Peace Food

Learn by doing

Cook healthy and delicious vegetarian meals

that feed your body and nourish your soul

Your physical and mental health has its foundations in the food you cook and eat.
From the preparation of the ingredients, right through to the cooking process and then to the best part - eating - you will experience it all first hand. You will learn to create authentic Ayurvedic vegetarian cuisine in a completely hands-on learning environment. You will receive easy to follow take home recipes to practice what you've learnt. 
Shanti Yoga cooking workshops are suitable for both beginners, and if you're already a cook and want to try some new healthy, delicious, vegetarian ideas.
The purpose is simple: to help you understand and cook food that is delicious, nurturing, nourishing and that connects you to your inner wisdom.  

Build a delicious foundation for healthy, Ayurvedic eating
Cooking is the best part of a meal. It is a beloved ritual, a rite of passage and a lifelong skill. Cooking a meal is a gesture of generosity and love that can be felt and tasted.
When we cook together in an atomosphere that is relaxed and casual, it is a pressure-less affair. In a family kitchen there are never too many cooks. Standing elbow-to-elbow, while each person peels, chops and dices their contribution to the meal, everyone is involved in a family ritual that brings us closer and creates lasting memories.
Learn kitchen basics in a fun and light-hearted program designed for fledgling cooks, or those who want to feel more confident with healthy Ayurvedic vegetarian cooking techniques. Build a solid foundation for your cooking practice by learning
  • How to organise your kitchen for efficiency
  • The basic equipment every kitchen should have
  • What staples to keep in your pantry
  • How to identify, purchase, and prepare vegetables, fruits, grains, and proteins
  • Fundamental OH&S skills
  • Simple cooking techniques
  • Celebrating the Five Senses
  • Healthy meals for busy people
  • Healing Cuisine
COURSES For everyone

Some of the great delicacies on the menu you will learn can include:

- Ayurvedic tri-doshic basic sauce. 
- Preparing potatoes for your doshic type
- Cabbage cooked in an Ayurvedic basic sauce garnished with shallots. Coconut. Sultanas
- Broccoli
- Pumpkin or Zucchini  and tomatoes, Ayurvedic style
- Dhal: Lentils cooked with mild spices and fresh herbs
- Fragrant rice with roasted cumin and fresh coriander. Parsley. Tomato
- Delicious ways with Tofu. Spinach with ginger and tumeric. Paneer.
- Mushrooms
- Ayurvedic milk. Home-made nut milk, cream, butter
- Pakoras
Course snapshot
Course descriptions:     Learn the art of mastering classic delicious, nourishing vegetarian dishes
                                      that everyone will enjoy in this hands-on workshop. 
Location:                       1/126 Scarborough Street, Southport
Start date:                     24 July 2018    
End date                       18 September 2018
Duration                        9 weeks
Workload                       Part time. Face-to-face. 1 hour a week x 9 weeks of attendance.
Delivery                         Kitchen
Time                              Tuesdays, 4-5pm
Fee                                $500 or $60 per session, pay casually
Please note: The course is offered on specific dates for attendance, and you are enrolling in a specific timetable for the duration of the course. No refunds or rain checks apply.
Resources required:
•  Included is the tuition, the recipes and all the food ingredients.
• Please bring the following implements: your chopping board, chef vegetable knife, peeler, wooden spoon or spatular, spoon for tasting, a small cooking pot and take away container.
• Please bring an apron, washing up sponge, tea towel, a pen and note book.
This short course is non-accredited therefore is not registered with the National Training Register.
The course price includes:
- an introduction to Ayurvedic health principles and offers you ways of using foods to stay in balance and protect your own health as well as that of your family
- your cooking workshop
- hands-on practical experience
- certificate of attendance
- and a skill for life,
all compressed into 9 hours workshop.
• Vegetarian, vegan meals are cooked fresh and can be pre-ordered for purchase on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays @ $12 for a meal
• Frozen, lunchbox meal are available for our students @ the student discounted rate of $8.
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Cook, Taste, Heal. Healthy mind, healthy body cooking residential retreat. 27-29 July 2018.
Ayurvedic Holistic Nutrition
  • Fresh from nature to the freezer
  • Lussi, sweet yoghurt smoothie
  • Creamy rice and date pudding
  • Quick samosas
  • Roti. Qunioa. 
  • Fabulous, healthy desserts
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Introduction to Ayurvedic Vegetarian Cooking
Enjoy a weekend of relaxation, cooking, yoga, rainforest walks and good company
in the most spectacular natural environment, Beechmont Queensland.
There is so much cooking inspiration these days.
Just drop all expectations and cook like no one is watching.
Imperfect is perfect enough.
The world's herbal traditions provide valuable tools
for empowered, connected, and meaningful self-care. 
In this accessible introductory program,
deepen your connection with nature and yourself as you
• Learn the health benefits of Ayurvedic cooking
• Explore culinary edibles, a handful of herbs and spices 
and learn simple techniques for preparing and using them
through demonstrations and hands-on activities
• Integrate mindful practices into cooking and eating
• Come outside to explore earth and sky in Nirvana’s gardens, and forage for edibles
• Connect consciously with nature.
• Weave nature and Ayurvedic wisdom into your diet and lifestyle
and return home with recipes to bring your own Ayurvedic kitchen to life
to enjoy a home cooked meal shared with favourite people

27-29 July 2018

From $750 per person, single room accommodation, shared facilities, 6 meals, program.



Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” Hippocrates
Shanti Yoga™
Health Institute Australia
Australian Government Registered Training Organisation No. 30834
CRICOS Provider No. 03098E




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