Heaven comes to Earth

You may have a deep and even devotional relationship with Jesus but feel more ambivalent about what is taught in his name. So many children grow up with a deep connection to Jesus and the Christian tradition, but have grown disillusioned with churches or doctrine that no longer fits them. This is because some of the distortions in the Christian lineage are creating real damage in our psyches and our world. What if you could access the power of this profoundly mystical lineage in a new way, allowing you to mature your views and practice of this sacred lineage.embody more of your innate divinity, to co-create a more just and compassionate world?

The truth, from a yogic view, is that there is great spiritual depth in your heart and soul, a powerful marriage of heaven and earth, a sanctification of our bodies, and a sacred marriage of masculine and feminine at the heart of this tradition. ‚ÄčDeeper than the historical Jesus is the cosmic Christ. The Yogic perspective shows that the real Christ path can honors sexuality, take care of the planet, and deal with the shadow. It can actively engage in healing, redeeming and uplifting world. The real Christ path is about becoming radiantly divine and embracing the Christ light within each of us, not just one person in history. The important and heartfelt message, one that is at the core of living a divinely human life, pulls back the veil on the sacred to illuminate your path of embodying Christ Consciousness in the here and now, by building on sacred service and ministering to the suffering of the world, based on the brilliant, provocative and passion-infused insights that resonate deeply within your soul.

In this course we yogically revisit genesis, the voice of ancient days, the coming of revelation, the sermon on the mount, and the Lord's prayer - the vehicle that is a fusion of transcendent awareness and divine embodiment in the sacred chalice of the heart, and a relationship with the living, divine spirit of grace through a higher octave of the heart, body and soul of Yoga. Ultimately, mystical Christianity offers strong medicine for our times and essential wisdom for our path (even if we’re a practicing Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, or atheist).
The future of spiritual practice, to transform human consciousness and create an enlightened culture on planet earth lies beyond personal healing. For too long, spiritual teachings have sought only light, and hidden from the dark and shadows, crippling our ability to create a true Heaven on earth. The new world is, in reality, born through our heartbreak, built through our dark nights, and forged in the crucible of love. The time has come to radically open your heart, befriend darkness, creativity, compassion, celebration and transformation, awaken to an embodied divinity, embody the transcendent and be inspired to walk the path of sacred love and action in the world. Through our individual heart, body and soul, each of us has the potential to decode and revolutionise the spiritual message of the scriptures with contemporary thought, and do works greater than ever, towards healing our humanity and our world, as well as living a life that is profound, impactful and deeply fulfilling.

I really look forward to working together to empower the changes that our world truly needs.  I believe that we can co-create heaven on earth, if enough of us work together and share our gifts! Blessed are those whose passion is electrified by deep, abiding purpose. Let us not let surface things delude us, but free us from what holds us back. Be all-embracing, surrounded by your fruit. Soften what's rigid inside, and you shall receive physical vigour and strength from the universe.

  • Voices from ancient times
  • Befriending the cosmic creation story
  • Revelation: Thanksgiving of the Cosmos
  • Grace: Of praise and cosmic hospitality
  • The power of miracles
  • The power of the word: sayings, aphorisms, parables
  • Sacred commitment: ask, seek, knock
  • Self: the axis on which the universe turns
  • Good and Evil: the soul playing hide and seek
  • Inner wisdom: fall and redemption
  • Being: There is but one God, and God has no religion. Humankind is One
  • Embodying sacred love in action and the faces of love: womb, seed, humanity, selflessness, delight.  a fusion of transcendent awareness and divine embodiment in the sacred chalice of the heart
  • Sustaining the divine perspective: darkness shines. Re-examining the role of shadow work in activating Christ Consciousness, which is essential both for our own evolution and for addressing our world crisis
  • Divine intimacy: breath, holiness, faces of light, reign of unity, between heaven and earth, soul, self and life. 

Course Fee: $695

Shanti Yoga™
Health Institute Australia
Australian Government Registered Training Organisation No. 30834
CRICOS Provider No. 03098E


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