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  Spirit of Yoga in Transformation and Association

  making enlightened society possible

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. 
But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
                                                                        Mother Theresa
SYTA stands for the Shanti Yoga Teachers Association. It is the peak industry body for the Shanti Yoga industry in Australia and internationally
Vision Statement
SYTA is the voice of the Yoga community that empowers individuals, communities and humanity to achieve health and well being through the practices of Yoga and allied practices. It is the Spirit of Yoga in Transformation, Therapy and Association, the body that takes the mission of Shanti Yoga, through its members and graduates, from heart to heart, door to door, shore to shore. 
The purpose of the Association is to provide leadership within the Yoga profession and to provide a positive vision for Yoga and its holistic approach to health and wellness. We carry out our mission by creating and implementing a dynamic strategic plan to ensure the professional growth and success of Yoga.
The mission of SYTA is to assist its members promote optimal health for all, by encouraging the mind-body transformational practices of Shanti yoga. 
Membership in SYTA will continue to empower, inspire, encourage and evolve a life-changing shift in consciousness that will catalyse and continue your amazing transformation in changing lives. 
If you are seeking a deeper level of participation, and to mirror your potential in the company of other already successful and spiritually evolved yogis, membership in SYTA will continue your life-changing journey.
Live the dream, and manifest your destiny.

The Shanti Yoga Teachers Association

Founded by Shanti Gowans, the inspiration behind Shanti Yoga, for students, teachers and friends; supported by SYTA membership fees, and subsidised by Shanti Yoga and Nirvana Holdings, together with the Health Institute Australia's programs, income, and donations, SYTA is an association of individuals within the Shanti Yoga community who have pledged themselves to adopting and teaching the transformational Shanti Yoga path, and building an enlightened society that works towards a common goal: yoga from heart to heart, door to door, shore to shore.
SYTA members, having asked mystical questions about the significance and potential of human consciousness, have chosen to make Shanti Yoga the context through which they endeavour to live ever more deeply imbued by wisdom and compassion. The community thus consists of people devoted to living happier, healthier and beneficial lives. Members have made an informal commitment, traditionally known as ‘taking refuge’ in the wisdom, teachings (dharma) and community (sangha) as the central point of their lives. Students and practitioners are located worldwide and represent a powerful force for positive change - by being the change we want to see. We are honoured for having received this treasury of teachings from a rare and brilliant master, and for having used these transformational practices to help the people of the future by creating change now. We remind ourselves: If not now, when? If not us, who?
Shantiji welcomes all current and long-time Shanti Yoga students to join her in reaffirming, celebrating and deep commitment to this vision. Friends are also welcome.
• To celebrate our relationships with one another
• To strengthen our Shanti Yoga community and family
• To continue to do what we do best
• To change whatever needs to be changed
• To shape the future, honouring the past

Who can join

Graduates of the Health Institute Australia's Yoga Teacher Training courses can apply for membership with SYTA. 

SYTA is open to anyone who is sincerely and effectively committed to the Shanti Yoga path, and explore how we can personally, communally and globally apply living peace as the basic guiding force in our lives, and to the world. With the world seemingly at crossroads, socially and environmentally, we can aim to arouse courage and confidence to truly establish enlightened society.

Members try to lead a wholehearted yogic life and bring a dharmic perspective to all aspects of their life. They are not monks or nuns. What matters is both the spiritual commitment that they have made, and the lifestyle they adopt in working towards realising a society of greater wholesomeness. They aspire to live healthy and meaningful lives, to transform the dense lead of human suffering into the gold of enlightened consciousness and assist themselves and others with wellbeing, battling debilitating illness and degenerative diseases. 
Every SYTA member undertakes to practise a traditional set of 10 ethical precepts, the yamas and niyamas. These point to basic principles applied to all actions of body, speech and mind. Both genders of SYTA members are able to follow the same precepts and practise on an equal basis.
All Yoga Teachers, Teachers in training and friends of Shanti Yoga are cordially invited to apply for membership of Shanti Yoga Teachers Association, International (SYTA International) the association of professional yoga teachers. 
Full membership is available to those who have successfully completed the Shanti Yoga Health Institute Diploma in Yoga Teaching Course or higher, or for those living overseas, on application to and successful examination by the Committee of Management. It is recommended that full members of SYTA be engaged in a program of ongoing professional development that earns the required points in each 3 years of membership and maintain ongoing records for accuracy that are available, if requested. 
Fees are due on the 1st of Septmeber each year.‚Äč 
  1. Affilate Sales Member $199
  2. Full member                $  99  
  3. Associate and Friend  $  66 

Please note: Only full members can use the letters SYTA after their name or in advertising.

Membership Discounts
• Affiliate Sales Members get 30% off all Pure Shanti™ Products, minimum sales of $130.
• Full Members receive 10% off all Pure Shanti™ Products, Publications, Post Graduate Courses and Workshops, as well as access to networking and volunteering opportunities with other professionals and organisations. 
• Associate members and Friends receive 5% off all Pure Shanti™ Products, Post Graduate Courses and Workshops.
Sorry, no double dipping.
Practice in Mutuality, Truly Deepening Your Life, Community and Practice
Whether you have been teaching yoga for years or are recently certified, you will find inspiration, training, support and community with us. Reinvigorate your teaching and commitment, attend master classes, add to your teaching toolbox with workshops and courses, get re-inspired at retreat, celebrate with concerts, food, dancing and chanting and the SYTA annual residential get-together. 
SYTA Weekend residential 
Friday - Sunday, 10-12 May 2019: 
Kundalini is the underbelly that describes the entire cosmic creation condensed within a coil, the infinite source of energy that resides within you. Its awakening is derived by cultivating the sharp, vibrant and uplifted energy that overcomes the traps and primary obstacles to growth and learning, releasing the energetic potential that transcends all duality. By inhabiting the internal spaces of the body of the cosmos, the constructed or imagined boundary between self and other dissolves. When you awaken the cosmic serpent, you recreate your reality into an enlghtened state where our energy levels will soar. You harness the movement of energy within you, awaken extraordinary powers of the mind, achieve the state of pure potentiality where your desire begin to materialise, access altered states of consciousness and unlock feelings of pleasure, bliss and peace of mind. You uncover an unbounded expanse of unified, transparent presence that pervades your body and the environment as a whole. 
Moving the mind and stilling the mind are practices which are experiential, not conceptual. The applications are as limitless as the capacity of the mind itself and as healing as the heart is boundless. 
It is for anyone interested in reclaiming wholeness through synchronising body, mind and spirit and includes exploring the archetypes of healing and transformation in psychological education and health via yoga and meditation.
Category Nirvana Wellness Retreats
Venue Nirvana Wellness Retreat 87 Binnaburra Rd, Beechmont
Dates Friday 10th May - Sunday 12th May 2019
Start Time     6:00pm
End Time After lunch on Sunday
  • takes an active role to build a better future for every Shanti Yoga teacher
  • provides wide exposure 
  • builds trust, loyalty and deepening relationships with current and potential teachers
  • provides members with great financial benefits for membership investment
  • increases your profile and allows you broadcast your integrity by branding your business 
  • provides the option to reward your students with Shanti Yoga products and services
Student claiming benefits for yoga classes
As a result of recent changes in government legislation, health fund regulations state that all students wishing to claim benefits for yoga classes need to have a teacher who:
- Has been trained by and is a current member of a recognised Yoga Teacher Training Organisation.
- Is involved in ongoing, continuing, professional development.
- Has a current First Aid Certificate.

Shanti Yoga fee assistance

The Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australia plays an important role in the nurturing and strength of the community and provides opportunities to expose trainees and graduates to training in skills that enrich community, communication and culture, to facilitate a solid background and experience within a meditative and contemplative tradition such as ours. In addition, the Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australia Membership  also organises social events and celebrations, assists with visiting members and teachers, and works closely with the Practice and Education team, childcare education and its graduates.
Various positions are available to members who have knowledge and experience with the Shanti Yoga tradition and teaching. 


1. Practise nonviolence in thought, speech and actions. The hurt of one is the hurt of all. The honour of one is the honour of all.  

2. Be truthful at all times. 

3. Do not take what is not given. Acting with respect is a fundamental given for all beings with noble aspirations. Respect animals, people, the planet, their belongings.

4. Practise generosity. Everything counts. Cultivate a grateful heart for the gift of life and so many other gifts. Shower blessings and give thanks every morning upon waking up and in the evening before falling asleep. 

5. All actions (including thoughts, which are actions in mind), have consequences. Act from your God space. Demonstrate the courage and strength to be your most noble self. 

6. Treat visitors and guests with honour and consideration. Provide them with your best food and comforts. 

7. Receive strangers and outsiders kindly. People from all races are children of the universe and must be respected. See a stranger as a friend you have yet to meet. 

8. Observe discipline, moderation, balance and mindfulness in all things. Understand what leads to your wellbeing and what leads to your destruction. Make wise choices.

9. Respect wisdom. Listen to and follow the guidance from your heart. Guidance comes in many forms, such as in stillness and solitude, in dreams, in the words and actions of parents, teachers, elders, friends, children, animals, strangers. By reserved in giving advice. Once you give advice, it no longer belongs to you; it belongs to everybody. 

10. To serve others, to be of some use to family, community or nation is one of the main purposes which makes life become meaningful. True happiness comes to those who dedicate their lives to the service of others. 



About Shantiji

Shanti Gowans is the globally recognised author and founder of Shanti Yoga™, Meditation and Ayurveda for the self, family and community.

Shantiji has brought the concepts and practices of a healthy body and a still mind to thousands of Australians through her Yoga and Meditation programs on national television... Read more about Shantiji's biography

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