensive training in four parts. With personal instruction and guidance from Shanti Gowans, founder and CEO of the Health Institute Australia, this compelling program guides you to dive deep within and endeavours to cut through the time spent on a long search before you begin a meaningful and sustainable meditation practice. 
The program provides a sound direction for simple, sustainable yet transformative meditation, whereby everything in life is a 'go to' for spirituality, and where you will learn to find your answers - for the mundane as much as for the meaningful. It offers the world's most effective holistic mind-body practices in a system that unites the inherent healing power of the mind, body and spirit in a way that will positively impact every aspect of your life, boost your immune system and end stress. 
It's a personal transformational program whereby you can turn your life around 180 degrees for the better. Meditation makes you feel calm, yet energises. You cast off unnecessary baggage, eliminate struggle, activate your inner strength, and realise your aspirations. You sleep better and experience freedom and happiness. This course will be a pivotal moment in your life.
Our rationale for this training is based on the knowledge that everyone has the innate capacity for Self-realisation, and for enhancing their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being through the deepening practices of Meditation. Integral wisdom of the East and West, with flavours from the spiritual teachings of the Vedas, Tantras, Buddhism, Jainism, Raja, Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yoga enhance this perspective. 
Important supplementary components include: integrating the healing of gentle yoga, nutrition, breath work, the company of like-minded people, spaciousness and nature. The marriage of wisdom and compassion takes place through the practice of meditation, hearing and study, reflection and critical analysis. 
Training Path Outline 
and to become a Meditation Teacher
Develop your own regular, deep meditation practice
and discover how to become the master of your mind and emotions.
Optimise the energetic state of consciousness.
Choose appropriate Meditation, Pranayama and Relaxation techniques 
for group meditation
If you’ve been on a spiritual search in your life at all, you probably know how important regular spiritual practice is for true transformation. Aristotle said it simply over 2,300 years ago: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Thus, beyond spiritual ideas and experiences, the one thing that is essential for our personal and collective evolution is an authentic transformative practice. This allows you to truly be able to taste the fruits of spirituality in your daily life, and to transcend your ego. 
If you’ve had glimpses of that kind of connectedness and transcendence, then you probably yearn more than ever to live a fully awakened life. But if you’re like most people in the modern world, other 'things' always seem to be getting in the way of you actually having time to focus on your practice consistently, even though you know how important it is. Whether it’s your job, your romantic relationship, your children, your friends, your hobbies, or simply dealing with any of life’s countless little challenges, in one way or another, you always seem to be getting blocked, sabotaged, or led astray from your intention to practice. That’s why we're so glad to be able to offer you today powerful, inspiring, and life-affirming dedicated practice time with meditation master and visionary, Shanti Gowans.
You will embark upon very specific training. First you will incorporate breathing and relaxation to learn how to observe your thoughts, and use the breath to relax your mind and body thoroughly. You will begin to see positive, measurable results from the very first step. From this point of stillness you begin open your heart and emotions and befriend your ego. Guided meditation and inspirational teachings assist you to transform the patterns in your thoughts, emotions and state of mind as profound changes begin to take hold. With the mastery of deep contemplative practice, you will also notice yourself mastering life skills and challenges.
The Meditation Training Programme is a personal transformation program that is conducted in 5 parts. These are:
                   Finding Peace in Daily Life.
                   Mindfulness, the art of conscious living. 
                   Finding Peace in the World
                   Making Peace with Yourself and Others.
                   Meditation for Health, Wellbeing, Self Care and Personal Development
                   Meditation in the Art of Healing
                   The powerful journey of transformation in the art of healing
                   Expanding consciousness in health care, Vaidya
                    Personal and emotional development.
                    Facilitating Meditation practice with others. Archarya 
                     Meditation Masters Training, Maharishi
Each part is fully residential, and consists of 200 hours of face-to-face study and practice in residence a year. This is conducted during five silent, weekend, residential retreats, from Friday evening to Sunday after lunch, held every 2nd month, and one 10-day residential retreat.
The venue is Nirvana Wellness Retreat, Beechmont, S.E.Queensland, Australia. Accommodation is twin-share or single room (extra fee applies for upgrade), with delicious, healthy, Ayurvedic, vegetarian meals. 
Program Components
The Course includes face-to-face instruction, mentored, supervised meditation practice, and related activities. 20 hours per weekend (Friday- Sun) is allocated towards course hours. Course components include:
  • Meditation. Systematic procedure and practice whereby you learn to diminish distractions, train in one-pointed attention, use meditation skills throughout the day and build focus, fearlessness and strength. Practices include:
    • deep, conscious breathing to help your body deal with stressful times
    • mindfulness practices
    • heart centred meditation
    • self-inquiry practices
    • body and breath awareness
    • mantra meditation
    • loving kindness meditation
    • gratitude meditation
    • vipassana, and more.
  • Vedic Science, Yoga Science and Buddhist Psychology. Discourses on how the mind/mind-body functions for optimal health. The power of the present moment. Building and healing relationships.
  • Breathing. Mindful breathing, complete three-part yogic breath and your life force, prana.
  • Easy, gentle yoga. Yoga stretches and exercises for muscles, joints, glands and internal organs. 
  • Deep, conscious relaxationnidra, for stress reduction.
  • Mantra and sacred sounds to create the vibration for optimal success and happiness.
  • Mind/Body Care. Lectures and talks incorporating Ayurveda, the science of life, integrating spiritual beliefs and creating a therapeutic plan.
  • Dharma Art
  • Gourmet Vegetarian Meals. The best tasting, freshest food you've ever had. Every day you'll enjoy a complete menu of delicious, gourmet Ayurvedic vegetarian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Accommodation. Twin-share. Rooms are fully furnished and decorated. For upgrade to single room accommodation, a surcharge is applicable.
  • Silence. Approximately 50% of the retreats require silence.
Recommended Program Material 
for your study and practice
An Easy Guide to Meditation by Shanti Gowans
Bhagavad Gita 
Breathe for Health by Shanti Gowans
Inner Peace Handbook by Shanti Gowans
Meditate - Discover the art and science of meditation for Health, Wellbeing and Self Care 
Meditation by the monks of the Ramakrishna Order
Mindfulness Meditation and the Art of Being by Shanti Gowans
Peace begins with You by Shanti Gowans
Practising Peace by Shanti Gowans
Reflections of a Yogi by Shanti Gowans
Sitting beyond Thinking by Shanti Gowans
The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda
The Long Search for Meaning by Shanti Gowans
The Upanishads translated by Swami Prabhavananda and Frederick Manchester/Christopher Isherwood
The Way to Love. Anthony De Mello
The Yoga Sutras by Shanti Gowans
Breathe for Health Practice CD by Shanti Gowans
Deep Relaxation and Self Healing. 2 CDs. by Shanti Gowans
Guided Meditations on Mindfulness. 2 CD course by Shanti Gowans
Guided Practices to Calm the Mind and Discover Inner Peace. 4 CDs by Shanti Gowans
Origins, Yearnings Destiny by Shanti Gowans
Samadhi by Shanti Gowans
Vipassana - guided practice by Shanti Gowans
Who am I? by Shanti Gowans
The Art and Science of Meditation provides an extraordinary opportunity to transform the debilitating energy of anger, fear, jealousy, expectation and disappointment into a powerful and beneficial force. This is a role that requires spiritual maturity on the part of the trainee. You are asked to dedicate yourself to upholding and embodying the wisdom, gentleness, trustworthiness and decorum of the Shanti Yoga tradition. You have to manifest as a 'beakon' in the world. Your study and practice must be viewed as an important step on the path of being a strong beacon of wholesomeness and integrity. When you sincerely and willingly embrace and employ the principles and tools that this transforming art presents, your physical, mental and emotional dis-ease begins to melt away and you discover and creatively express your true life's purpose.
Take away benefits 
Create the life you crave. Cultivate meditative absorption, unchanging realisation, emanating and gathering essence, which are the stakes that bind the life force. With the additional assistance of personal guidance and sound direction to effectively address your issues, you learn to orchestrate happiness and abundance in your personal and professional life.
  • An ability to cope more effectively with both short and long-term stressful situations
  • Lasting decreases in physical and psychological symptoms
  • An increased ability to relax
  • Reduction in pain levels and an enhanced ability to cope with pain that may not go away
  • Greater energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Certification from The Health Institute Australia upon the completion of each of the four parts of the training.
Program Fees
Course Fees are $6500 per course and qualification, paid upfront, or a payment plan
Fees are inclusive of:
• Twin-share accommodation during
5 residential weekend retreats (currently @$696 per weekend), 
and one 10-day residential retreat (currently @$3980) 
• All Meals which are delicious and Ayurvedic vegetarian, 
• Program and Tuition 
• Take-home resource materials
• Certification


The program is cyclic. Participants can start the program anywhere during the designated program dates, and must continue in sequential order for best regularity of practice robustness, deepening and intensity. 



  • 1-3 Feb                  Calm Abiding. Direct Awakening
  • 6-14 April               Conscious Breathing and Vipassana Meditation 
    • ‚ÄčIntensive Peace. 
    • The Yogas of the Bhagavad Gita
    • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit
  • 7-9 June                Cultivating Mindfulness, Anapana-sati 
  • 9-11 August           Training the MInd. Cultivating Compassion. Lojong
  • 18-20 October        Love is the Answer. Peace is the Way. The Heart Sutra
  • 6-8 Dec                  Peace in Every Breath


Upon completion of the program, you will receive course follow-up resource materials. These informative and easy to follow manuals consist of practical, helpful material for participants who have attended the course to create a plan for facilitating meditation sessions.
Available in PDF or print format.
• Learn to Meditate
Program to help you facilitate your own meditation sessions.
Journey into the Light
Personal development course

About Shantiji

Shanti Gowans is the globally recognised author and founder of Shanti Yoga™, Meditation and Ayurveda for the self, family and community.

Shantiji has brought the concepts and practices of a healthy body and a still mind to thousands of Australians through her Yoga and Meditation programs on national television... Read more about Shantiji's biography

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