Hands-on Assist & Facilitate - Workshop and Training

 Basics, alignment, modifications, adjustments, assisting and correcting


This weekend intensive is for teachers who want to hone their skills in hands-on assists and adjustments as well as depth practitioners interested in growing their practice through an understanding of this art. You will learn the foundations, cautions, safety features, stances, body positions, pressure, appropriate duration and what you might say to help the process in giving and receiving yoga posture adjustments and assistance.
We break down and practice assists that are safe and effective for both the teacher and student for a range of experience levels and asanas: standing poses, backbends, inversions, twists, seated forward folds, hip openers, and more.
We observe common misalignments and assess the most appropriate methods for intervention. Students experience a huge improvement in their range of motion, ability to relax in the posture, balance better and stretch much further after being assisted. The body remembers where it has gone with the help of the teacher and later the student goes even deeper into the postures. Many students feel nurtured, acknowledged and grateful for the extra attention.
Additionally, we touch upon the ethics and best practices for the art of assisting as well as how to navigate injuries and other physical limitations. You need to know how to protect you yourself and your student when you’re working with someone else’s body. 
Prerequisite: Adv Diploma Yoga Teacher Training
Props: non-slip yoga mat; strap; shawl; cushion; blanket; blocks

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