What about relaxation and sport?

Relaxation techniques can be useful is sport in several ways. One example is to reduce the level of anxiety before a match, another is to reduce unwarranted tension. Obviously, the chances of success, using relaxation techniques are higher.
Relaxation is also used to improve sporting skill and techniques. The subject is deeply relaxed and then encouraged to perceive themself performing their skills very well. To succeed in one’s imagination is an excellent prelude to success.

Ideally a program for tension problems should teach:

  • The basic relaxation response so that you can eliminate tension from your body and enjoy a deep sense of relaxation.
  • Additional relaxation skills to use throughout the day so that you can minimise muscle tension almost anywhere.
To practice relaxation only while lying down does not, in this day and age answer the needs or very many people. It has to be brought into day to day living. 

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