SYTA Membership
SYTA International is the professional association relevant to Shanti Yoga modality.

Membership Categories

Membership categories is at four levels: 
  1. Retail associate             $199
  2. Full Teacher/Supporter  $  99
  3. Associate and friend      $  55
  4. Benefactor
​1. Retail Associates
are full SYTA members who are eligible for wholesale discounts on Shanti Yoga goods and services .

2. Full membership to SYTA is in two categories:

Accredited teaching members who have undergone Shanti Yoga training upto at least the Diploma in Yoga teaching level.

Essential staff and non-teaching supporters of Shanti Yoga who have undergone The Meditation Institute Shanti Yoga training (pre accreditation).

3. Associates are professionals who have trained in other yogic or sister disciplines and want to be affiliated with SYTA.

Friends are students and friends of SYTA benefactors, full members and associates.​ 

4. Benefactors
are those who have invested in Shanti Yoga goods and services
Membership Administration
  • Membership is renewed on the 1st of September each year.
  • Yearly renewal of membership is evaluated and subject to a review prior to the end of expiry date and renewal will be granted upon the satisfactory operation within the bounds of Shanti Yoga guidelines in both teaching and behavioural ethics.
  • Renewal needs to be accompanied with currency in CPD and in first aid.
  • Membership in a professional association is necessary for Yoga Teaching insurance.
  • SYTA International reserves the right to discontinue certification for members at the discretion of the principal.
Membership Obligations

Membership implies:

  • a set of shared principles and agreements
  • attainment of specific enterprise competencies and standards
  • achievement of community priorities
  • the continuing development of training to keep upgrading the profession
  • an important source of advice, support and guidance.

Outlined is a summary of what students of Yoga Teacher Training need to understand:

• Shanti Yoga copyright exists on all texts, notes and handouts. You are most welcome to teach the mateiral, but please spread the context of its source.

• 15 km distance

• Professional interactions re. non-fraternisation (birds and bees) with Shanti Yoga students and your own future students.

• The teacher/trainee appropriateness in dress, behaviour and language whilst in attendance to all related Shanti Yoga/Health Institute classes and functions

• Teach only within your scope (as described in Shanti Yoga notes). Failure to do so results in expulsion from SYTA and Health Institute Australia.

SYTA annual residential retreat
SYTA is pleased to announce its annual Shanti Yoga Conference and Workshop on 21-24 August 2015, at Nirvana Wellness retreat, on the Gold Coast. All members are invited to join us for this wonderful event that gives us the chance to practice, serve and celebrate together, sharing expertise and views on both traditional Shanti Yoga and Ayurveda. Shanti Yoga is proud to highlight the achievements and expertise of Shanti Yoga teachers who are making their mark in the world and we aim to provide members with the opportunity to present your perspective on the yoga scene in your circles.
Come and eat lots of good food and be a part of our resident community. Smile with the flowers and the green grass. Play with the butterflies, chickens and cows. Shake hands with the shrubs, ferns and twigs of trees. Talk to the rainbow, the wind and the sun. Converse with the running spring and the stars in the sky. Develop friendship with your fellow retreatants, dogs, human beings, trees, saplings and forest friends. Then you will have a wide, perfect, rich, full life. You will realise the oneness or unity of life. This cannot be described in words. Come and feel this yourself.
SYTA Professional Development & Community Building Retreat
2018 residential retreat dates: 10-12 August
Fee: Full SYTA members $495 (normally $596) for twin share accommodation for this retreat ,
a saving of $100


Contact us to receive your membership application form. Ph: (07) 5531 0511. 

1. Information. Be kept up todate with information, news and developments about your field and profession.

2. Professional Development. Access to professional development resources and training.

3. Networking. Network with others in your field and be connected with like-minded professionals and the industry.

4. Credibility. Gain credibility, nationally and internationally.

5. Professional Commitment. Demonstrate  your  commitment to your profession.

6. Recognition. Recognition and accreditation available for members that hold relevant qualifications.

7. Be associated with a strong Code of Ethics – Professional Practice!


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