Yoga for a strong, healthy back 


80% of people will suffer from back pain at some point in their life, often debilitating pain, but most problems are undiagnosed, self-diagnosed, and it can be chronic. So what do you do? If you are going to have a healthy back, you will need to educate yourself and take action. For better or worse, it seems obvious that your spinal health must be taken into your own hands.

The simplest level, bending, extending and twisting form the background of most things we do and experience, and have a much greater say in the quality of life than any material possession. Thus spine grooming and hygiene is essential to remove pain. Your spinal column is the central axis of the body for these movements, and proximal stability is essential for functional human movement. Tight hamstrings might not be the cause of back pain. Back pain might actually cause tight hamstrings (chicken vs. egg) - nerve tightness might be the real issue. Lie down on your belly for 3 minutes, and then walk around. Your spinal disks are hydrophilic and require movement to hydrate. When aligned with integrity, your spine will allow you to form a conducting rod between the forces of heaven and earth. When movement is a joy, so is life. On the other hand, if movement is a 'pain', so is living.

You don't have to suffer unnecessarily. I'm inviting you to experience freedom from pain and if you want to, to address the root cause of your pain for good. For the management and treatment of both tissue and nerve based pain, overlapping causes need an understanding of excess, deficiency and stagnation in body, mind and diet. Imagine finally gaining the upper hand over your pain that's stopping you from doing the things you love. If all your movements were more effortless and joyful, how would your life be different, and how would you be different?
Discover how easy it can be to make profound changes. You can learn how to create spinal health through integrated movement and stillness throughout your entire body that both create and maintain a healthy back. These sessions relate to your anatomy, general functional movement, coordination and efficiency of your spine. They will provide you with the knowledge and practice you need to manage your worst pains. I want you to benefit from what we've learnt in 40+ years of helping others. I want you to be part of the thousands of people, many who had suffered years, even decades, and had 'tried it all', who have now found lasting relief with my program. 
With this knowledge, and cutting-edge practices, you're going to enjoy more of your life, and will feel comfortable to take a look at other related issues in your life or in your mind and learn how to set up strategy and mind sets for making permanent, pain free changes by taking yoga into your daily life.

The Healthy Body, Healthy Back Program is conducted at two levels:

General classes, which are fully guided spinal integration practices to relieve back pain without surgery 
Facilitator Training Workshop to train leaders in the Healthy Body, Healthy Back program.
Healthy Body, Healthy Back  - General Program to relieve back pain without surgery

Healthy back, abs, hips and legs classes are done primarily lying down at a very leisurely pace and employ gentle techniques of ease of movement. They involve a systematic approach of subtle and precise movements many of which are executed like embodied contemplations.
A major focus in these sessions is the practice of stabilising the most vulnerable segments of your spine: your neck, lower back and sacro-iliac joints. You will engage in the correct transmission of energy through the sacro-iliac joint and how to both prevent and alleviate discomfort in your lower back and pelvis. You will also practise how to safely mobilise your thoracic spine and hip joints to support fully erect posture throughout life. To support functionally integrated movement you will also engage in several human developmental movement patterns that are essential for healthy spinal function.
The four part process to release stiffness, improve mobility and reduce pain includes:

- Relaxation and Yoga Breathing phase, using Yoga (diaphragmatic, chest and clavicular) breathing to help release stress and tension and improved respiratory function. When you achieve diaphragmatic release it takes away stress and tension from your chest and thoracic spine; and from your solar plexus, stomach, abdominal regions and lumbar spine, giving you better core control.

- Passive stretching and joint release, in harmony with your breathing helps you release tension around the joints of your body and lubricate them. 

- Yogic internal alignment switches the muscular skeletal body into its cosmic matrix and opens up the tubular channels to supply your body more enegy and power.  We work in the core of the body and its extremities to dissolve inflammation and spinal tension in stages all along the spine.

- Spinal integration practising Shanti Yoga asanas to deconstruct and undo knots of tension, unblock energy and provide the body with a spacious container for healing, with greater efficiency and thus less strain on your back.

Participating in these session will assist with ease of movement and improve basic functions such as walking, sitting and standing. I invite you to improve your coordination, experience greater ease of movement, live pain free and improve and maintain your health and movement. Moving with a sense of ease and having awareness of that ease is the personification of self respect.

Attend Healthy Body, Healthy Back classes weekly: 
Tuesday mornings @ 10.30-11.30am 
Tuesday evenings @ 6.30-8.00pm
Thursday mornings @ 10.30-11.30am 
Specialised actions and alignments designed to be helpful for individuals recovering from injury, and those with chronic pain, to help individuals with specific spinal problems. However, participants need to respect the limits of what can be attained within a group class in a short period of time (as contrasted to ongoing one-on-one Yoga therapy).  Movement is not suitable for those with acute back pain.
The Healthy Body, Health Back Program can have a profound influence on the quality of life, movement and skeletal health.
This is a hands-on practical workshop designed to help you make better use of Yoga methods and strategies as solutions to reduce lower back pain, stabilise the lower back, mobilise the neck, shoulders, back and joints, and improve the range of movement. The workshop includes yoga poses and breathing practices which take you deeper than ever into the spinal releases needed to give long term improvements for spinal health. You are encouraged to participate in the practical aspect of learning the inductions so that you can teach people how to relieve back pain without surgery and assist the learning process for them to develop a strong, healthy back.
Due to the sequential nature of this work, students must attend ALL sessions. No partial enrollment possible.
Curriculum includes:
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Back: Anatomy and Physiology
  • Spinal awareness
  • Pain free posture
  • Stand tall - mountain pose
  • Feel revitalised and refreshed.
  • Change your posture and the way you breathe, feel, function, think

  • The Back in Crisis: Solutions for back trouble, herniated discs, neck and shoulder joint
  • Back Pain
  • Backcare
  • Prevention and Management of Back Pain: Avoid a ‘back attack’

  • Rehabilitate and prevent injury

  • Backcare basics: at work, travel, in the bedroom
  • Yoga and Your Back: Foundational Principles + Yoga Therapy +
  • Spine and the Subtle body (kundlini, chakras, nadis)
  • Ayurvedic approach to Health and Disease
  • Ayurvedic Oil Massage (abhyanga)
  • Diet for a Healthy back
  • Other therapies and tools
  • Practices
  • Relax your neck
  • Reduce shoulder tension and liberate your shoulders

  • Hip and Chest openers
  • Undo knots, unblock energy, optimise back strength and stability

  • A more flexible spine - Improve your range of movement

  • Spinal segmenal stabilisation to reduce lower back stress

  • Healthy hips, abs, knees and ankles

  • Yoga Therapy for Stress 
$1595 (Full SYTA member 10% less).
Deposit of $500 required to secure a place.



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