The Process of Shanti Yoga
The process is threefold. 
  • Outer yoga is physically strengthening, with deep, core openings in your joints and lengthening your entire spine, from your tailbone to your neck. 
  • inner yoga nourishes the internal organs, gathers and conserves living energy (prana), and clarifies the mind.
  • integral yoga dissolves the duality of mind and body to merge with the primordial energy of the cosmos. This is the pinnacle of view and skillful means which leads to ultimate wisdom and compassion. You experience yourself at the deepest level of your being.
No spiritual discipline is compete without integrating its formal practices into everyday life. In this respect, Shanti Yoga advocates a lifestyle of celebration and harmony, encourages the cultivation of generosity, compassion and wisdom and fosters the development of reverence and respect for ourselves and the world.
The traditional system of total health and wellbeing is designed to exercise and develop the body and mind in unison. The movements and exercises (called asanas) are done at a slow pace with deep concentration and diaphragmatic breathing (pranayama), to evolve a state of vitality and tranquil relaxation in the practitioner. Meditation is the foundation of the Shanti Yoga practices. Through the practice of mindfulness we synchronise body and mind. It is a way of encouraging us to be completely present on our lives.

This challenging, gentle and relaxing exercise form is practiced by millions of 
people throughout the world for youthful rejuvenation, health in body and mind, total relaxation, meaningful living and stress ease. Yoga is regarded as one of the most effective health exercise systems EVER developed and recognized for its therapeutic and psyhcological benefits in both the East and West.  It is now increasingly common practice for doctors to prescribe yoga as part of the treatment for ailing and convalescing patients – and with excellent results! Literally millions of people perform yoga regularly the world over. It has been practiced for and refined through thousands of years and has stood the test of time. 
Shanti Yoga for Healing: Yoga Therapy
Yoga's changing role in society has integrated spirituality and medicine to effectively aligns these worlds, bringing the mind-body practice of yoga into a realm that overlaps healthcare. This practice leaves you feeling elated and relaxed rather than exhausted, and delivers a sense of wellbeing and balance which is so beneficial in dealing with the stresses of the modern world. Shanti Gowans' deeper understanding of the healing properties of yoga, in terms of the psycho-physiological underpinning of its curative effects, provides a part in the care of clinically ill patients. 
One of yoga's recent trends in the West, but long practised in India, is Yoga Therapy. Yoga, alongside her sister discipline Ayurveda, has been traditionally and effectively employed to therapeutically treat mental and physical conditions such as • Anxiety • Arthritis • Cardiovascular disorders • Depression • Metabolic disorders • Musculoskeletal problems •  Neurological disorders • Pain management • Quality of life for those with cancer • Sleep disorders • Stress and so on. 
In simplest terms, yoga therapy is the application of yoga therapeutic methodology to the healing of physical, mental and emotional ailments. It encompasses a broad range of different methods and purposes, that focus on healing by prioritising the health of the patient, which is addressed on an individual basis. 
In terms of physical health, this can be rehabilitative, curative, preventative, or managing a chronic condition, with the goal of improving quality of life. The approach encompasses three areas: excess, deficiency and stagnation within the system of channels, which is yoga's clarification of the body
Yoga therapy takes a whole-body approach to health. A therapist will generally meet one-to-one with a client for an assessment of their condition, overall health, and goals, working with whatever limitations are present, devising a closely monitored, individualised, yoga and ayurvedic regime. As this approach also considers mental health, under the assumption that mental and physical wellness are integrated, a combination of talk therapy, breathwork, diet, lifestyle advice and movement are used. Individual assessments are key, as two people with similar conditions could have very different medical histories or complicating factors that would result in a different course of treatment.
Yoga is therapeutic for a variety of injuries, illnesses and medical conditions, including the treatment of asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes. The conditions that see benefit with yoga therapy run the gamut from chronic fatigue, allergies, arthritis, IBS, thyroid conditions, infertility, hemorrhoids, depressions, eating disorders, just to name a few. Anything that might take you to a doctor or alternative medicine practitioner falls under the purview of yoga therapy. 
Now that research science is beginning to take a closer look at yoga's positive effects, yoga therapy's profile is on the rise. As yoga therapy becomes more and more popular, there is no shortage of therapists, but this emerging profession remains largely unregulated. The Shanti Yoga Health Institute provides high quality yoga and ayurvedic training and therapy that reflects yoga therapy's many aspects in its' teacher training courses. These address practice, training and continuing education, regulation, standards, business, research etc., but bear in mind that there is no official monitoring of most yoga teachers' education in this regard. Therefore, look for a potential therapist's credentials in more standardised fields. Evidence of studies in medicine, psychology, physical therapy, sports medicine, ayurveda, and yoga are especially pertinent, as is their own tract record of health and relationship. Have they got it together, or are they raving lunatics; are the runs on the board, or are they also rans, trying to make a quick buck. Do they hustle or are they genuinely therapeutic? Since yoga is dependent on a one-to-one relationship between a therapist and patient, finding the right practitioner is very important. 
Shanti Yoga is particularly applicable to therapy work. It stresses rehabilitation, anatomy and the use of props to tailor the stretches in yoga to each person's physical ability. The therapist listens for the pacing of the patient's journey and encourages the patient to listen to their own inner voice for the pacing that is right for them. Patients are given tools that bring more peace into their body, mind and heart. At some point, when the initial suffering is eased, patients feel more empowered to make changes in their lives. They are ready to invest in themselves and deepen their commitment by making a super leap in their healing and growth.
We also offer individual therapeutic yoga instruction. If you are experiencing a chronic medical (physical or emotional) condition, you may benefit from the positive effects of yoga. Please call 55310511 for a confidential discussion of how the ancients wisdom and practices of yoga, ayureda and meditation can help you.
"...a healthy mind in a healthy body!" 
Yoga, some thousands of years old is even more relevant today than ever. These ancient teachings and their peace-filled benefits reach into family life, relationships, health and career.
Because of the pressures existing today, more and more intelligent people are moving back to the world of peace within. They are 'inventing' new lifestyles, forging new visions of 'the good life', new definitions for happiness, within the serenity of a Yogic mind - a mind that has shed all entanglements and confusions, and is content TO BE.
Yoga, a development system, offers a method of moving, breathing and thinking that brings about a natural, balanced, serene state of mind and body. Consciousness, through the joyousness of living and awareness of self, is revealed by Yogic methods of appreciation of one's own mind and body. It is one of the oldest and proven disciplines, practiced for thousands of years in the East, teaching the mind to relax as the body relaxes, and teaching the body to do whatever the minds wants it to do.
People physically needing stimulants, psychologically addicted to constant analysis (indicative of a restless mind), people under stress, sacrificing equanimity and balance to achieve and accomplish, people in need of Truth, inner peace and joy, will at some stage turn to Yoga and their needs will be met, 
as it holds many of the answers to personal well being. Human beings can find the solutions to all questions and problems about their destination and direction by turning deep within themselves. 
Shanti Yoga for
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Mind, body and spirit healthy living
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Family and relationship wellness
  • Pregnancy and children wellness
  • Peace of mind

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