The Long Search for Meaning

Who am I?
Why am I here?
How am I to live?


We look at the perennial questions that arise from 'The Long Search for Meaning', an introduction to World Religions and interdisciplinary studies involving philosophy, psychology, sociology, literature and comparative religions. We enter without knowing, in order to discover what is to know. All destinations are outcomes that are discovered and realised in the process of journeying: a form of truth happening. We search is not for proof  but illumination, insight and transformation.

It makes no difference whether you worship
God, Jehovah, Allah, Mohammed, Buddha, Christ, Krishna or Truth
- it is still and always one and the same God.
The difference is only the name, such as God, Gott, Dieu or Dios. 
The omnipotent, the almighty is and always will be
the same whether one is Hindu, Brahmin, Christian or whatever.
                                                                                                         Swami Vivekananda
Culture and philosophy are a valuable world heritage, and more importantly, a great resource for any civilisation. There is immense potential in the spiritual philosophies of the world, and perhaps at no other time in history has it been more important to understand religion.
What specifically do other people believe?
How do these beliefs guide the way they lead their lives on a daily basis: how they dress, eat, work, pray and raise their families?
How do they view those who do not share their understanding of God?
What is true heroism? 
How do we complete the spiritual quest?
For centuries, religion has divided people and caused wars. Today we have the power to realise that religion can bring us together. Heroism has been defined in several cultures and in various times as striving to accomplish a spiritual quest. People have found purpose and meaning in their lives by seeking to connect heaven with earth, and their mundane lives with something vaster than themselves. This view has a timeliness about it, in the wake of the blow that the world has received from terrorism. 
We explore the origin, historical development and growth of different world religions, together with the basic principles, beliefs and practices that these traditions inculcate and emphasise, and look for answers that people around the world (followers of indigenous traditions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Zen, Christianity, Judiasm and Islam) provide to these questions. All forms of knowing represent ways of enacting and being in the world, and have an ethical dimension. An ethical approach to any form of knowing is one that does not betray the essential nature of that which it seeks to know or make known, nor one that needs to be defended endlessly with recourse to irrelevant and unethical rationalities. ​Can we attempt to revise, reground and represent the way spirituality is presently perceived and justified. Can we assess the possibility of a Universal Religion? 
Are you ready to deepen your yoga practice? Not with handstands, hip openers and downward dogs. What we have come to know are "yoga" in our western culture is just the tip of the iceburg in terms of what this 5,000 year old philosophy and practice can offer us. If your practice been whispering to you, calling you to "something more, then the next important step along your path may well be beyond asana. Bhakti yoga is love, it is service, it is devotion, it is laughing and singing and crying. It is ritual and offering. It is the yoga of life. It is recognising the divine union happening all around you, all the time. The path is strewn with the seeds of sacred sound, music, story and community. We invite you to join us. 
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