Chair Yoga - Teacher Training Weekend Course
Relax, stretch, breathe 
Fee: $2995. 
Chair yoga is a revolutionary concept designed to make the numerous benefits of classical yoga available to physically challenged adults, providing a wider range of physical abilities. It incorporates yoga asana practices that do not need the practitioner to get down to the floor and yet to enables them to stretch, breathe easier, improve their strength, balance, and health, and lessen joint and back pain. It can be practiced by virtually anyone, anywhere, in any chair, to stimulate physical and mental well-being. It will be beneficial to people with disabilities, lack of mobility, balance problems, joint challenges, recovering from illness, accidents and operations, or other physical conditions such as back pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, cancer recovery, arthritis, chronic pain, fraility, functional decline and neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease to participate in and enjoy the benefits of a yoga practice.
Chair Yoga consists of gentle, healing, therapeutic exercises that are safe and have been specially developed for people without the range of movement necessary for mat work. It provides a self-directed approach to the application of yoga practice on a chair with props and assistance, to still retain the numerous physical and mental benefits of classical yoga. 
The program can be conducted to facilitate one-to-one training, or in groups, and will be popular with anyone wanting to experience the health benefits of an easy, versatile form of yoga, particularly older people, people rehabilitating from illness or injury, people with hip, knee and lower back stiffness or injury and those with physical disabilities, as well as the professionals who support them. It is also suited for corporate Australia.
Learn how to teach adapted chair yoga at senior homes, hospitals, corporations and more. The curriculum includes 
- seated chair postures 
- standing chair assisted postures
- some postures on the mat for those who can comfortably make the transition to and from the floor
- adapted chair yoga within a mixed level yoga class
- group and private sessions in chairs
This course is open to yoga teachers, carers, nurses, health workers, teachers, PT's assisting living home employees or anyone interested in sharing yoga with friends and family. No pre-requisites required. Clear instructions and hands on demonstrations guide the student through the routines, which can be carried out safely without any previous knowledge or yoga expertise. 
During this two-day intensive workshop you will learn all you need to get started. This training will enable you to run a 45 minute Chair Yoga class. With this training, the benefits of yoga can be opened up to a wider range of people in the community. It also opens up class attendance for wheelchair yoga, if the facilities permit. Take home manual and practice material, a certificate of completion from The Health Institute Australia included.
10.15-11.15am  Session 1: General yoga class with Sue
11.30am-1pm    Session 2
1-2pm Lunch BYO. Vegetarian (vegan) Lunchbox meal available @12.
2-3.30pm Session 3
3.30-4pm Afternoon Tea (provided)
4-5.30pm Session 4
10.15-11.15am  Session 5: Yoga Breathing and Mindfulness session with Shantiji
11.30am-1pm  Session 6
1-2pm Lunch
2-3.30pm  Session 7
3.30-4pm Afternoon Tea (provided)
4-5.30pm Session 8
Chair Yoga 1 practice includes
- Sun salutation
- Standing sequences
- Seated poses
- Twists;
- Hip openers. Most people are terribly blocked in and around their pelvis, leading to poor seated posture, back pain and general discomfort. Freeing up the hip joints can be one of the most liberating experiences for your students
- Forward folds
- Back bends
- Fundamental Inversion practices
- Restorative sequences,
all that are safe and appropriate, together with yoga breathing and relaxation.
Duration:  Weekend
Dates of training: 23, 24 June 2018. Sat & Sun
Course facilitator: Shanti Gowans
Where: 1/126 Scarborough Street, Southport.
Fee $2995. SYTA full members pay 10% less. SYTA associate members pay 5% less.
- Observation skills for range of motion
- Differentiate different types of amputation
- Greater understanding of the physical and psycho-emotional issues associated with amputation
- Dealing with grief
- Yoga based tools to help heal pain, psycho-emotional wounds and in trauma management
- Demonstrate and teach warm-ups and asana to amputees
- Safely adapt yoga and breathing practices to above and below knee and upper extremity amputees
- Help amputees develop strong core muscles, essential for walking with a prosthesis, balance and using crutches or a wheelchair
- Meditation and yoga practices for phantom pain and associated pain due to limb loss
- Meditative exercise to support amputees' physical and mental healing 
- Help amputees 'step forward' into the rest of their lives, integrated, whole and healthy.
Fee $2995. SYTA full members pay 10% less. SYTA associate members pay 5% less.
Many yoga teachers are wary of entering the world of corporate yoga because they may not have personal experience working in this kind of setting. The goal of this training is to give yoga teachers the tools to bring yoga into corporate offices that may not have the ideal space, or the ideal students.
We review the needs of today's office worker, and review sequences that can be done at a desk, conference table, open space, and more.
Students of this training program will leave with a renewed sense of confidence and entrepreneurial spirit.
They will learn how to help their future students de-stress from a long day at the office, and be able to bring wellness through office yoga.
Pre-Requisite: Diploma of Yoga Teaching (1200 hours)
Facilitator: Shanti Gowans
Fee: $2995 (Full SYTA members pay 10% less. Associate members pay 5% less) 
• Keep Fit while you Sit
• Chair Yoga Notes








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