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Do you want to find a more peaceful state of mind?

Do you need to lose weight?

Have you tried to diet and ended up in the same place (or worse)?


Many of us live hectic and fragmented lives and have lost our perspective on the essential role of healthy and mindful eating has on our wellbeing. If you have been overwhelmed with unhelpful weight loss information and know that going on another diet isn’t the solution, you need a path that understands the big picture. Have you considered what the role of hunger, thirst, desire, sleep etc. is in life? To sacrifice your health for the sake of being skinny, beat yourself up for not having enough will power or struggle through starvation and endless attempts at the gym can be so unhelpful.


Come nurture yourself for just 10 days at Nirvana Wellness Retreat and invite changes that will continue to unfold long after you return home. Change your relationship with eating and your mind-body. Cleanse, de-toxify, repair your body from the inside out and learn new strategies to address this common challenge. Our three main teachers, namely the body, the breath and the mind are our sat gurus, teachers of truth. Through them we learn the secret to staying vigorous and full of life.


In Nirvana's Mindful Weightloss Program you will transform yourself through a combination of simple, yet practical eating, lifestyle and spiritual guidelines that show the way towards a peaceful mind and a healthy body that makes sense for each individual to make sustainable change. These include:
Gentle and easy yoga practice which includes simple movement, stretching, breath work and meditation - all that are geared to transform your relationship with the mind-body. The practices are catered towards individual needs and are designed for all levels. No experience is necessary. Complete beginners are welcome.
Steady and guided focus on practical and beneficial lifestyle shifts that work for your specific needs and leave you feeling more positive and energised to meet your life purpose.
Discover a step by step process to find your way of eating that will allow you to lose weight and keep it off forever.


It’s do-able, ultra-effective and it can improve the overall quality of your life in so many ways. You’re going to look and feel better both inside and out.

Nirvana's Mindful Anti-Diet Weight Loss program will educate you:
• Why diets and skipping meals don’t work and how to naturally lose weight and keep it off
• Develop healthy life skills and learn how to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy life
• Understand the importance of metabolism and nutrition for healthy weight management
• Understand the role of healthy self esteem and experience a healthy body image
• Explore your stress and weight issues in a caring and supportive environment
• Learn the best strategies for your personal goals and lifestyle
• Leave feeling rejuvenated, motivated and full of hope.
• Aim to look good i.e. healthy and juicy, not emaciated and drained.
Health benefits of the program include:
• Weight loss 
• Relieves pain, chronic and acute
• Releases stress and its effects
• Increases the circulation of blood and lymph
• Boosts the immune system
• Relaxes tight muscles
• Relieves headaches and migraines
• Eases and balances the digestive system
• Eases anxiety and depression
• Balances hormones
• Increases energy, stamina and wellbeing
What have you got to lose?
Stress? Weight? Constipation and bloating? Discomfort, poor self esteem, fatigue? Unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits? You can break free. And the best part is, you can experience this life giving power and these great benefits in just 10 days. 
These ten days are going to drastically improve your overall health and wellbeing, super-charge your sex life and have you looking and feeling better almost overnight! And that’s without drastic diets or vigorous exercise routines and without the use of dangerous drugs or prescription medications. Even better, these potent gifts from Mother Nature could make many of the medicines you’re currently taking obsolete. Nirvana Healthy Living Integrative Anti-Diet Weight Loss program will help you to make the lifestyle changes you need. And current research confirms that lifestyle is one of the most important factors influencing health.
Healthy Living Integrative Anti-Diet Peaceful Weight Loss Immersion Program
Come to Nirvana Wellness Retreat and learn how to create a healthy lifestyle by actually living one. What this program will deliver to you:
Led by an expert faculty, you’ll take part in an exceptional immersion program that includes 
- personal consultation and guidance
- experiential workshops, meditation, calming yoga, walking and fun fitness classes to increase your capacity to burn calories and enjoy the process; 
- health, stress and life management lectures, ayurvedic education and nutritional guidance; 
- a private, community forum at retreat, with interaction between participants where you can ask questions and hear other thoughts and questions  
- three healthy, gourmet, weight loss meals a day
- Most importantly, you’ll take home the tools to continue these practices every day of your life.  
Nirvana’s peaceful weight loss program offers a comprehensive curriculum that supports a healthy, long term weight-reduction process. The way to permanently lose weight and get healthier is more than just dieting. You will learn how to shift into a natural, balanced relationship with your body to love your life. 
Components of the Peaceful, Integrative Anti-Diet Weight loss program entail:
for a lifetime of sustainable solutions. Here’s what you can expect:
Ayurvedic Consultation
i. Initial. 
ii. Follow up for personalised dietary and lifestyle advice
iii. Follow up every 3 months.
Ayurvedic Digestive Health: a holistic approach
Restore your digestive health naturally.  The principles are based on:
i. Increasing and enjoying warm, cooked, vegetarian and easy to digest foods. The traditional diet for an Ayurvedic cleanse includes plain basmati rice and yellow mung dal (lentils) or kitchari, steamed vegetables and rice, vegetable soup and oatmeal. Eat a healthy amount of sunflower oil or glee (clarified butter) to balance vata and pitta. Add herbs and spices that aid digestion and elimination, such as fresh ginger root, black pepper, a squeeze of lime, a pinch of salt.
ii. Reducing or removing: raw foods, frozen foods, cold foods, dairy products, animal products (meat, fish, eggs) and stimulants (alcohol, tobacco, chocolate and coffee) from the diet. 
Herbal supplementation 
Harmonising Ayurvedic herbal wisdom, modern nutritional science, natural foods, supplements and individual herbs that can help maintain vital energy and achieve wellbeing during weightloss.
Recommended Ayurvedic medicines for weightloss: 
  • Slim Trim capsules
  • Chandraprabha tablets
  • Triphala guggulu tablets
  • Kumbhajatu tablets 
 Ayurvedic Massage Treatment and Healing Therapies 
A trained Ayurvedic practitioner can offer various hands-on therapies during your program. 
Heat up your Health: Thermal energy inch-loss sessions 
You already know that your body sweats to cool you down. But sweating is also one of your body’s best ways to get rid of waste and pollutants. It’s faster than any other natural method of detox because it opens pores, so you can flush out impurities more efficiently. Revitalise and detoxify the body. 
Saunas also improve circulation and oxygenate your tissues, too. And a sauna session can relieve stress, arthritis symptoms, and bring nutrients to the surface for younger-looking skin. In Ayurveda you may already be familiar with the “steam” type of sauna. But there’s another sauna you should know about. It’s called an infrared sauna. These use a different heat source that’s been proven in clinical trials to raise core temperature, lower blood pressure, and aid in weight-reduction by promoting circulation and sweating out toxic substances at the cellular level. This is your body metabolising calories and purging out toxins stored in fat cells
Superbody far infrared rays (FIR) that cannot be seen by the human eye vibrate the cells safely, producing heat from the inside out, detoxifying and promoting sweating for a deep cleansing, and furthermore promoting thermogenesis. Burns approximately 600+ calories in 30 minutes. Real instant and ongoing inch loss results that can contribute to material weight loss over a period of time. After the session your body will continue to be at an elevated metabolic state and continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours. Helps improve cardio vascular and immune systems. If you're trying to manage chronic back, neck or leg pain, Far Infrared Heat Therapy will likely be the best pain reliever you will ever come across. It is also suitable for arthritis, fibromyalgia and sports injuries. Tightens and rejuvenates skin, improves quality, cleanses impurities. 
In a study published in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the Mayo Clinic study showed Far Infrared Heat Therapy:
  • Significantly lowers your blood pressure
  • Helps you lose weight faster
  • Significantly increases your blood flow and circulation
  • Lowers your cholesterol
  • And lowers your triglycerides (too much of this is linked with coronary artery disease)
 The Mayo Clinic study suggests that Far Infrared Heat Therapy even lowers your rish of getting arteriosclerosis! And that you can get all these benefits without diets, exercise or months of treatments - Not that those aren't god for you! we should all ear right and exercise. But most of us could use a little help too.
You just can't get the same fast and dramatic improvement of your circulation from regular heat (they fail to penetrate deep enough to provide lasting relief or promote healing) as a Far Infrared Heating Bed can deliver. Additionally Infrared Heating beds do not produce electro magnetic frequencies.
Transforming Stress 
Address the impact that stress is having on your life. 
i. Learn to meditate and watch your life improve.
ii. Practice yoga nidra, deep relaxation
iii. Practice pranayama, yoga breathing.
iv. Walk in nature.
v. Follow the Shanti Yoga stretching and detox program.

Exploring the Wanting Mind

'Wanting' is a universal experience that is so pervasive that is impact on our lives is rarely fully recognised. Who hasn't felt that attaining what you want will finally bring you the happiness you yearn for, only to find that when it is attained your dissatisfaction returns? If we can learn to recognise our wanting mind at its most basis and subtle levels, we can see how we get trapped in patterns of unhealthy behaviour. Once we do, we can then liberate ourselves to live a life marked by contentment and compassion rather than persistent struggle.
In this 10-day live-in retreat, you will be guided through practices to:
• illuminate the wanting mind
• recognise how you get stuck in addictive patterns
• negotiate habitual brain states that sabotage your good intentions
• apply awareness, self-kindness and compassion as antidotes to craving
• detox your system
• learn Ayurvedic principles of sound nutrition, digestion, metabolism and elimination for your body type.
• learn how to cook healthy, vegetarian meals that various needs
• explore lifestyle changes to ensure outstanding health for you
• get honest about who you are and why you treat yourself the way you do.
Re-imagine, Rejuvenate, Reclaim Your Life at
10-day Detox at Nirvana Wellness Retreat 
Craft a meaningful, passionate, healthy life for midlife and beyond. 
You’re just 10 days away from a vigorously strong and healthy body. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! These 10 days will just begin to scratch the surface and uncover the true therapeutic powers of your amazing body, mind and life force. You then have an entire year to prove to yourself exactly how important bolstering your health and life force really is. The results are spectacular. So many benefits over such a short period of time!
  • Enhance every aspect of your life with this revolutionary, detoxification process. 
  • Promote good digestion, increase nutritional absorption and improve lactose and wheat tolerance.
  • Eliminate toxic wastes from your body. Put an end to irritated bowels, gas and bloating. Banish painful constipation, diarrhoea and recapture your regularity. 
  • Get relief for urinary tract infections and reduce liver damage.
  • Say good bye to bad breath and body odour.
  • Reduce high blood pressure and lower 'bad' cholesterol levels.
  • Maintain strong healthy bones.
  • Build a healthy immune system that destroys everything in its path.
  • Rediscover the sexual fire and desire you thought you'd lost forever.
  • Wake up refreshed, full of vim and vigour and banish fatigue for good.
  • Clean and detoxify your body and feel better in every way

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