Pre-accreditation Teacher Upgrade

I have been actively, unbrokenly and ongoingly teaching Yoga and Meditation in Australia for more than 45 years, ever since I came to Australia from India, where I was trained in the art and science of classical yoga in the gurukula system. Additionally, I have been studying Ayurveda and other fields related to physical and mental health in great detail. This has prompted me to teach yoga for the well being of body, mind and spirit.

Many of my long term students have greatly assisted me for over four decades. They know the work by initially being students of it, practise it, and are now teaching it. Their input, together with great strides in yoga research in India and all over the world, and in addition to my continuous yoga practice and teaching has enabled me to apply and refine the art and science of yoga for well being, and make it clear, rational, deep and yet unambiguous. It offers so many students and practitioner of yoga a life of health and meaning. There is such a need for the deeper, holistic and wellness practices of yoga in a world of increasing stress, pollution and turmoil today. Shanti Yoga for well being has been tried and tested. It is indeed a priviledge to offer an accredited yogic teaching path to health and well being to all those who are interested in taking their yoga further.

The approach I have taken draws on the knowledge contained within several ancient, wisdom texts, especially the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, The Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita, Charaka Samhita, Sushurat Samhita and Ashtanga Hridyam.

The main inspiration for this work is the holistic nature of classical yoga, which includes the primary practices of asana (physical positions), pranayama (yoga breathing), nidra (deep, conscious relaxation), ably supported by dharana (concentration), and dyhana (meditation), and underpinned by yoga's philosophy, psychology and ehtics. The science of Ayurveda compliements yoga in providing a comprehensive wellness system for body, mind and spirit. The practical application of both is illustrated by numerous case studies of students we have taught over the last four decades.

Yoga deals primarily with the management of the mind. It's wisdom and practices show how to increase mental balance, clarity and sanity. The foundation for this is the underlying unity beneath the world of change, the polarised divisions within this unity that create apparent opposites, and the three primal qualities, known as the gunas. The cornerstones are the eight limbs of classical yoga.

Ayureda is mainly concerned with how to maintain and restore balance in the qualities and functions in the body. For this it uses the model of the five elements that represent the fundamental building blocks of everything in the manifested universe, and which effect the qualities and functions of the environment, body types, food and everything.

Both Yoga and Ayurveda stem from the same Vedic source, and are part of the wisdom heritage of the world. Their guidelines for health, wellness, diet, lifestyle and psychological order are complementary. Yoga and Ayurveda form a comprehensive integrated working model and address all aspects of well being.

Teacher Training course are suitable for both the yoga practitiner and the yoga teacher. They offer robust education and training in Teaching Yoga for Well Being.

Shanti Yoga is integral to who you are as teachers. Many of you who have drunk from the well that is deep with experience, knowledge and sincerity now reflect as best you can, and in as many ways that you naturally can, the grace and generosity of the teachings that you have learnt from Shantiji, to your students. 
Shanti Yoga is organic and continually evolving. Teacher Training is continually developing. Additionally, with accreditation, the bar has been raised considerably. Accredited teachers have mastered the material for a specific course, at a specific education, training and research level, and have the Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australia's support to teach at that level and employ our resources in their classes.  
We also welcome teachers from other traditions to gain qualifications, upgrade and collaborate with us.
Please contact us. Thank you.
Certificate IV in Yoga
The pre-accreditation Shanti Yoga Teacher Training course, is equivalent to the current government recognised Certificate IV in Yoga Education (600 hours). It provides Yoga for Life. The usual fee for RCC and RPL (which needs to be mapped), and for the upgrade to bring the student to equivalent and current levels, is 70% of the current fee.

For those teachers who are pre-accreditation and who have undertaken Shanti Yoga's fabulous opportunity -the chance to update their qualifications through the Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australia and received training as an intensive, together with two manuals: The brand new upgraded Asana Manual (normally $3500), which includes scripts for each stage of the practice, and Healthy Body, the A&P for yoga teachers manual (normally $295), your certification based upon 100% attendance at the upgrade is currently available. This is an accredited Certificate IV in Yoga, Code 10553NAT.

Diploma of Yoga Teaching
The current, government accredited qualification which The Health Institute Diploma of Yoga Teaching and Life Skills graduates have been trained at, is a 1200 hour teacher training course over a minimum period of two years, inclusive of 8 yoga weekend residential retreats (@ 20 hours of practice and philosophy per retreat), 40 days dedicated to tutorial and practicum, and considerable time on the mat and meditation cushion for personal practice. Graduates have also completed all assignments and practical tests at the Diploma level.
You will need to:
  1. purchase a current set of notes and study them. 
  2. complete all the homework and assignments for the Diploma of Yoga Teaching, units 1-10 as we require them for your evidence portfolio.
  3. When you are ready (but not beyond 1 year of completed studies) you must sit for a practical exam, in each section of the practical work, after having paid the current exam fee. 
Note: There is no theory exam for the Diploma upgrade for those who have already hold qualifications issued prior to accreditation.

Repeating Courses

If you're a past graduate from Shanti Yoga courses and would like to attend again, we have a graduates rate to make it very easy and most affordable for you. You can attend the entire course for just 50% of the current course fee, inclusive of full tutorial attendance and retreats, where applicable. (Conditions apply. Fees do not include annual pass, training manual, learning aids, course text books etc, which you would have received from your earlier attendance. Please note however, as we have a continuing development policy, many of the notes and text books could have been revised. You must fund these yourself.). Come prepared to learn new things, play with new ideas, laugh with others, support your fellow students, have a great time and find renewed inspiration and tons of new teaching skills.

Fee assistance

The Shanti Yoga Health Institute plays an important role in the nurturing and strength of her teaching community and provides opportunities to expose trainees and graduates to training in skills that enrich community, communication and culture, to facilitate a solid background and experience within a meditative and contemplative tradition such as ours. In addition, the Shanti Yoga Health Institute also organises social events and celebrations, assists with visiting members and teachers, and works closely with the Practice and Education team, childcare education and its graduates.
Various forms of fee assistance is available to eligible students, which include government assistance in the form of austudy and rent allowance, to HIA assistance in the form of payment plans, scholarships, placement positions and opportunities to appropriate members who have suitable knowledge and experience with the Shanti Yoga tradition and teaching. This is a privilege, not a right.
Requirements necessary for a staff teaching position through THI
We support teachers at various Shanti Yoga recognition levels who:  
  • have a solid knowledge of the Shanti yoga series you are teaching, both in it's asana, vinyasa (sequence), and in it's philosophy.
  • have a command of the room: an attitude of confidence, discipline and curiosity, authority and love.
  • are friendly and outgoing.
  • are available some weekends and daytime or evenings during the week
  • have an understanding of different communication techniques to offer the most effective instruction.
  • teach to the breath and the importance of the breath throughout the class.
  • offer modifications to those students who need different options.
  • understand alignment principles for the safety of the body.
  • verbally offer adjustments and physical assists for a wide range of needs - that is, physical modification for those struggling, and deepening assists for those capable of a deeper experience.
  • if posed with a question you don't know, they say so and attempt to learn.
  • have 100% loyalty and commitment to the Shanti Yoga tradition and no conflict of interests
  • continue to train and upgrade through the programs offered by Health Institute Australia.
All this means that you must have had some considerable, intensive, technical Shanti Yoga training that can take place in a variety of venues.
You must also:
  • have a regular yoga practice yourself.
  • have the ability to demonstrate (physically/verbally) either all the poses, or modifications of the poses you present.
  • demonstrate an understanding of mudras and bandhas and know how to teach students to be aware of and use them.
  • have a firm understanding of the asanas, pranayamas and kriyas in the sequences you are teaching and how to teach them.
  • be computer savvy.
  • be familiar with or interest in web-conferencing technology.
  • be a current member of SYTA. Only full members can use the letters SYTA after their name or in advertising.

About Shantiji

Shanti Gowans is the globally recognised author and founder of Shanti Yoga™, Meditation and Ayurveda for the self, family and community.

Shantiji has brought the concepts and practices of a healthy body and a still mind to thousands of Australians through her Yoga and Meditation programs on national television... Read more about Shantiji's biography

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