Wellness @ WorkMindfullness and Heartfullness
What future are you envisioning?
Training in creating an uplifting climate at work
and thus expanding organisational growth. 

Who we are 
Nirvana Wellness Retreat is a 70 acre sanctuary nestled in the mountains of the Gold Coast, Beechmont, S.E. Queendsland, less than an hour's drive from Brisbane or Coolangatta Airports.

It is run by the team from Health Institute Australasia (HIA) with 45+ years of experience in developing and operating Wellness Centres, specialising in Mindfullness-Hedartfullness and its application in leadership, teambuilding, stress management and corporate health. Allied wisdom practices such as meditation, gentle yoga practices and ayurvedic wellness, together with a delicious, plant-based diet are provided. These enrichment workshops are part of HIA's wellness@work services. They immediately improve personal and team morale, productivity levels and motivation.

Our programs are thorough, individual, flexible, innovative, integrated and universally applicable.

Wellness @ Work

To reject change is to reject tomorrow. 
                                        Shanti Gowans
There is a basic wisdom that can help solve the world's problems. It does not belong to any culture or religion but rather to a timeless tradition of human courage, the key to which lies in not being afraid of who we are: human beings. Nirvana's programs are based on the application of this fundamental wisdom. It's principles, processes and practices engage the participant to bring out universal inspirations, intelligence and energy which leads to success in any endeavour, including business.
Employee wellness and workplace wellness have been empirically linked. Engaged employees are those who use their discretionary efforts for the good of the company. They come in early, are excited by their work and are connected to the purpose of the organisation. Employee health, resilience and sustainable high performance is a competitive advantage for all organisations, large and small. To be effective, productive, nourished and spiritually healthy, employees are trained in a set of practical and holistic skills applicable to any situation. Workplace wellness programs directly contribute to employee productivity and wellness. 
A new generation of business leaders is turning to mindfulness as a cutting-edge management tool. Scientific research suggests that the practice of mindfulness can help individuals gain clarity, reduce stress, optimise their performance and develop a greater sense of wellbeing. This greatly assists in the blossoming of precious wealth, minimising chronic absenteeism, employee turnover, stress claims and lagging productivity. As increased stress has direct links to mental illness and workplace injury, this training provides practical and beneficial tools for sustaining a balanced and calm work and home life. Skills and abilities are not only used for personal growth and advancement but also with social responsibility to benefit of the world. 
Our approach
We work towards self-fulfilment of the individual towards corporate success. Each individual in training gains from participating in an inspiring, practical program that points the way to creative Self mastery and their contribution to the world through the work they do. This powerful framework allows the individual to seamlessly integrate and develop both themselves and their service to others.
Listening. Questioning. Understanding. We spend time to engage, understand your concerns, and desires for the future. We ask questions to establish a shared understanding. In this way we can jointly achieve ideal results.
Everyday enlightened action. Practical experiental workshops, supported with take-home notes and practice aids which assist in the cultivation of the findamental principles, the abc's for success: attitude, belief, commitment. Success arises as a result of participants contribution and actions. Everyone benefits from spirituality and nourishment in the workplace.
Teams and Leaders. Obviously benefits are multiplied when you train your entire team. Nirvana @ Work is known to build comaraderie, reduce stress, increase the health and wellbeing of participants, reduce illness, increase job satisfaction and increase productivity and wellbeing for all.. 
We can come to you, or your team can come out of their normal, everyday, work environment and step into ours. Located in Southport and Beechmont, our premises provide the perfect venue. 
Workplace Wellbeing and Stress Management 

Enjoyable and inspiring programs for personal and organisational wellbeing, team building and leadership development that consistently deliver proven results. 

HIA's Signature Services and Programs



Mindfulness-based stress management training
to stay calm in the midst of chaos.
This program nullifies the cost in wear and tear of chronic stress
and provides easy-to-implement skills to engage
the relaxation response and the parasympathetic nervous system, 
which are perennial tonics to stress reactivity.  

By learning to look within for self fulfilment, connecting the dots to life, and practising enlightened stress management, participants learn, enjoy and benefit from more than band-aid solutions.

Addressing concentration, procrastination, self-sabotage, shifting limiting habits of mind and negative beliefs, building trust and emotional intelligence, and learning how to cultivate amazing mind power to become a better thinker. We explore aspects such as sustainably, support, and an enlightened culture at work, to create a more healthy, just, sane, compassionate and reflective corporate culture, in service to ourselves, humankind and the planet. 

The results include 
better quality of rest and sleep, better digestive health, increased energy, reduction of depression and anxiety. 
Mindfulness is about being intentional.
The elements that accompany this practice are curiosity, acceptance and being non judgemental.
We all long to come to our true home where our essence embraces the moment
with love, acceptance and joy.
Yet, especially in stressful times,
we often find ourselves
caught up in difficult emotions and unwholesome behaviors
that keep us snared in unhappiness.
In this experiential workshop-retreat, we explore how, through mindfulness and presence,
the terrain of difficult emotions can be traversed.   
Participants will be guided in establishing a personal mindfulness program and relaxing into presence.
Live your best life.
Health is a choice.
It needs a decision,
and committment to follow through to sustain the choice.
Let's explore the journey to health and healing.
Practical education in the art of living better longer.
Commit to making your life extraordinary
with vision, values, purpose, action, resilience, optimism, communication and self mastery. 
Incorporates healthy lifestyle, dietary health, weight management and nutritional wellness from Ayurveda, the science of life, healthy mind, breath energy, healthy back, stress busters and positive thinking.
Respectful relationships and team building
Building for a common language in which to communicate
and common work goals to strive for, 
arise from pre-vision and preparation,
co-manifesting the dream-vision,
and post-vision actions to fulfil the vision blueprint.
Stress busting and team bonding.
One inspired rhythm that increases vision and communication.  


What's it all about?
What's life all about?
What is my life all about?
The search for nourishment and authenticity,
to be fully present in life, in the moment, especially at work,
is increasing. 
Work is one of our primary activities on the planet.
It serves our community, our planet and us.
Mind-body wellbeing
Outstanding programs in health and wellbeing that unite nature, mindfulness-heartfulness, meditation, stress release relaxation, Ayurveda, gentle Yoga stretching and breathing, delicious, nourishing food, and time out.

Life or business isn't just about the pursuit of making money: it's about who you become in the process

A stronger person
More independent
Happier, for sure
Outcomes include: 
increased resilience, accountability, focus, productivity, energy
and connection within the family and relationships.


Work, Wealth, Wisdom
The spiritual guide to attracting and creating abundance
for the small buisness owner and team.
What future are you envisioning?
Explore the interplay of mindfulness, the cosmos, and livelihood in life. 
and where we are in our healing process with money
so that we can move from scarcely surviving to thriving. 
Develop the personal understanding and wisdom that helps create a roadmap
for building an enlightened society in whatever the current state of the economy. 
Getting to the heart and soul of being …in business
HIA's Corporate Mission 
Co-creating an enlightened world.  
Health Institute Australasia (HIA) assists individuals, communities and organisations to realise their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of mindfulness-heartfulness, mindful breathing, mindful movement and stretching, and ayurvedic health sciences. These practices engage what can truly make a person thrive, integrating body, mind and spitit, helping both individuals and groups flourish. 
At individual and organisational levels, participants discover purpose, uncover meaning, manage stress, depression, exhaustion and burnout, align their aspirations with their deeper drives, and re-charge their organisational culture with engagement, enthusiasm and energy which arises from the fulfillment achieved by better work-life balance. 
While grounded in classical wisdom practices from the East, HIA embraces enquiry many contemporary practices, philosophies, disciplines and approaches that produce thriving. This cross-pollination of the perennial wisdom gleaned from the world's spiritual traditions, knowledged gained from contemporary sciences, psychology and research, and healing drawn from traditional, allopathic, complementary and alternative medicine make for a rich and fertile results.
As an institution, HIA is dedicated to the rigorous and nondogmatic inquiry into the core issues of life. This helps free an individual from fear, fantasy and distortions and encourages positive ways of being in the world. To support this, HIA operates in accord with a set of core values that include integrity, presence, inquiry, service, compassion and the practice of mindfulness-heartfulness. 
Stressed out, sedentary, and overweight participants find mindfulness meditation and practices based on yoga principles designed to reduce anxiety and lifestyle pressures to be of tremendous benefit towards robust behavioural changes, building resilience and the renewal of energy. Physical wellbeing, improved concentration and mindfulness are skills that empower the participant to cope more readily, thereby enabling them to creatively overcome problems, and be more productive.
 We offer 

Mindfulness-Heartfulness Residential Retreats for Management

Healthy back Care - How to manage back pain and strengthen the back

Living without Pain

From Ageing to Sageing

Ending Sleepless Nights

Yoga on and off the mat

Complementary Therapies for Individuals

On-Site wellbeing

Nutritional Wellness support. Weightloss meals. Cooking courses. Ayurvedic herbal medicines.

Ayurvedic Health Consultations.

Aligning the body - aligning to Spirit

Public Speaking through Drama

The Hero's Journey  

One-to-one massage and coaching for senior leaders, managers and employees.



About Shantiji

Shanti Gowans is the globally recognised author and founder of Shanti Yoga™, Meditation and Ayurveda for the self, family and community.

Shantiji has brought the concepts and practices of a healthy body and a still mind to thousands of Australians through her Yoga and Meditation programs on national television... Read more about Shantiji's biography

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