I was born and educated in India, at a time when the distractions and entertainments of today did not exist. It was a slower world, before the internet, computers, i-anything, television, dvds, mp3s, blue ray, supermarkets, shopping malls and so many things that are part of the landscape we take for granted today. Education encompassed Indian arts, culture, and a living, spiritual philosophy for a healthy mind in a healthy body; and for those who chose to pursue it, academia. Teachings and guidance from elders, sages and gurus was part of normal life, as was the sacred. Decades of discipline and training have led me to a deep, spiritual understanding of the path of unity and living peace, which I happily share as a teacher, author and practitioner. The greatest guru is the practice itself. Principles, discipline and devotion all guide you into deepening your practice. 

My meditation retreats provide an opportunity to explore living peace and your practices in depth, in a meditative environment. Meditation instructions are provided before the sitting for those who are new, and to revisit the instructions. Group practice is a powerful support for individual meditation practice. Meditators at every level of experience are welcome to join in for some or all of these practice events.

The power of meditation to change people’s lives, and to expand their abilities and thus beneficially affect the world around them has never ceased to humble me. Even at our weekend retreats, when retreatants have meditated only for two days, the kind of meditative depth they have been able to fall into, aided by the power of their collective practice and shared intention, is indeed inspiring. 

The key to success lies in your progress to shake off mental chatter. It is the ability to be consistently be mindful, work with your strengths and manage your weaknesses on a daily basis, and break down any conflicting beliefs that stand in your way. The movement of going within is not a reaction to the outer: outer and inner are the same movement, they are not separate. Divisions such as outer and inner breed insensitivity. Going within is the natural flow of the outer; the movement of the inner has its own action, expressed outwardly but it is not a section of the outer. Awareness of the entire movement is sensitivity. This can be achieved by your daily practice. Developing and sustaining a powerful meditation practice, supports a greater awareness of presence, a conscious and wholehearted relationship with life, and more effective work in the world. 

Using depth, wisdom, intelligence, loving kindness, compassion, understanding and a sense of fun is how I like to work with my students. Some have chosen to follow in my footsteps and are now teachers, continuing my work. That’s why I’m honoured to have the privilege of journeying with you as we awaken to an evolutionary relationship with life and open up to our natural state, during regular, immersive, meditation retreats. These retreats serve the needs of new and experienced meditators alike. You can dive into the depths of meditation at Nirvana, our breathtaking, sacred, spiritual sanctuary in Beechmont, Queensland, using tried-and-true practices. You can rest here and be thankful, away from the noisy hustle and bustle of your daily life.

My vision has been to bring people who are interested in meditation into an ideal environment to explore and experience meditation’s greatest potential in a way that offers a profound experience during the retreat as well as having a lasting impact afterwards. It’s exciting to transmit the power of this practice to a small community of meditators in such an idyllic setting. Meditating together in the sacred sanctuary of this spectacular, scenic, mountain meadow, surrounded by snowy gums, red cedars, strangler figs and rosewood trees, we journey into the heart of authentic spiritual awakening. There is no wifi in the forest, yet you will find a connection. Nirvana Wellness retreats foster a strong camaraderie and genuine fellowship with kindred spirits that many of us yearn for, on our authentic spiritual path. 

Come, relax and enjoy a weekend or longer, in the serene tranquility of Nirvana Wellness Retreat and allow your mind to quieten and your heart to open up to the abundant spaciousness of life. 

A weekend program begins on Friday evening, with a delicious, communal dinner at 6-7pm, followed by  mindful breathing and meditation before bed. Experience a full day of noble silence at retreat on Saturday. Saturday morning begins with walking meditation in silence at 7.30am. We intersperse sitting and walking meditation practice throughout the day, conducted both indoors, and in different locations around the property. 

You do not need to have any meditation experience to participate, but attendees must be prepared to commit to mindful silence, or at least functional speech, and understand the chilled out nature of a meditation retreat. 

There will be at least one spiritual talk on meditation practice, guided instructions and a group discussion. The accent is on simplicity, listening, and contemplative practice. 

Please bring several layers of clothing, outdoor gear and sun block. Be conservative about the use of mobile phones, ipods and personal earphone devices. 

The wonderful benefits of meditation include (but are not restricted to) its capacity to instantly help you...
- Reduce stress
- Improve your sleep
- Increase your focus
- Boost your creativity and energy
- Harmonise your body and help it heal itself.

Below are listed meditation retreats that will be conducted throughout the year on the Gold Coast. Feel welcome to come and join us if the deeper experience of peace and calmness is your thing.

Peace and quiet is actual food for our nerves, our brain, our lives.
But the first step is actually the most difficult…
Taking a step away from everything we have to do,
to make time simply to be.
The quiet deeply touches us.
The peace changes our awareness.
In the inner vastness
lies our heart essence waiting to be discovered.
Silence is the practice of infinite heart awareness.
Absorbing peace in the quiet of the heart, awakens us.
Our heart essence comes forth from the inside
into the whole body of being,
and into our daily life. 
We are the waves of daily thought and feeling
and we are the ocean of Being. 
Silent retreats bring us back to our ocean of gentle awareness
where no part of us is excluded
and our vast, inner peace and quiet is included.
Here we rediscover our awareness 
free, open, creative, powerful
and connected with our essence.
We provide meditation retreats in the healing presence of silence to nurture a quiet heart, inner peace and self-healing. Time spent in silence, resting our awareness in the quiet heart, opens the present moment to infinite peace and inner wisdom. Spiritually nourishing, peace and quiet allow time for reflection and relaxation. Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary is located on 70 acres of land, surrounded by hundreds of acres of farmland.
01-03 June                  Cultivating Mindfulness (weekend: 2 nights)
03-05 August               Training the Mind in Relational Intelligence (Lojong) (weekend: 2 nights)
12-14 Oct                     Love is the answer. Peace is the way.
                                     The Heart of Understanding (Prajnaparamita Sutra) (weekend: 2 nights)
07-09 Dec                    Peace in Every Breath (weekend: 2 nights)

1-3 February               Calm Abiding. Direct Awakening (weekend: 2 nights)

12-21 April                   Mindful Living, Mindful Being. Destress & Detox (10 days, 9 nights)
                                    The Seven Spiritual Laws of Healing (12-14 Apr. Weekend Fri-Sun. 2 nights)
                                    The Yogas of the Bhagavad Gita (14-18 Apr. 4 nights)    
                                     Intense Peace.  (19-21 April Weekend in Silence .Good Friday to Easter Monday)
07-09 June                  Cultivating Mindfulness (weekend: 2 nights)
09-11 August               Training the Mind in Relational Intelligence (Lojong) (weekend: 2 nights)
18-20 Oct                     Love is the answer. Peace is the way.
                                     The Heart of Understanding (Prajnaparamita Sutra) (weekend: 2 nights)
06-08 Dec                    Peace in Every Breath (weekend: 2 nights)


Everyday we experience moments that can only be described as life’s grace. Every moment of beauty, every acknowledgement, the warmth of a smile, a gentle breeze, a shower of rain, clouds, sunlight, stars are all moments of grace. Grace is the perfumes of the divine, the feeling we wish to hold onto forever. Grace is everything good and everything challenging that comes our way. Every moment of grace is food for our soul. The path of grace, once found, is clear. Following the path of grace in our life is to find the path that keeps us in the heart of life, reminding us that we are alive, despite everything else that is happening around us. With grace there is no limit, only potential and possibility. Grace is the God's joy and laughter in this moment, and receiving life’s grace is a path that is always giving, always uniting our hearts with the present. In the spiritual practice of grace we only want to be available, with deep humility and emptiness. In meditation, when thoughts clear and there is only space, gratitude creeps in. Gratitude and grace are twin flames that dance brightly together.

5-7 January 2018


Storms and hurricanes are not just coastal weather phenomena.
They also represent the weather patterns of the mind. 
You are the centre of it all. 
Yet, at the eye of the storm is the still point,
which is free from stress, struggles and suffering.
You can unveil the ocean of peace and happiness 
from this still point that lives within you.
Meditation honours your intelligence and quest as a seeker.
It liberates you from worry, fear and anxiety. 
Whether you are a beginner, or would like to advance to a deeper level, 
meditation offers profound results.
Through meditation you discover the lightness of your being,
experience immense healing, emotional and spiritual benefits,
and open up to a whole new world of insight.
2-4 February 2018
on the path to attainment
First, the world witnessed the agricultural revolution, then the industrial revolution, followed by the information revolution and now the revolution in consciousness. The emergence of a global consciousness is proof of this. The ease with which seekers and non-seekers attain the experience, access the self, and understand the illusory nature of the mind through Shanti Gowans' methods is contributing to this consciousness revolution. 
Laws of desire, intention, harmony, appropriate action, magnetismmanifestation and expansion are undeniable principles that unleash the power of your mind. Meditation unleashes your potential to apply these laws in your own life and turn your life around. The seven stages of the supreme quest allows the seeker of the ultimate truth to encounter a deep 'understanding' that grows out of our perennial wisdom traditions. We find the point of nothingness within and connect with the source and the centre of being. By accessing this state we come upon the wisdom that is beyond knowledge and ignorance, yet the source of all knowledge, a place where nothing is concealed and everything can be seen clearly, a place which leads you to inner peace. In this most important stage you attains self-realisation.
12-14 April 2019
Residential weekend program 29 March- 2 April, 2018. BOOK NOWCONSCIOUS BREATHING & VIPASSANA MEDITATIONInsight Meditation
Vipassana, which means 'insight', is a way of self transformation through self observation. It focuses on the deep interconnectedness between the mind, emotions, memories, feeling sensation, breath and the body. Through the direct experience of change, life becomes characterised by natural flow, with increased awareness and peace. One of India's most ancient sage (rishi) meditation practices, it was rediscovered by Gautama Buddha more than 2500 years ago and taught by him as a universal art of meditation. 
MINDFUL LIVING, MINDFUL BEING: The 10 day Easter retreat:
This is a longer meditation retreat which consists of:
- calm abiding meditation, or shamatha practice, in which we settle our minds; 
- contemplative practice to develop compassion and appreciation for our lives,
- together with the practice of exchanging self for others (tonglen),
- and the vipassana process, explored through the focus of our attention to our breath, body, heart and mind. which are the basis of the four foundations for mindfulness as taught by the Buddha. 
The retreat opens with the marvellous experience by cultivating the practice for Intensive Peace.
Here the entire 4 days are in noble silence, cultivating mindfulness,
where the clutter of compulsive thoughts is cleared away,
and the light of awareness becomes powerfully bright.
This brightness turned inward allows access to the immaterial realms
that a cluttered mind cannot attain.
When this brightness is turned towards materiality (the physical world)
or mentality (thought forms),
these can be perceived and experienced in their unconditioned form,
without the overlay of conceptual, conditioned thought.

Then the silence lifts, and we proceed with the original conversations with God,
discourse on the yogas of the Bhagavad Gita.

Each day will include periods of meditation, yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and gentle yoga, and during the course of the retreat, we have short philosophical (dharma) talks and group discussion to deepen our understanding of our dharma in the world.

Together we establish a retreat environment that includes daily practice, noble silence, simple group meals and participation in food preparation and clean-up, in the garden and other tasks.  

We culminate the retreat with a wonderful weekend spent with the Seven Spiritual Laws of Healing and conclude the retreat with a delicious Sunday feast before we head down the mountain back to our home.

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. 
It will not lead you astray.  Rumi
 Easter residential retreat program  12-21 April 2019
Peace, Love and Emotional Healing - a guide to inner transformation.
I felt angry towards my friend. I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I felt angry to my foe. I told it not. My wrath did grow. 
                                                                                     William Blake
A life free from fear, pain, insecurity and doubt is not only possible, it is our birthright. We long for peace, for the ability to love and be loved openly and freely, and for the confidence and clarity to meet various challenges we face in our daily lives. Within each of us resides a spark of unparalleled brilliance, an unlimited capacity for warmth, openness and courage, which can be identified as our 'essence', 'godspace' or 'buddha nature'. It is timeless and imperishable but often layered over by patterns of behaviour and belief that urge us to seek happiness in conditions or situations that never quite live up to their promise. 
Our spiritual biography helps us identify the thread of wakefulness in our life and is often the exact opposite of the usual life story. Just as the richness of our garden depends upon the compost, examining our lives with compassion and insight, we discover that the dark night of the soul opens to realising the beauty of imperfection. There are spiritual lessons within our life-story of love and loss, courage and failure. Patterns come into play when we are anxious and afraid, and our lives takes on the path of fearfulness. 
In this program we are invited to be present with our life, and to investigate these patterns as the path of enlightened courage. The starting point is to have a heart. If you don't have a heart, you have to give birth to one. If you need further reinforcements, take a piece from here, there and everywhere. Have it. It is yours. Now let it go.
In this powerful course you will learn how you can: 
- identify your emotional type and how to optimise it
- work with your own anger and fear
- transform your negative emotions by using the body to act as the vehicle
- explore how emotions and healing are related to each other and live beyond hope and fear
- read emotions
- combat emotional vampires that are sapping your dry
- avoid absorbing the negative emotions of others
- experience suffering and bear witness to others' suffering and still feel optimistic about humankind
- feel appreciation of basic wholesomeness in those who plot to attack us, or in those who are consumed with hatred and anger.
For anyone interested in reclaiming wholeness through synchronising body, mind and spirit and includes the practice of mindfulness, loving kindness, tonglen (exchange) and exploring the five wisdom energies for wellbeing, transformation and freedom. 
Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would rather see you living in better conditions. 
Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find 
all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it
11-13 May 2018
Residential program  
MAHAMUDRAFocus and Concentration (jhanas): Intention, Attention, Reflection

Concentration, by definition, is unification of attention. Powerful concentration is an antidote to the hindrances that arise, not only on the meditation cushion but also in daily life. The Pali word jhana comes from the Sanskrit word dhyana, which means to think, or to meditate and to burn up (jhapeti) opposing states. 

This program provides a unique road map to the extraordinary and transforming, rich, concentration-meditative states of mind known as the jhanas. It includes discursive learning, analytical reflection, positive motivation, focused contemplation and practical application to provide momentary, access and absorptive concentration as a basis for deepening the practice. It is focused on recognising, becoming familiar with and gaining confidence in the true nature of one's mind through direct experience.



Chakras are energy centres in the subtle body. The word 'chakra' is derived from the Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) which means 'wheel'. Like a whirling vortex where energy flows through, chakras are like invisible, rechargeable batteries that become a powerhouse when fully charged. They are charged and recharged through contact with the stream of cosmic and divine energy in the atmosphere much the same way that your home is connected to a central power source within your own city…the main difference being that this cosmic energy source is free, similar to the sun which provides solar energy. The 'current' runs up and down your spine, from the top of your head to the base of your spine. 

These 'wheels' connect with a complex energetic database that provides access to multidimensional universe and to all of creation. By activating, balancing and aligning and your chakras, you float the possibility of awakening awareness and making deep contact with the internal space within your own body and with the subtle, central channel in it's vertical core. You are also able to explore microcosmic centres, which are vortices of energy and information at the heart of an inner universe and the breath of life that never dies.

Within the body are seven main chakras and innumerable minor ones. The chakras regulate the flow of energy through meridians, the energetic network that courses through the subtle body, like the wiring in your house, the body houses the energetic system that allows currents to be sent to every part for use when needed. However, like a break in a circuit, because of stress, emotional or physical problems, chakras sometimes become blocked. If energy cannot flow freely throughout your system, it creates physical, mental or emotional imbalances that can cause illness.

These seven power centres within you generate the emotional states of fear, lust, anger, courage, acceptance, peace and unity. As each chakra is skilfully stimulated, its movement balanced, and the movement of energy within you harnessed, extraordinary powers of the mind are awakened, altered states of consciousness are accessed and feelings of pleasure, bliss and peace of mind are unlocked. Once this is done, you will have a better feel for the world around you and relate to it in an optimal way physically, mentally and spiritually. 

This timeless teaching is derived from sages, known as rishis. They have laid out a map for us to explore higher states of consciousness, through which we can awaken dormant potentials, a journey which starts from the ground up, and encompasses the base or root (muladhara), the sacral (swadhisthana), solar plexus (manipura), the heart section (anahata), the brow (ajna) and and its crowning culmination (sahasrara) in a transcendent state of consciousness that is beyond dream, sleep and waking. To practice awakening and moving energy, mind or consciousness around in the physical body is not part of the Western cultural vocabulary as yet. But it is steeped in yogic tradition and accessible and empowering to all. 

Residential program . BOOK NOW
- in healing, health and stress reduction
It's OK if the only thing you do today is breathe.
Shanti Gowans
PLEASE NOTE: This course is available as guided meditation practice online as a 2CD set by Shanti Gowans. Order now, click on the cd.
Mindfulness (which means being watchful, present, aware, rather than watching something) opens us to our inner selves and our outer worlds. It is an unconditional way of being, a way to connect with intrinsic health, and strengthen the human capacities for awareness, wisdom, compassion and skilful action. The practice of mindfulness has been recognised as an effective approach to health promotion and stress management. And, in addition to being a mystical Eastern practice designed to engender inner calm and bring about world peace, mindfulness as a practice has received massive attention from health professionals keen to investigate, in a rigorous, scientific fashion, the many claims of improved mental, physical and emotional health made by its practitioners. Mindfulness-based interventions have been found to be effective in reducing physical and psychological distress and improving quality of life for individuals with a wide range of health related issues, as well as, reducing the risk for burnout in care providers. Powerful therapeutic benefits are experienced from patients suffering from anxiety, stress and depression. The simple and profound technique of mindful awareness is the basis of a secular path of meditation, which can benefit people of any spiritual tradition and way of life. 
  • Meditation as Nourishment
  • Touching, Connecting, Healing - the body, nature, the senses
  • Looking Deeply
  • Healing Feelings
  • Causes and Conditions - conditional arising; interbeing; true nature; aggregates
  • will help you see the impact of self-judgement and blame
  • replaces the urge to try to fix everything
  • deepens your capacity to forgive yourself and others
  • increases your capacity to be present, which is crucial to the work of healing
  • helps you find compassion for a person that you don't like
  • allows you to relax during uncertainty. 
Residential weekend program 1-3 June, 2018 


Healing Oneself. Transforming Relationships. (Lojong teaching)
The true value of a human being is determined primarily 
by the measure and sense in which one attains liberation from the self. 
Albert Einstein
If you seek enlightenment, or even if you seek happiness, go to the cause. 
Nothing eists without a cause. The root cause of happiness is compassion.
                                                                                                             His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

Mind training is not about manipulating, reforming, brainwashing or exerting authority, dominance and masgtery over others. It is about self masgtery. This meditation program, Training the Mind unpacks insights of self-healing, altruism and transformation, within ourselves and our relationships. The enquiry about love, both human and divine, takes us to a higher place of spiritual and romantic understanding and will encompass wisdom topics such as
• Forgiving the past
• Creating a sacred space for love
• Vulnerability and boundaries
Expanding your capacity to love and be loved. 
Changing Story, Changing Self: What are the stories that are influencing how you live and guide your life? What roles do you play in your relationships, your love, your life, at work and with your family and friends? For whom do you play out your stories? Do the stories work or do they lead you into pain? Can you change your stories to move you towards greater happiness and balance? The truth is when you change your story, you change yourself.
Forgiveness, Compassion: Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace. Our emotional pain and negativity make ego strength the pinnacle of inner development, feeding the ego's obsession with itself. We develop lifelong habits of that represent a heartless-mind (that suppresses others) and mindless-heart (suppressing ourselves). By concerning ourself with the 'good' and 'bad' of our fellow beings, we create an opening in our heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing and criticising others weakens and defeats us. To disentangle ourselves from ourselves, and cultivate a willingness to be present with things just as they are, including the qualities we are seeking to escape, requires ego-flexibility. 
Lojong, or mind training is an organised practice emerging from shorthand, condensed instructions for enlivening confidence, wisdom and interpersonal skills quickly and on the spot  in everyday life. Traditionally such training requires the practitioner to read, contemplate and action the slogans to spontaneously provoke and psychollgically unfold throughout the day, providing guidance. By keeping alert, the practitioner permits the daily events to evoke natural wisdom provided by the slogans, revealing ordinary experiences as extraordinary opportunities to fearlessly wake up and mindfully lead from the inside out. 
The weekend provides a practical program of mindfulness practice together with inspiration and reflective learning that maps our journey from compulsion to freedom and shared happiness. It provides ways that help us make the tangible progress through growth and life-change, with a particular focus of developing maitri, the art of love in action as a way to accommodate the energies and experiences of the mind. 
We learn to switch into a 'we-first' approach, and uncover a fresh paradigm that draws upon our natural resources of awake body, tender heart and open mind. The powerful and insightful teachings work to refine and train the mind to work skilfully with others in challenging and fearful times. 
Residential weekend program 
3-5 August 2018
KUNDALINI Cultivating Shakti and liberating the force
Kundalini is the underbelly that describes the entire cosmic creation condensed within a coil, the infinite source of energy that resides within you.  Her awakening is derived by cultivating the sharp, vibrant and uplifted energy that overcomes the traps and primary obstacles to growth and learning, which releases the energetic potential that transcends all duality. By inhabiting the internal spaces of the body of the cosmos, the constructed or imagined boundary between self and other dissolves. When you awaken the cosmic serpent, you recreate your reality into an enlghtened state where our energy levels will soar. You harness the movement of energy within you, awaken extraordinary powers of the mind, achieve the state of pure potentiality where your desire begin to materialise, access altered states of consciousness and unlock feelings of pleasure, bliss and peace of mind. You uncover an unbounded expanse of unified, transparent presence that pervades your body and the environment as a whole. 
Moving the mind and stilling the mind are practices which are experiential, not conceptual. The applications are as limitless as the capacity of the mind itself and as healing as the heart is boundless. 
It is for anyone interested in reclaiming wholeness through synchronising body, mind and spirit and includes exploring the archetypes of healing and transformation in psychological education and health via yoga and meditation.
Residential weekend program  BOOK NOW
Transcending the Mind and Opening the Wisdom Eye
Radiance and the Subtle Self. Explore your natural brilliance
Love looks like You
Shanti Gowans
Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved!
That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly. 
                                                                                              Leo Tolstoy
The Heart Sutra, Prajnaparamita Hrdaya, is possibly the best known, pure distillation of wisdom (prajna). Comprised of only 632 Chinese characters, the Heart Sutra is Buddhism in a nutshell. Despite its brevity, this powerful work covers more of the Buddha's teachings than any other scripture. It offers a precious gift to us, the gift of fearlessness. It offers subtle, yet profound teachings on non-duality, and the letting go of all preconceived notions, opinions, and attachments, thereby becoming open to all the wonders of our life. It's teachings are deep and subtle, and present the perfection of wisdom as the realisation or direct experience of sunyata (emptiness). It's influence is more profound and wide-reaching than any other text in Buddhism. As with most wisdom teachings, simply 'believing in' what the Heart Sutra says is not the point, nor can it be grasped by intellect alone. Understanding unfolds through practice. 
In brief: all phenomena and beings are empty of self-nature and inter-exist. They are neither one nor many, individual nor indistinguishable. Because phenomena are empty of inherent characteristics, they are neither born nor destroyed; neither pure nor defiled; neither coming nor going. Because all beings inter-exist, we are not truly separate from each other. Truly realising this is enlightenment and liberation from suffering.
During this weekend you have the opportunity to explore the experience the five skandas: form, sensation, conception, discrimination and consciousness; and the five wisdom energies: spaciousness, clarity, richness, passion and action in which we engage in everyday life. These reveal who we are in terms of our personality and emotional landscape, as well as put us in touch with a primordial sense of basic being, in which form is no other than emptiness and emptiness no other than form.
Residential weekend program
12-14 October 2018

Peace in Every Breath

Develop a mind that is vast, like space,
where expereince both pleasant and unpleasant 
can appear and disappear without conflict, struggle or harm.
Rest in the view.
                                                                        The Buddha
The essence of Buddha-Nature is impermanence. Everything changes, all the time. This is attested by the breath. How we breathe reflects who we are and the manner in which we express ourselves - physically, emotionally and spiritually. Mindful breathing, i.e. breathing peace, focuses on the breath in a natural, healthy way. This can help with various medical conditions including: insomnia, low energy, high blood pressure and so on. Breathing mindfully increases our longevity and supports our quest for well-being, self-realisation and self transformation. 
Inner Peace can be straightforward if you simply relate with things as they are and don't try to stock up, amass arsenals and collect more weapons in case you might need to defend yourself, or more food, so that if you run out, you would have something to live on. Neither does it depend upon making sure that if you are removed from one position, organisation or relationship, that you have another to join. Trying to stock up and make sure that there is some kind of security is what leads to aggression, which is the opposite of peace. Only you can make inner peace happen for you. This happens when we reveal conditioning’s follies and let go into acceptance of movement, change, and the largesse of Life.
At this retreat course we let go, rest and dissolve into the unknown. You can use your breath to navigate through troubled times easily, gracefully and masterfully by breathing peace into your body, your mind, and the world  Learn, enjoy, master and benefit from making your mind and heart peaceful. Forgive and life. 
Residential weekend program
7-9 Dec 2018





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