Description of Classes 

The practice of yoga is reaching more and more people from all walks of life with different needs, wants and desires. Yoga isn't just fitness, exercise, stretching or asana. Yoga is deeper because it is holistic. Shanti Yoga is a dramatically different style of yoga. It's gentle and easy, but profoundly healing for any body, and on all levels: stiff, inflexible, crazy, busy, in chronic pain, overweight, fibromyalgia, arthritis, rehabilitation, diabetes, mature age, children, teachers, beginners, long-term yoga practitioners, stressed, back and neck injuries, chronic fatigue. It is not about acrobatics, force, exertion or strain, heated rooms or standing on your head. It's a disciplined practice that aligns breath, focused concentration, gentle movement and awareness for exercise, healing and meditation. This cultivates mind and body simultaneously by guiding the flow of internal energy through the system of meridians.
The process is threefold:
  • Outer yoga is physically strengthening, with deep, core openings in your joints and lengthening your entire spine, from your tailbone to your neck 
  • inner yoga nourishes the internal organs and gathers and conserves living energy (prana), and 
  • integral yoga dissolves the duality of mind and body to merge with the primordial energy of the cosmos. you experience yourself at the deepest level of your being.
Every Shanti Yoga class is a multilevel class, which is fully guided and demonstrated, with guided awareness, breathing and safety features incorporated throughout the class. Beginners are able to attend all of the Shanti yoga timetabled classes because of the way that Shanti Yoga is designed and taught. A combination of three styles of yoga are taught in each class (Restorative, Shanti Yoga vinyasa, and Hatha) together with Pranayama (yoga breathing), Nidra (yoga relaxation) and Meditation. 
No spiritual discipline is compete without integrating its formal practices into everyday life. In this respect, Shanti Yoga advocates a lifestyle of celebration and harmony, encourages the cultivation of generosity, compassion and wisdom and fosters the development of reverence and respect for ourselves and the world.
  • Unstiffen your supple body (yoga asana and kriyas)
  • Unchatter your quiet mind (deep relaxation, concentration and meditation)
  • Unfreeze your fiery heart (pranayama, breathing practices and pratyahara, which means sensory management)
What to bring: Your yoga mat is waiting for you. At the Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australia we provide thicker mats which offer comfort, stability and serenity to bring a new level of enjoyment and comfort to your yoga practice. It is the preferred mat for Shanti Yoga students who might need a little extra relief from joint pain and ideal for restorative and relaxing practice as it allows the body to feel more supported by the floor. We also provide cushions, blankets, foam blocks, straps and filtered water. Our yoga studio has reverse cycle air-conditioning and heating. Please arrive 5-10 minutes earlier for your first class to fill in an application form in case of any medical history that the teacher needs to know about. Please bring a fresh towel to place on the mats provided and something comfortable to wear. 
Below is an alphabetically listed explanation of classes.


Grounding, core yoga, gentle breath, quiet mind
neuro-rehabilitation and flexibility (Tues & Thurs. 10.30-11.30am ). 
Practised on the floor, either sitting or lying down, at a remedial pace that strengthens the body from the inside out. A slower class, with stillness, yielding, surrender and receptivity that presents the grounded, humble and gentle foundations needed for your journey to health, mobility and strength for the core - your lower back, abdominals, pelvis and legs. You will practice the simple, therapeutic pleasures of detoxifying your lymph system, toning your joints, stretching your muscles and invigorating your internal organs, without difficulty or pain. The long, slow-release, healing, floor stretches will help you release deep inner tensions and restore your body’s natural fluidity and sensitivity. Classical Hatha Yoga practices that are remedial and assist in the reduction of pain, spasming, rigidity and stress, and increase abdominal tone, while deepening your awareness of your body, mind and spirit. For beginners and experienced students alike. If your schedule permits, stay on for the next class, and enjoy Healthy and Active Yoga Flow, and finish by resting with the icing on the cake, Yoga Nidra, guided relaxation and self healing, for a truly wonderful experience.  

Guided deep relaxation and self healingyoga nidra.  When the mind touches the body, cells respond (Tues 12.30-1.20pm & Wed 6.30-7.30pm) 

The literal translation of yoga nidra is yogic sleep. It is simple, guided, transformative, physical relaxation session with imagery, that starts with surface-level change and then goes deep into your subconscious mind, so that your innermost limiting beliefs and mindsets can change, with long term and permanent results. Its practice is integrative. It heals unresolved issues and traumas that are present in your mind and body and enables you to access your innate peace of mind that is intrinsically present amidst life's changing scenery.

Practiced lying down, designed to let you rest and relax deeply, release stress, find your own stillness and calm, increase your resilience, improve your interpersonal relationships and provide you with a greater sense of mastery and control in your life which leads to inner peace and spontaneous healing. Yoga nidra leads to a blissful experience, where the body is able to totally let go and the mind becomes calm and clear. Relax and heal. For stress relief and self healing.

Featured CDs for home practice • Samadhi • Origins Yearnings Destiny • Deep Relaxation and Self Healing


Easy, gentle flow yoga  (Mon 10.15-11.30am, Tues & Thurs 11.30am-12.30pm)

Bring awareness and peace to your morning as you take time to nurture your body and mind. Yoga stretches and exercise for muscles, joints, glands and internal organs. A well-rounded class that coaxes you to engage in a gentle, yet powerful way to use your limbs, spine, muscles and lungs and contains all the Shanti Yoga elements. It starts on the floor with a short meditation, followed by yoga breathing (pranayama) and includes slow release floor stretches that restore health and are strenghtening. The deep breathing practices during the class help to connect breath and movement, balance your energies and experience freedom and relaxation. The class concludes with Shanti yoga sun salutation. For mind-body wellbeing. Walk-in stressed-out, walk-out energised. This class is suitable for everyone.
Featured DVD for home practice: Shanti Yoga Beginners Standing Postures
HATHA YOGA: Mon 6.30-7.30pm
This class provides all the classical hatha yoga postures including sun salutations as the central body of the class. It also includes work to loosen your neck and shoulders. It will have you moving with the breath while increasing your flexibility, strength and fitness.
Featured CDs for home practice • Hatha Yoga with Shanti Gowans • Yoga for for Health and Fitness 



Children’s yoga 5 - 9 years (Wednesday 4-4:45pm)

Incorporates Yoga postures and exercises (asanas), yogic breathing (pranayama), concentration (dharana), inner silence meditation (antar mauna) and relaxation (nidra). Kidz Yoga is a system of many  different things to practice and ways to think and feel, which make the body and mind strong and healthy. It also helps children be happy, peaceful and full of good energy. It opens up a world of peace, creativity, joy and disciplines for children from all walks of life.

Featured CD for home practice: Meditation for Children - of all ages

Musical celebration of global prayer and chants from around the world. Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm FREE
Chanting has been used as a tool for healing and awakening for millennia, in spiritual traditions across the world.  In India, the ancient saints, sages and rishis heard specific sounds, or mantras, in the depths of their meditations. Those "sonic pharmaceuticals" have been passed along for us to use.  Chanting workshops of Tuesday night stroke the internal flames, nourish the body, transcend the mind, and help us connect fully and deeply to our higher selves. The pure tones of Sanskrit chants vibrate the body at a cellular level, which in turn can improve your circulation, metabolism, endocrine system, chakras and align your heart to channel the infinite love, kindness, compassion and abundance that is all around you. These sacred sounds that have been chanted for millennia, awaken the spiritual heart of healing from within, and have the power to bring you into harmony and out of a state of disease. Through call and response chanting (kirtan), stories, and meditation, we practice transmuting negative emotions, open the heart, and still the mind. No singing, chanting or yoga experience necessary and all are welcome.  


In silence we grow, in stillness we heal (Mon 11.30am -12.10pm; Tues 8-8:45pm; Thurs 12.30 - 1.15pm)

Meditation is a relaxing way to still the mind, learn to stay calm, explore your inner universe, awaken extraordinary powers of the mind, and access altered states of consciousness. It is not complicated or mysterious. Meditation is a natural state of mind which everyone can experience and receive amazing, lasting benefits from. Through the practice of meditation you cut away the hype, release mental blocks, unlock feelings of bliss and peace of mind, which enable you to create new, simple, yet powerful perspectives for changes within your mind, on life and anything else. Changes that will last and bring you success in all areas of your life, naturally. Abandon personal agendas and allow your inherent inquisitiveness to help lead you to further exploration that overcomes doubt and hesitation. When the mind is silent, it radiates compassion, joy and humour.

People who practice meditation regularly experience reduced depression, fear and anxiety; a greater ability to relax and enjoy life; reduced insomniac and levels of stress; improved interpersonal relations; reduced chronic and acute pain and increased inner peace and wellbeing.

Featured CDs for home practice • Calm the Mind and Discover Inner Peace • Guided Meditations on Mindfulness • Vipassana


A creative application that explores yoga as a collaborative process of movement, breath, presence and effort. Working in pairs, we breathe, move and learn together as we support each other. The class includes yoga warm up, strength, skill and awareness building exercises and partner poses and flows. It's a great way to develop trust, communication skills and camaraderie within the yoga community that helps you experience your existing yoga practice in a new light. There must be a minimum of 6 people to hold the class.


Breathe, Relax, Heal - for body and mind (Mon 9.15-10.30am)

The pranayama class is how to breathe for optimal health. It offers gentle, powerful and easy-to-follow yoga breathing and visualisation instructions, to soothe away tiredness, stress and illness. It incorporates the body with universal awareness, diaphragmatic breathing for pulmonary health, the complete (three-part) yoga breath and sound (vibrational healing) to help you find your home in the breath. The breath is the ultimate power behind the cosmos. Central to the healing process, it is our first and last possession - the natural rhythm of life and our link with the divine of all creation. Breathing irregularities foster disease. In this class, you will dissolve stress, relax your body and mind and open yourself fully and authentically to the transformative power of the spirit in action.

Featured CD for home practice: Breathe for Health


(Wed & Fri 9.15-10.10am & Sat 10.15-11.10am; Mon, Tues, Wed. Thurs. 5.30-6.25pm)

Classical Shanti Yoga with warm ups, ‘fix-its’ and classical resting poses. When time is of the essence (55 min. class). Increase and maintain health and flexibility. Walk-in stressed-out, walk-out blissed out.


Feel healthy and relaxed. Tues 11.30-12.30pm; Thurs 11.30-12.30pm

Yoga for total renewal will help you maintain flexibility while regaining strength. Let years of accumulated tightness and stiffness be removed from your body and feel the clock turning back. Foundation yoga poses practiced with awareness, gentleness and non-competitiveness, in a state of relaxation and with healthy, deep breathing. In these sessions, classical Shanti Yoga asanas are systematically combined with the additional help of other Yogic adjuncts, which are a combination of locks, seals and gestures. Prana, or life energy, is awakened, balanced and expanded in the body and mind and latent, physical tension and energy blocks are removed, leading to a feeling of clarity, lightness and wellbeing. This is a class for strengthening as well as stretching. If your schedule permits, attend tag yoga i.e. the earlier session of Yoga Peace or Pranayama and follow up with the Guided Relaxation and Meditation session, for a truly wonderful experience.

YOGA PEACE & WELLBEING: Tues 6.30-8pm 

A perfect class to end your day, where the breath is used to move and explore the body. Unravel by strengthening and stretching your body, learn to let go of tension and centre the mind. This is a mixed level class that begins with warm-up and restorative stretching and poses and slow vinyasa (breath-synchronised movement) in the first half of the class. The second half has a change in pace and purpose and ends with standing poses and sun salutation vinyasa

YOGA FOR STRESS RELIEF: Tues 10.30-11.30am &  Th 10.30-11.30am. 

Integrate breath with movement to help relax the body and calm the mind. A gentle, relaxing, stress reducing class that will carry over to help you with stress relief at home, at work and in life. Through simple breath synchronised movement, connecting yoga postures withe the breath and the mind to reduce the stress in your life, rejuvenate and have more energy.


Bharat Natyam: Thursday 5.30-6.15pm
Bollywood choreographed dance course: Thursday 6.30-7.20pm
Learn a fun, fully choreographed dance in ten weeks. Come and experience the graceful and sensual style of Bollywood dancing through the use of full body movements danced to very rhythmical and powerful music with fantastic beats from the latest Bollywood movies. Become a Bollywood diva. Tell an epic story through Bollywood moves and grooves. An exciting, fun-filled, total body workout with structured moves, timing, rhythmn, high energy, classical hand gestures and expressive movements. An experience not to be missed. Suitable for all ages. 


Bollywood dance fun and fitness (Thursday 6:30-7:15pm)

Easy to learn, fun, Bollywood dance workout. Structured moves. Cardio-respiratory endurance and memory is developed whilst you are guided towards weight-loss, fitness, fun, health, vitality and wellbeing.


• Weightloss program • Spiritual and Lifestyle counselling • Massage and Ayurvedic treatments • Private classes • Facilitated Yoga Stretching • Weekend workshops • Tme-out retreats  • Teacher training • Vegetarian Cooking classes


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