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Don't just take our word for it, If you are thinking of having a break at Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary, hear what others say about us, we'll then leave the decision up to you.
An exquisite teacher par excellence = (Shanti). Discourse, yoga, ayurvedic principles, food preparation and nidra (deep relaxation) were all profound teachings. Thank you also to Tanya for the beautiful treatments. They were offered with love, respect and such dedication to the Ayurvedic process. Thanks to Christine for the opportunity to work with the mandalas and sketching outdoors. It was again offered with an open heart, generous spirit and creative support. To Sonja and Tanya for beautiful food and spiritual guidance. To Sue for her generous support and smiling, calming energy. To Peter for being Peter and the perfect foil. 
Barbara - with grace and gratitude. 

I will take this opportunity to let you know how wonderful I am feeling.
I have (amazingly) been waking up earlier and doing 10 mins of
meditation and today added a little yoga stretches after meditation.
The weekend was exactly what I needed to start up my engine.
I knew this but had gotten into a "not living my life to fullness"
kind of rut.

Thank you for the weekend and to you all for just being. I will make
meditation a daily practice. Deposits into my spiritual bank account.
ha ha ha

Thanks and hope to see you again soon.
Kindest regards
Del Hargreaves

I have often said my week at Nirvana saved my life, certainly turned it around. It pulled me out of the hole I was in, such a complete break, no decisions to make everything carefully thought out for you, just time to rejuvenate.  When I got home I felt so good, I was motivated, more alive, had more energy and determined not to return to how I felt before, the change was huge. One year on I still benefit from my stay at Nirvana. I can't thank everyone there enough. Namaste, Helen

Dear Shanti and all who contributed,
Profound thanks for nurturing and caring for me and my spiritual journey this week. 
Eternally grateful, Jennifer 

Dear Shanti,
I would like to express my sincere thanks for your invitation to last weekends retreat. As always, I returned home feeling deeply grounded and refreshed. 
I have found your teaching on the kundalini very insightful. The idea of increasing ones energy from within is such an extraordinary and powerful concept. In now seems almost comical to think of the lengths we go to in attempting to increase our energy and vitality - energy drinks, coffee, supplements, extreme exercise, we are hitting the bullseye of the wrong target. It is encouraging to think that you can push beyond the effects of food, medicine and exercise to energise and heal. 
I look forward to exploring the practices of meditation further and thank you for your instruction so far.
Yours faithfully,
Venetia Scott
March 2012
Thank you Shanti for a wonderful inspiring week and thank you to the support team for the great tasty food. Lyn QLD
Perfect Bliss. Jocelyn. Brisbane
Thank you Shanti, Peter, Sonja, Glee & Tanya. I had the most wonderful healing week. Rebecca NSW.
Wow, one of the most amazing life changing experiences I have ever had. I will take all your wisdom and grow and heal. Thank you Shanti & Peter and everyone who made me so happy. Dee, Gold Coast.
Simply wonderful. Everyone is wonderful. Just wonderful. Thank you. Pauline
A place for transformation of the best kind. Forever grateful.
Hare Om. Gwen.

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