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Specialise in the growing niche area of prenatal yoga teaching. Immerse yourself with a group of like-minded women in HIA prenatal workshop intensive teacher training courses. It's fun and practical, and equips you with the tools for safely teaching yoga to women during all stages of pregnancy as well as help them to prepare for birth and beyond. Read more


If you teach general yoga classes, it's important to know how to adapt poses for pregnancy. After all, you never know when a pregnant student is going to show up. And if you are pregnant, learning how to modify your practice will give you the tools you need to keep going to the classes you love.
Too often, when it comes to physical exercise, some people still consider pregnancy a liability or at best a limitation. A search the internet, reveals verwhelming and contradicting information and we can become paralysed by long lists of precautions about yoga and pregnancy. But the truth is, that when approached mindfully and humbly, yoga practice empowers a pregnant woman with the strength, confidence and patience she needs to birth her baby. 
A woman can continue to attend regular yoga classes throughout her pregnancy. However, this does not mean it will be 'class as usual'. There are ways to modify the yoga practice to accommodate mum’s changing body, and to create space (both mental and physical) to be filled up by her growing baby. 
This workshop is designed for yoga teachers and pregnant women interested in attending open classes throughout pregnancy. Learn how to maintain a strong and steady practice throughout your pregnancy, or if you're a teacher, help all of your students to feel confident and supported on the mat.
You will explore
- The fundamental of pregnancy
- Foundational understanding of Yoga
- Energy systems in Yoga and how they affect the pregnant woman
- Core stability
- Alignment and safety precautions
- Safe modifications of traditional yoga postures in a general yoga class for the pre and post natal student
- Solidify your learning by practical teaching to your cohort of course students
Students will come away with a basic understanding of the stages of pregnancy including common discomforts and conditions associated with each stage, an experiential appreciation for the challenges of practicing yoga in a pregnant body (you practice with “baby bellies!”), and a one-page quick reference of guidelines for pregnant women in open classes to have on hand in your teaching journal or yoga mat bag.
Yoga During Pregnancy by Shanti Gowans


Yoga is a gift to the pregnant mother, her child and her family, as well as a gift to the yoga teacher. It allow everyone to rejuvenate the body, inspire the soul, integrate the whole. 

The session begins with a prenatal yoga class during which participants wear “pregnant bellies” for each trimester to simulate the experience of moving in a prenatal body. 
Class will be followed by theory, practical application and practice teaching for each trimester, including post natal. 
In this Basic Level training, students will learn about 
  • The three trimesters
    • psycho-physiological and hormonal changes in the mother’s body
    • possible body responses to these changes from mum and baby during each trimester. 
    • Pregnancy discomforts during each stage will be explored along with ways to use yoga, non-traditional methods and traditional techniques to help alleviate these discomforts. 
  • Anatomy and Physiology in relation to pregnancy and a woman's body
  • Pranayama, Pregnancy and Birth.
  • Fetal development: the anatomy and physiology of the growing foetus
  • Stages of labour and birth
  • The reproductive system and yoga during pregnancy
    • better posture
    • increased depth and control of respiration
    • increased flexibility
    • balance
    • strengthening the pelvic floor and squatting
    • working with asana modifications and props to modify yoga for various stages of pregnancy and birth
    • accessible variations of contraindicated poses 
    • leading and sequencing a prenatal yoga class - 5 prenatal postural groups
    • relaxation and mood improvement
    • visualisations, meditation, 
    • Prenatal restorative yoga, appropriate asana, assisting
    • daily routine
  • Discussions on
    • better eating
    • pregnancy discomforts and use of asana and pranayama for relief 
    • tips for labour
    • partner pre-natal yoga
    • Gentle massage techniques for pregnancy and labor 
  • Health precautions and safety guidelines,
    • Back problems and pelvic instability during pregnancy
    • Other common prenatal complaints
  • Following childbirth
    • Post natal yoga and ayurvedic care for new mothers: physical, emotional, spiritual
    • Massage
    • Yoga for mums and bubs
    • Aware parenting.

This course is open to yoga teachers and trainees, or anyone who works with pregnant women and mothers, including midwives, doulas and nurses. Preferably, attendees will have at least one year's yoga practice experience. Pregnant women are welcome to attend, ideally from 14 weeks gestation onwards. 

Students will leave confident, qualified and comfortable to teach prenatal yoga. 



This is a course for women's health in general, to rejuvenate the body, inspire the soul, integrate the whole. From menstruation to menopause with stuff in between. 

Includes: the mind-body, anorexia, PMT, healing pelvic floor trauma, re-claiming your power, sensuality, pleasure potential, emotions, mood and endorphins. The reproductive system and yoga during pregnancy, better posture, increased depth and control of respiration, increased flexibility, balance, relaxation and mood improvement; daily routine, health precautions. Following childbirth: Post natal; yoga and ayurvedic massage; yoga mums and bubs; aware parenting.


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